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  1. My dude. That blurb was literally in this thread in the FIRST post 10 hours before you posted. Did you just not read the post and then ask "What is this?" Then hours later you "found" the description on facebook after you'd already supposedly read this thread and asked what it was? Take your ADHD meds man.
  2. How is everything Matt Pike touches so consistently fucking good? This new High On Fire SLAPS.
  3. I think you have as much info as anyone here, butit looks to me like there are a few covers on there, couple "alternate versions" of songs I'm sure but don't know in what way, couple songs that didn't make the cut for Boom.Done.
  4. Another user on here actually messaged me to let me know. It's a nice little store, I had been there years and years ago but had forgotten about it because it's way out of the way for me.
  5. Portland people: Vinyl Resting Place has a TON of Team Sleep as of an hour ago for $45.
  6. Saw a bunch of HtB at Music Millenium earlier if you happen to be in Portland. Missed out on Team Sleep (as expected) and Gandalf (kind of unexpected).
  7. Everyone vets a little overexposed sometimes. I thought it was funny 😁
  8. I'm with you on this. Yeah...seems like homie is hung up on some semantic stuff here. Like, if she'd been fully forthright and credited the producer would they still be upset? And it sounds like the issue is only with her "best" track. Rappers constantly buy already made tracks and put their lyrics over them, is that also not "real" music? Tons of pop artists have someone else write for them and are popular/easy to listen to or other bands have only one songwriter in the group and the rest of the band just plays their songs. I just don't have the bandwidth to get upset over this kind of stuff.
  9. There's been a running conversation with Sean who runs their distribution company about it on this page of this thread for like...the last week.
  10. Gumbo is the resident master of hyperbole. 😜 That said, I'd be down for a Solace pressing
  11. Yeah, that price was egregious. If they'd even originally priced it at like... $30 shipped it probably would have sold out by now. $20 has become my limit for stuff like this that is really just nostalgia bait though and waiting it out has paid off more often than not. That Spitalfield anniversary reissue and a couple other things were just on a big sale too, so I'm glad I didn't shell out for them at the initial prices.
  12. If it were less limited/was a larger pressing so they could sell them for $20-25 I'd definitely grab one. Part of the problem for me is that the visuals actually add a lot to this for me, so while I enjoy it musically for what it is, I'm still not even getting the full experience from the record and they're charging stupid prices for it.
  13. You keep bringing this up as though most of the folks who ordered from them weren't like, "Fuck, these guys suck but there is no other way to get this for a remotely reasonable price." Everyone gets it, dude. You just come across as obsessive and annoying.
  14. I'm just glad that it's unlikely they'll ever press anything else I want.
  15. I snagged the /100 thinking the same thing. Havasu wasn't my favorite, but it was still good, and Phoenix was a certified banger of an album.
  16. That would be so great if true. It's the one thing from either band that I still want and don't have a copy.
  17. This is part of Brooklyn Vegan's 3 for $60 right now. Solid deal if they have two other records you want.
  18. I haven't! Something about the name Clown Core never really made me think I'd like it 😂 Really fun though
  19. I want to thank you for posting this. Not because I'm going to buy it, because I'm not, but because this is the most batshit amazing thing I've listened to in a long time.
  20. Oh shit! I remember that thread. Pretty much everyone told him it was a bad idea.
  21. Either would be fine for me distance-wise. If I weren't planning a different trip around that time I'd be all over this even though I really hate festivals.
  22. Yeah. I almost passed on a 2xLP yesterday because it came out to $40 shipped. Probably would have if I didn't have every album they've put out so far. $30 for an EP is too much.

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