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Hey everyone

Today at noon we'll be launching preorders for the FULL OF HELL & MERZBOW Sister Fawn LP.


1000x copies on Black Vinyl

First 100 Copies (Ordered From A389) will come with a FREE bonus FOH cassette.

Euros can order from our Evil Greed webstore and save on shipping (no tapes)


Also be sure to poke around the store we found some odds and ends while cleaning up including

alternate color variants of the CHOKEHOLD reissues and a small handful of NOTHING variants including the never before sold Clear Variant (Band Exclusive).  These are the final copies of DYTC available before we issue the red edition in 2016.

In other news the CHOKEHOLD 'Black Box' sets will be shipping at the end of October.
The original demo tapes (This Whole World Is An Addiction and the split w/ Crumble) have been remastered by Audiosiege for the exclusive box-set tape and came out rad. 
Hope it was worth the wait.


The GENOCIDE PACT Forged Through Domination LP/CD is out now and is crushing everything in it's path. Easliy the heaviest /best death metal album of 2015 in our opinion.  Not like we're biased or anything :).
Find out for yourself with this FREE download of the album:


In case you haven't heard we're putting the brakes down and slowing things around here so that when I get out of my 9 hours at my day job I can hang out with my family / not be at another job. To make this happen, most of our scheduled releases have been adopted by other labels.

The always classy RELAPSE RECORDS have taken over the new SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP 'Ezekiel's Hags' album (their best record hands down) as well as the ILSA / COFFINS split EP we were working on.

We will be announcing the new homes for the upcoming SEX PRISONER and GOD'S AMERICA LPs shortly as well.

Everything else has been pushed into 2016 to be taken care of at our own pace.  We already have a couple unannounced split 7"s up at mastering that are going to blow minds for sure.  Those will come out when they come out .  Say it to yourself a few times...it'll stick.


In the meantime BJ Rochinich from Ancient Shores put together a cool A389 PODCAST that we try to do monthly. We have two episodes available for your listening pleasure loaded with awesome / obscure tracks and interviews with Dwid Hellion (INTEGRITY) and Jeff Beckman (CHOKEHOLD / HAYMAKER / LEFT FOR DEAD) so far. You can find it on I-tunes etc or by clicking below:


Other than that most of our back catalog and distro stock is discounted a few bucks to get them into your hands and get me out of that freezing warehouse before winter.  
Be sure to stop by and check us out: www.a389records.com


D/R - A389 Recordings

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