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Found 10 results

  1. So I've recently purchased a chromecast audio, hooked it up to my audio setup, and with high dynamic range enabled I'm very pleased with the sound. Which audio players do you guys use with your Chromecast audio, or similar alternative? I enjoy being able to stream Spotify and the like at higher quality than Bluetooth with ease, but I'm currently disappointed at the lack of a scrobbling feature for last fm. I am also disappointed with the inability to cast from bandcamp, but the simplicity and convenience of the device more than make up for it. I'm currently trying to get this http
  2. Hey guys, I just got a Mitsubishi DA-L90. It has a Phono input section on the back. I have the record player plugged into the phono inputs, and my two fisher monitors plugged into the Rec. Out (L/R). Theres also a CD/Aux. in that i tried plugging the monitors into. When the monitors are plugged into the Rec. out, i can hear the album playing (and not from the needle on the record player) however, you cant control the volume and its extremely faint (just a tiny bit louder than the needle). The volume, balance, and tone controls dont work at all. The Radio is doing the samething: i
  3. Im wanting to get into vinyl collecting, but like a normal 16 year old i dont got tons of cash. I know the best way to listen to vinyl is with a multi thousand dollar set up. but im wondering if i bought a older turntable can i use a adapter to convert it to 3.5mm and then use a headphone amp to convert it to line level so i can use it with my headphones? I might be able to get my hands on something like a kenwood kd-291rc for about $25 is that fair?
  4. Hello everyone, I have my own setup in my record studio but recently I bought an old school Technics SL-BD35 for my GF. Next step is the speakers. Now, you know girls...one of her first requests is that it should also "look good". I know I know, girls.. My budget is 400 bucks and my idea was the following one: Technics SL-BD35 + Bellari VP29 Solid State Phono Preamp + Marshall Hanwell 50th Anniversary or Marshall Stanmore. Since I have a little discount on a certain internet site it would cost me exactly 405 $. Do you think that this is a good idea? I thought that the result would be a so
  5. Thought some folks might be interested in this or perhaps would like to discuss. A small/compact, simple amplifier for your setup if you like your audio listening clean and uncluttered. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2022604828/sprout-hifi-stereo-amp-that-transforms-the-way-you Kickstarter Price: $450 Retail: $799
  6. I need it in my life, you know. Holla back. Dane
  7. So I found an ad on craigslist with a whole lot of equipment for sale. The lady is asking about $1800, and will only get rid of it in one shot. She wont piece it out. I need help determining if this is a good deal, there are 2 technics sl-1100a in the lot so I know as long as those are in good shape, that will recoup almost 1/3 of the cost. Here is the list: 1 Akai GX-600 DB Dolby System. 2 DBX Audio Video Program Route Selector Dav-600 G/Record VDP/VCR 3 Numark DM 1700T Stereo Pre-AMP Control Center 4-5 Tecnics by Panasonic - Direct, Drive Player System- SL - 1100A (two) 6 Panasoni
  8. Disregard this thread. Never mind, decided I will be keeping this. Thought I needed the extra money, but not anymore.
  9. I'm looking to get a phono preamp, but I can't decide between the Cambridge Audio Azur 551P and the Cambridge Audio Azur 540P. The 540P is cheaper than the 551P, but other than that, can anyone tell me the difference between them? Also, does anyone else have any suggestions as to an alternative phono preamp that is between $50-$150? Thanks guys!
  10. So I'm looking to upgrade my amp to a tube unit. But I'm trying to stay reasonable with a price so my girl doesn't flip her wig, and spending $1,500+ on a new amp just isn't in the cards for now (plus my current receiver works great). I've seen this unit before, and it seems to have good reviews. Any thoughts/owners out there? Cheers! http://www.ebay.com/itm/YAQIN-MC-100B-KT88-x-4-Vacuum-Tube-Hi-end-Tube-Integrated-Amplifier-SV-PUS-/261018870709?pt=US_Home_Audio_Amplifiers_Preamps&hash=item3cc5efe3b5#ht_5602wt_956

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