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Donating Plasma… tell me all about it if you’ve done it

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I donate whole blood regularly and I've considered doing plasma. The closest place to me that pay is an hour away and they want donors to go on a routine basis so I'm not sure if it's worth it for me with the price of gas and time off work. I can do it for free near me though. One time I donated 2 whole units of blood and I was out of it for a day and a half. I was completely worthless. Following to see if anyone else comments that has donated plasma.

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I donated plasma for extra cash way back in my college days. Super-easy process — you lie down, they stick a needle in you, and roughly 45 minutes later, you're done. They usually had movies playing when I was there so I'd see a random chunk of something like Attack On Titan, ha!

Drink a bunch of water beforehand and you'll be fine. I never had any sort of issue recovering from it, outside of occasional bruising if the person sticking me missed my vein. (Luckily I have very prominent veins so that happened very infrequently.)

I currently am an AB Elite plasma donor for the Red Cross, I go in once a month for that (and in exchange, they usually send me a $10 virtual gift card or something). The process is no different than from when I gave plasma in college.

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Second what Scott said!


For Plasma they’ll run the tube through a centrifuge to separate plasma and blood, but generally it is just like giving blood. You sit with a needle in your arm for about an hour. Easy peasy. Your first session will usually include an exam and intake process so leave some extra time. 

The financial component varies by location and organization. If the goal is income it’s worth researching that if you haven’t already.

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