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1500 , 60's& 70's rock& roll,blues,some western to sell

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hundreds of rock&roll - blues 60's & 70's  and some country from 50's &60's   most in great condition lots with pics& paperwork inside . never been up for sale collection of an 62 yr old   50 yr.  R&R /Blues  guitarist such a waste sitting in boxes.. 

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ok I sorted alphabetically now I have to check each album for quality making a list of what is here. no wonder I havn't done this  it's a big job when there are a couple thousand records .yiks tried sending pics of the sorting stacks but inserting a picture from a url    it is a shitty7 method of placing pictures..  anywhere else would have pick and load … ..it needs improvement  

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On 12/6/2019 at 6:10 PM, danyc said:

I'm intrigued, but generally a list is needed or a link to a discogs collection of what you have. Would be interested to see what of the 60's 70's R&R you have. 

nice photos on your site , real gravy shots. ( and I mean good turkey gravy yumm). thnx  4  the link.

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