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Found 7 results

  1. Pre-order: Open Hand - Weirdo (limited to 300 black vinyl ) https://blacktoprecords.bandcamp.com/album/open-hand-weirdo-btr070
  2. https://www.ridingeasyrecs.com/product/here-lies-man-ritual-divination/ 100 clear High Melt Orange/Yellow/Red (limited to 100 with picture disc 7″)$29.99 100 White high melt Orange/Yellow/Red (limited to 100 with picture disc 7″) $29.99 300 Opaque Light Blue – $20.99 500 opaque Yellow $20.99 Black Vinyl – $18.99 Vinyl CD Combo $24.99 (you don’t get to pick the color of vinyl) CD $9.99 Vinyl Track List is different than CD Track List Side A – In These Dreams I Told You (You Must Die) Underland What You see Night Comes Side B – Come Inside Collector Of Vanities Disappointed The Fates Have Won Out Goes The Night 7″ Bonus tracks – Side A – Run Away Children Side B – I Wander CD/Digital – 1. In These Dreams 2. I told You (You Shall Die) 3. Underland 4. What You See 5. Can’t Kill It 6. Run Away Children 7. I Wander 8. Night Comes 9. Come Inside 10. Collector of Vanities 11. Disappointed 12. You Would Not See From Heaven 13. The Fates Have Won 14. Out Goes The Night 15. Cutting Through The Tether Four albums in, the convenient and generalized catchphrase for Here Lies Man’s erudite sound — if Black Sabbath played Afrobeat — might seem a little played out. But Ritual Divination is perhaps the best rendering of the idea so far. Particularly on the Sabbath side of the equation: The guitars are heavier and more blues based than before, but the ancient rhythmic formula of the clave remains a constant. “Musically it’s an opening up more to traditional rock elements,” says vocalist/guitarist/ cofounder Marcos Garcia, who also plays guitar in Antibalas. “It’s always been our intention to explore. And, as we travelled deeper into this musical landscape, new features revealed themselves.” The L.A. based band comprised of Antibalas members have toured relentlessly following their breakout 2017 self-titled debut. Their second album, You Will Know Nothing and an EP, Animal Noises, both followed in 2018. Third album No Ground To Walk Upon emerged in August 2019. All of them were crafted by Garcia and cofounder/drummer Geoff Mann (former Antibalas drummer and son of jazz musician Herbie Mann) in their L.A. studio between tours. Ritual Divination is their first album recorded as the full 4-piece band, including bassist JP Maramba and keyboardist Doug Organ. Ritual Divination continues with an ongoing concept of HLM playing the soundtrack to an imaginary movie, with each song being a scene. “It’s an inward psychedelic journey, the album is the trip,” Garcia says. “The intention and purpose of the music is to create a sonic ritual to lift the veil of inner space and divine the true nature of reality.” Likewise, musically and sonically, the album is self-reflexive. “On this album the feel changes within a song,” Garcia says. “Whereas before each song was meant to induce a trancelike state, now more of the songs have their own arc built in.” Similarly, the guitar sounds themselves herein eschew the fuzz pedals of previous recordings, going for the directness of pure amp overdrive and distortion using an interconnected rig of 4 amplifiers. And, here, the well-versed live band is able to record as a unit, giving it much more of a live and dynamic feel. Rough Trade named the band’s self-titled debut in their prestigious Top 10 Albums of 2017. BBC 6 & Classic Rock Magazine deemed it among the year’s best, as well as countless other press outlets singing its praises. Each subsequent album furthered the band’s reputation for genre-smashing rhythmic experimentation, topping many year-end lists as well as earning features from countless metal and indie rock outlets, plus cover stories in weekly papers. “We’re very conscious of how the rhythms service the riffs,” Garcia explains. “Tony Iommi’s (Black Sabbath) innovation was to make the riff the organizing principle of a song. We are taking that same approach but employing a different organizing principle: For Iommi it was the blues, for us it comes directly from Africa.” Ritual Divination will be available on LP, CD and download on January 22nd, 2021 via RidingEasy Records.
