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  1. Bummer yes, but the collection you have is truly epic! Personally I'm glad they are sticking around and making new music. The show I saw at the Bowery Ballroom in Oct. 2019 totally destroyed. Nate is a real beast with them. Brings a really nice element to the band, taking nothing away from Caleb of course, but Nate really is the one and only proper replacement.
  2. Anyone in Canada able to get the Big Wreck title, I'd be very appreciative. Only 450 made and none to be had here in the States I suspect. Thanks in advance.
  3. Good list, as it covers what's cancelled and what's been delayed. https://www.amoeba.com/uploads/RSD2021_RSD717MENU_9.pdf?
  4. All really good info. Thanks Gents. So the one I got does check out as the recent repress. Hot to listen to it, but I just moved and the stereo is apart and the speakers are out for repair, so I'll have to wait a bit. Cheers!
  5. Took a shot a few weeks ago and bought a copy of Sometimes from Amazon, hoping it's this repress, but honestly I'm unsure. Based on the discogs info, it matches the matrix info, but the copyright date on the back is 2005. Anyone have any ideas? Unfortunately there are no photos of the back for this repress. Overall, the info for the standard black pressings on discogs is kinda lacking. Not much matrix info really.
  6. Ditto that! $80 per album is pretty insane. Assuming that Frosting... is the same master as the 2018 version, it sounds totally amazing. One of the best sounding records in my collection. Pressed at 45rpm too. That caused me to look it up just now and I found this offered by Popmarket for super cheap. Worth taking a shot at, since there aren't other pressings of this that PM could mistake it for. https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/1516453159
  7. Oh Christ, that is heartbreaking! Where do you even begin to get some of that money back? Hopefully the seller doesn't give you a hard time about this. Good luck, seriously!
  8. Already got a tracking number as well, so top work here!
  9. Thanks very much. Picked up Tears for Fears from you! Appreciated!
  10. A bit early perhaps, but stuck working tomorrow and the only thing I'm after is Tears for Fear, should anyone find one or get an extra? Thanks in advance!
  11. I hope this is true, since I balked the first time around am regretting it!
  12. This is my biggest issue with the newer Ebay managed payments. I always liked the payments going to my Paypal, that acted as my own personal piggy bank, separate from the bank account shared with the Misses. Made it much easier to buy records like it was my damn job!

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