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  1. It seems you are in Canada, which is sadly a deal breaker when one lives in the US. The shipping is crazy high.
  2. I'm intrigued, but generally a list is needed or a link to a discogs collection of what you have. Would be interested to see what of the 60's 70's R&R you have.
  3. Just seeing this now. Bummed I missed this. Oh well. A very nice find out of nowhere! Maybe more will pop up!
  4. Maybe you don't want to say here, but what's your ballpark you are looking for on these?
  5. I did get mine from ROG and also was one of the comment at discogs. It is possible these all arrived with sleeve damage?
  6. Received this today also, but with seams splits at the top of the cover and a corner ding. Not too keen on that. It sounds good, but maybe a bit compressed.
  7. I received shipping confirmation for this today. Ships via UPS, which is good!
  8. Looking for Pink Floyd - Saucerful of Secrets from RSD, if anyone has any leads at retail price? Thanks in advance.
  9. Two dicks already have this for sale on discogs somehow, for crazy money of course. Can't wait to get this. It's so damn good!
  10. The gray sticker seems to say "Limited Edition - numbered - coloured vinyl", based on reading their post on IG. Thanks for posting this, btw. Made my week.
  11. They aren't permitted to list their stuff online for another week yet, if I'm not mistaken.
  12. Just jazzed to see them live again. Always very good.