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  1. Here you go: https://biggerpicturerecordings.com/collections/catalog Not Newbury, not Quicksand, but $50+
  2. Got my copy of Remains in the mail today direct from Vagrant. Can confirm the two songs are missing from the records and the tracklist on the back, and that the lyrics are still included in the insert. I have sent an email to see if there are any plans to correct the error, will update if I hear back, otherwise I highly suggest a coordinated return of the record and if they refuse that, everyone should process a chargeback as we did not receive the item we ordered as described.
  3. I saw something that said the insert still has lyrics for the missing songs. I genuinely think people should make a big deal about this to the label until they press corrected copies, or people need to get their money back for being misled.
  4. I think the bigger issue is that it they took them out without mentioning that fact anywhere and sold it as a repress of a record that includes those songs. I may do a charge-back on this purchase honestly.
  5. I think that's the best use for these sort if threads. Local/regional bands that not too many people know and likely won't sell out super fast.
  6. Hey there Mr. Rushy-rush. Hey Mercedes - Loses Control comes first.
  7. In brighter news, I got shipping notification for Remains today, so be on the lookout for that if you ordered it.
  8. I gave a quick listen to some of the songs, just a skim really. It's fine, something I'd grab if I found it used for like $10, but it's an unknown band that I have no nostalgia or attachment to, you know? I can spend $30 on a lot of things I'll enjoy more than 25 minutes of music from a band I've never heard of and who aren't around any more. I donno, man. Like I said, it's fine, it's just probably not anything anyone is super interested in for the price point. Hope you end up selling all of them.
  9. I imagine you guys mean as a colored copy, but it's still available on black if you just need a copy.
  10. Right? I get that it was the weekend and all, but it was fully down for 3 days.
  11. You obviously know where the for sale section of the forum is since you posted there already. Keep this shit over there.
  12. A while back I was having some issues with my Bluetooth in my car, so I started picking up a bunch of cds for cheap from thrift stores...I have a pretty sweet collection going now of mostly 90s alt rock stuff. I mean, obviously people on this forum are more likely to collect whatever physical format already, but yeah, I could see it happening. I'm about that bluray/4k life too.
  13. Have Igor and Flower Boy on black already, so i likely wont grab those again...waiting for another Wolf restock though.
  14. I still like a good splatter, but im also an outlier in that I go for a crystal clear whenever they're available. Love a nice clear record. Loooove a blob in clear.
  15. Yeah, they were definitely playing on FOMO and misdirection with this. The overlap of fans with this band and Whirr who had in the past years also done incredibly limited pressings of an excellent album really pushed this over the edge too.
  16. This right here. I took a gamble on a historically pretty baller band and it unfortunately didn't pan out the way I would have hoped. I've certainly wasted $50 on dumber shit in the past and likely will at some point in the future.
  17. Absolutely forgot this band existed, but I'd go in for this album for sure.
  18. So am I correct that after shipping this is a $56 single LP? Get the fuck out of here.
  19. Would love to see Spartan do a reissue of The Jealous Sound's first album too...

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