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Found 10 results

  1. Hey, So I got this record player about 10 years ago from a thrift store for about $10. Recently I grabbed it out of storage and started to put it to use. There are two issues I need to address with it; one there is a slight amount of static even after making sure the cartridge was clean along with the record and two the wire to the left analog speaker is faulty, meaning I sometimes need to jiggle it to get it to play. I have a preamp, just a cheap converter one from Amazon, and Edifier Bookshelf Speakers. So my question is, when do I know when I need to replace a cartridge? Also, should I replace the wire myself from the turntable to the premap to fix the fault in the wire and is it worth the hassle? I like the vintage style set up but I also don't want to waste my time if I should save up for something better. Thanks!
  2. I'm looking to sell my Elvis collection. I have a TON of records (well over 200). Originals and represses, old and new. Looking to sell them in small bundles. Prices very per record, message me offers. If you're looking for a specific record, ask. I might have it. I'm looking to get rid of these, not make a fortune, so prices will be lower. Many are very rare. There are also some Elvis books and photos as well, if there is any interest at all, ask me about them. Will send photos to email by request. If you just want 5 random Elvis records, $25 plus shipping. Check my Collection for Specifics! Not done adding the list.
  3. Calling all vinyl traders and stallholders! We're looking for more of you great vinyl sellers to come to Lou Lou's Vintage Fairs. Our customers keep asking for you so you're in high demand! We're the biggest vintage fair company in the UK and the winner of the best vintage fair in 2013, 2014 and 2015, which means that our fairs are consistently popular and get great footfall – running a stall at the fair is an excellent way to boost awareness of your business and meet new customers, as well as being an extra source of income. Our stallholders sell everything vintage, retro and upcycled from fashion and furniture to homeware, music, collectibles and handmade products. We have a bunch of regular traders who come back time and time again, but we’re always looking for first-timers to our fairs too. To join our new traders mailing list, fill in our online form (not mobile compatible) here: http://www.thevintagefair.com/#/new-traders/4544529288 We’ll then email you details of prices and availability at our fairs so you can apply for a stall. Any questions, email [email protected]
  4. Great little table top setup I'm getting rid of, only because I'm moving, and have a bigger setup now as well. Vintage Realistic Modulette Model #1201401 Mid-70's 15.25" across, 4.75" in height, 10" in depth 40 watts Mini table top speakers In the back, hookups for your turntable, tape deck, and even external speakers Works awesome if you have a small space and you're looking for something simple. Only $60ppd
  5. All things being equal (price, condition, etc.), which of the two vintage receivers in the thread title would you choose for use in a phono-only, two channel system used primarily with headphones? Which has the better phono stage?
  6. Hello everyone, I have my own setup in my record studio but recently I bought an old school Technics SL-BD35 for my GF. Next step is the speakers. Now, you know girls...one of her first requests is that it should also "look good". I know I know, girls.. My budget is 400 bucks and my idea was the following one: Technics SL-BD35 + Bellari VP29 Solid State Phono Preamp + Marshall Hanwell 50th Anniversary or Marshall Stanmore. Since I have a little discount on a certain internet site it would cost me exactly 405 $. Do you think that this is a good idea? I thought that the result would be a solid sound quality out of this system plus the damn look she's aiming for but plz let me know what do ya'll think. Thank you for your help. Fab PS: I can already tell you that she doesn't like Audioengine, Nocs n Pioneer S-DJ50X.
  7. I've slowly being replacing components from my original set-up (Cambridge Azur 640A, Rega Fono Mini, Project Debut III with Ortofon OM10 and Mordaunt Short MS908 floor standers) with vintage gear. The Debut III gave way to a Thorens 160 Mk1 which has recently got a Denon DL-110 installed. The Cambridge has been replaced with a Sansui AU-719 (not recapped yet, but has had a Deoxit treatment on all the pots and sounds pretty sweet). I'd now like to replace the speakers. The current ones do the job and certainly have the kick when the amp is cranked up that I enjoy (and compensate for the MC output of the Denon) but I do wonder if I could get even more out of vintage speakers. So, what vintage speakers would people recommend? I'm looking to spend no more then £300 and I'm in the UK. I mostly listen to rock and hip hop, but do have singer-songwriter types in there as well.
  8. So I found an ad on craigslist with a whole lot of equipment for sale. The lady is asking about $1800, and will only get rid of it in one shot. She wont piece it out. I need help determining if this is a good deal, there are 2 technics sl-1100a in the lot so I know as long as those are in good shape, that will recoup almost 1/3 of the cost. Here is the list: 1 Akai GX-600 DB Dolby System. 2 DBX Audio Video Program Route Selector Dav-600 G/Record VDP/VCR 3 Numark DM 1700T Stereo Pre-AMP Control Center 4-5 Tecnics by Panasonic - Direct, Drive Player System- SL - 1100A (two) 6 Panasonic - PV 7662 - Omnivision VHS - Dynamorphous, Metal Head - HI-Fi Stereo-Spatializer VCR Plus 7 Citation Sixteen Harman/Kardon 8 Harman/Kardon AVR25II Receiver 9 Soundcraftmen - AE2000 Real -Time Scan Analyzer, Equalizer 10 Soundcraftmen Preamplifier, Model DX 4000 11 SAE - Impulse Nose Reduction System 5000 12 Bose 901 Series VI active Equalizer 13 Radio Shack - Stereo Audio Source Selector 14 Nakamichi Research Inc. - Program Timer - DS-200 15 Rocoton - 16 Base Video Speaker (shown on picture on top of the wall unit) 17 Nakamichi 600 ZX Discrete Head Cassette Deck (similar, 670ZX in EBay) 18 Pioneer Mult-play CD CDV/LD Player CLD-M403 5 Disc CD-CDV Multi-play Lazer Disc 19 Yamaha Natural Sound AM/FM Stereo Tuner TX-950-RS 20 JVC TD-W718 Double Cassette Deck 21 Sony Compact Disc Player - CDP-CX 355 Mega Storage 300CD, High Density Linear Converter System
  9. Hello I have no idea where to post this, so for that, I apologise. I just got given a sharp hifi midi system SG-FS30E, it was my girlfriend's mum's old record player from the 80s and she doesn't use it, now it's mine. Could anybody tell me anything about it? Is it any good? What cartridge does it come with? Will it scratch my records? I've googled and nothing comes up, just thought I'd ask here, surely someone must have seen one! Cheers.
  10. I just scooped a piece of turntable history for 10 bucks. A Sears Electronics multi changer made by BSR, just like the one I used to stack KISS records on in the mid-late 70's. Came armed with the classic 'Genuine Diamond LP stylus' and works great… except for one thing: the auto return doesn't automatically return because the needle doesn't lock into the inner return groove of most records. Reading online forums, I found mention of an 'arm detection adjustment screw' but have been unable to find anything that does this on my new ride. Otherwise, the thing works great… especially for stacking crap vinyl. Tips would be greatly appreciated... (similar, but not identical to the one pictured here)