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  1. Hoping these are more widely distributed, since Sony is connected to the repress also, so they are a bit easier to get ahold of.
  2. Do love me some Frank, but I just cannot drop a cent on any new represses, merch, etc due to the bullshit that the ZFT has pulled with Dweezil. So disgusting!
  3. danyc

    PO: Slothrust 'Pact' LP

    Is this band supposed to be called Slo Thrust or Sloth Rust? I never could figure it out?
  4. Giving this a bump for the Spring. Still hot for one of these!
  5. Thanks for posting this. Had purchased ticket for the first show, but didn't know about this one. Might well have to do both since D&D is so damn amazing!
  6. danyc

    ISO/WTB: Isle of Dogs Soundtrack

    I did see this was getting a proper release, but I don't remember where I saw it. Sorry for being no help.
  7. danyc

    RIP - Caleb Scofield

    Late to this thread, but a giant loss to his family, friends and music fans as well. Such an awesome musician. I am a huge Cave In fan, so this really bums me out. Here is the link to help his family. Give what you can, as I'm sure they can use it. https://www.youcaring.com/jenscofield-1149130
  8. Super solid seller. Let him hook you up with some sweet wax!
  9. Don't be embarrassed. You like what you like and who gives a shit otherwise. I'd happily buy that as well. Fear could use a repress also. Coil also was never pressed to vinyl. Also these were put out under the Sony umbrella, so probably not easy for the band to repress these on their own, without paying through the nose.
  10. Are you selling the Led Zep or Beatles that you mentioned in the other thread?
  11. The listing didn't say which it was. It was $90 before the discount, which is not bad at all for an original G.O.D. pressing.
  12. Tripped over this the other day, plus they have 15% off right now. I considered buying it myself, but I already have one. Have at it! https://www.amoeba.com/stupid-dream-2006-issue-lp-porcupine-tree/albums/4006423/#used