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PO Now: Beach House - B-Sides and Rarities

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Beach House have announced the release of their B'Sides and Rarities album up for preorder now over at Sub Pop. Loser Edition is on clear vinyl:




Tracklist below:

B-Sides and Rarities:

01 Chariot
02 Baby
03 Equal Mind
04 Used to Be (2008 Single Version)
05 White Moon (iTunes Session Remix)
06 Baseball Diamond
07 Norway (iTunes Session Remix)
08 Play the Game (Queen Cover)
09 The Arrangement
10 Saturn Song
11 Rain in Numbers
12 I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun
13 10 Mile Stereo (Cough Syrup Remix)
14 Wherever You Go

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53 minutes ago, Machiventa said:

Very surprised there isn't more discussion on this here.

Received my clear vinyl early this week and it's a very noisy pressing. To the point of being annoying, especially when cranked up loud. Going to see about a replacement. Oh, great release in an already incredible discography! 

That's a bummer. Mine had a tiny bit of noise in a couple spots, but nothing crazy an not all the way through. Hope you get a nice pressing if you get a replacement.


Pretty terrific though. My thoughts on Beach House for the most part anymore though are, "Yup, sounds like Beach House."

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Bloom's first five tracks are Brian Wilson/George Harrison level perfection. I'll let them glide on that wave for as long as they like. The only album of their I don't like much is Devotion. Saw them open for The Clientele back in like 2007. Then twice more on the Bloom tour.

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