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  1. Handed off a 7" box to my mailman here in Brooklyn late afternoon on Monday, that was going to Manchester, UK and to my surprised it was delivered already today. Technically less than four days. That's a speed record I'll be lucky to top.
  2. This info may or may not help: https://www.brooklynvegan.com/the-mars-volta-announces-18-lp-box-set-unreleased-material-included/?
  3. Mine arrived in Paris today, so there is some hope in this world, as least for us record junkies.
  4. Thanks so much. Derek, the drummer, who has been spearheading this will really appreciate this.
  5. https://revhq.com/products/seemless-s-t RELEASE DATE: 3/12/21 Seemless was an American metal group formed by ex-Shadows Fall/Unearth drummer Derek Kerswill, Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach, and Overcast/Killswitch Engage guitarist Pete Cortese. This debut full-length is now available for the very first time on vinyl in the form of a 2xLP. 2xLP includes an etched D-side. This is the black/gold vinyl version, limited to 400 copies. Good friends of mine and a long time in the works. This was from 2004 and initially a EVR release, but was never put out on vinyl
  6. Mid January I purchased a record from Berlin, Germany and it got to me in ten days, which I was impressed by. Maybe it's because it was going from one major city to another, me being in New York. Flip side of this, I shipped an album to France and it should have went to the main mail center here in Queens, and then right to JFK and onto a plane, as is often the case. Sometime they go to Newark instead. Anyway, here's what is did. Read from the bottom up. Pretty crazy and still not in France after two weeks. I'm not mad, I'm just forever baffled at the time, energy and money wasted
  7. This is now sold out apparently. Maybe that's good, since I'll have to look for it used but never wanted the poster to begin with. Would love to own this on vinyl though.
  8. Not angry, but once again baffled at the antics of the USPS. Was driving to Maine on 12/19 from NYC and deliberately dropped a record in the mail in Worcester, MA in hopes of it getting to a friend within a reasonable time, who only lives 20 miles north. Did this also to hopefully avoid the NY/NJ USPS black hole. It was prepaid but then sat for at least a week unscanned and no tracking updates. Next time it was updated was back here in my zip code on the 28th and then went to Jersey City... aka package purgatory! I mean was the PO totally thrown by the fact that I sped up the proc
  9. Seems a bunch of these have popped up in the stores now, that didn't have them in store in the last two weeks. Just got one today at a store on Long Island.
  10. Looks like Perfect Pitch Black is still available here https://hydrahead.merchtable.com/music/vinyl/cave-in-perfect-pitch-black-lp-plus-7 I assume you already have Jupiter? Total banger!
  11. A friend just sent me this info and was all geeked out about it. Curious, but seriously wonder about the pressing quality of these? Will be following this.
  12. Looks to be up at Target also. https://www.target.com/p/coheed-and-cambria-good-apollo-i-m-a-burning-star-iv-v-2-no-world-for-tomorrow-explicit-lyrics-vinyl/-/A-81822686#lnk=sametab
  13. Saw and heard these guys for the first time ever last year here in Brooklyn, at St. Vitus. Feeling like I went to see an opener and stuck around to see them. Definitely a good band, but the vocals I found underwhelming and not necessary. Just play and skip the vocals. Either way, seems this band should be bigger, the show should have been sold out and packed, since they are from upstate NY. I'm also amused they named the band King Buffalo, when they from Rochester, which is 90 miles away from Buffalo. Just being a geography nerd there I guess.

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