  3. They have a standard black available as well as Blue and Yellow Merger with Orange Splatter limited to 200. 19.99 for black and 21.99 for limited version. http://translationlossrecords.bigcartel.com/product/stinking-lizaveta-journey-to-the-underworld-lp-pre-order Per the site: *This is a pre-order, this record comes out February 17th. We will ship your order out before street date. If you order anything with this pre-order, your entire order will be held until all stock is available to ship! ***There are two colors of vinyl to choose from. Standard Black and an exclusive Blue and Yellow Merge with Orange Splatter variation that is limited to 200 units. ALL LPs come with a Download slip for the entire record! LP Jackets are heavy 350 gsm weight stock printed on Reverse Board. Philadelphia’s favorite instrumental power trio return with their 8th full length offering, further expanding on a already rich 20 plus year history “Bringing together elements of funk, metal, punk, jazz and blues with the same kind of cavalier oddball brilliance as Frank Zappa, Stinking Liz are a really unique band whose music possesses a truly bombastic groove and a freewheeling spirit of improvisation and fun”. –The Sleeping Shaman
  4. DIRT TUSK - MUSK EP IS NOW AVAILABLE TO STREAM/DOWNLOAD FOR FREE AT DIRTTUSK.COM Two piece rock group Eric and Brian formed in the south Chicago suburbs one year ago and today they release their debut EP MUSK. Featuring four new songs that were self recorded and engineered by the band, this EP has a huge sound and is a promising start to a new entry into the Chicago local rock scene. Their next show is November 9th at the Underground Lounge with Red Stone Souls from Detroit, MI. Lets party!
  5. Alright guys. Pleased to see that we've finally got a cassette section on VC ! I figured I would start a thread for my label, I'll put all of my releases in here rather than starting seperate threads etc... So I started my DIY label Solid 7 Records in January this year. First release was my own band (Speedpig) and have then released a couple local Welsh bands and some from as far as Seattle & LA. Something really cool happened in April, when I approached Dick Valentine (singer of Electric 6) to suggest that he release his latest solo album as a cassette to coincide with his UK tour. He went for it, and it was such a cool experience to put out an album by a guy whose music I have loved for like 12 years, and who I have a huge amount of respect for. Have gained a bit of attention from local media, have done some radio/newspaper interviews. It's been a pretty fun ride so far! Pretty much everything is done DIY style, the only release I had pro-dubbed was the Dick Valentine tape. I print and hand-number the J Cards, dub the tapes etc in house. Tapes can be purchased from my bandcamp at solid7records.bandcamp.com
  6. hello all, i've been working on this for a while now and feel good about announcing it. I used to run a label back between 2001-2008 called This Blessing, This Curse Recordings. I stopped that for a number of reasons but I always enjoyed putting out records for bands I cared about. I finally feel in a good place financially to start again. Below are the first six releases I'm doing with rough dates for release: 2014: CT001 Catholic Girls "Distant" 7" (out now) CT002 Of Feather and Bone/Reproacher split 7" (out now) CT003 Territory "Blowback" 7" (out now) CT004 Hollow Tongue "Time/Death" 7" (out now) CT005 La Haine "As Seasons Change, So Do You" CS (out now) CT006 Oxcross "Tree and Stone" CS (out now) 2015: CT007 Keeper "The Space Between Your Teeth" 12" (out now) CT008 Fister "IV" 12" (out now) CT009 Languish "Extinction" CS (August 2015) There's a ton of social media set up (some in the process of being set up): Facebook page www.facebook.com/crownandthroneltd Twitter @crownthroneltd Bandcamp crownandthroneltd.bandcamp.com Bigcartel crownandthroneltd.bigcartel.com Website (coming soon) www.crownandthroneltd.com Instagram: @crownandthroneltd if you are interested go ahead and follow these Also, my friend Kneeko (who was the other half of TBTC) just started a tape label called Grimoire Cassette Cvlture. Please check him out as well, he'll be doing a cassette version of the Hollow Tongue 7" Facebook page www.facebook.com/grimoirecassettecvlture Bandcamp grimoirecassettecvlture.bandcamp.com please check out and listen to the debut EP by Catholic Girls. The stream includes a song not on the 7". As far as the release goes, the artwork is arriving on Saturday and just waiting on the records from the plant and the silkscreen art for the white vinyl (artwork by Chris Colohan for the limited press FYI). Free digital download with purchase of the record. Orders up soon.
  7. Hey guys, this is my first post - I read the threads often but have never contributed. I thought I'd utilize this board to help bring some attention to my buds in The Grape and the Grain. They have a RocketHub campaign going to help them record and release a record (go figure!). The cool part for me is, I get to screen print the packaging for the record among other things if they get the goal. I just figured I can help spread the word. I'll attach links below if you feel like checking them out. Music - http://thegrapeandthegrain.bandcamp.com/ Video - RocketHub - http://www.rockethub.com/projects/36019-support-for-the-grape-and-the-grain-s-new-lp Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/thegrapeandthegrain?ref=br_tf It'd be rad if you guys gave a moment and check them out. Every few bucks goes a long way. Support the cause man! Thanks!