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  1. If they don't do the Underoath/Spiritbox tour that's gonna be a huge bummer. I can't think of a suitable replacement either... Fingers crossed they can all kiss and make up.
  2. The shows need to be cancelled. A friend of mine got tix to VA Beach, and 68 can't play due to covid. He's really disappointed.
  3. I wish there was media mail. Oh well. I'm glad it's getting pressed.
  4. The email wasn't 100% clear from Mondo but they said "We also will be releasing the soundtrack 2XLP next week on vinyl, but more info on that to come very soon." The email was in reference to a Halo Infinite poster, but also states they're celebrating the 20th anniversary of Halo. So I'm not sure which one the vinyl will be for. My guess is Infinite.
  5. It's also kind of weird Hot Mulligan is opening for KP. I'm sure they're friends and KP has been around longer but HM has more monthly listeners and they sell more tickets. HM can sell out a 1000 cap show months in advance but the last tour KP did with Citizen they couldn't sell out at all.
  6. Songs like that have been a dime a dozen for the last 10 years. This band officially does nothing for me anymore. Sorry.
  7. Yeah, for anyone who doesn't know, definitely don't order from Paper + Plastick.
  8. https://www.iam8bit.com/products/shadow-of-the-colossus-2xlp-vinyl-soundtrack Repress. No idea if it's in hand or a preorder.
  9. Did OP repost someone elses post? This is really weird. Someone might need to tag an Admin in this.
  10. Audio of the livestream will be released digitally on December 10th
  11. https://animalsasleaders.org/collections/vinyl Cyan Clear & Galaxy /200 (Sold out) https://animalsasleaders.org/collections/vinyl/products/parrhesia-cyan-and-clear-galaxy-vinyl Black & White Split /500 https://animalsasleaders.org/collections/vinyl/products/parrhesia-black-and-white-split-vinyl Black & Coke Bottle Green /750 https://animalsasleaders.org/collections/vinyl/products/parrhesia-black-and-coke-bottle-green-vinyl Grey Moonphase /? URL ?
  12. He really slapped 1 extra song on the album and called it a deluxe.
  13. Merch available: https://nosleeprecords.com/collections/worst-party-ever Vinyl + CD available: https://nosleeprecords.com/products/dartland First Press: Clear Yellow /200 Clear Red /300 Clear Blue /500 CDs should ship in December or early January, Vinyl will ship hopefully spring 2022 I believe No Sleep found a different pressing plant so the wait won't be as terrible as it has been for the last year, which is also why these are $25. New song: https://www.brooklynvegan.com/worst-party-ever-announce-debut-album-dartland-stream-prism-on-a-window/
  14. https://ludomerch.com/products/7-inch-vinyl I didn't think it needed a new thread but Ludo put up 7"s of Scare Me b/w Angel in a Hoodie for $15 on their official webstore. Obviously pretty high but they're independently released and you support the band directly.
  15. @jhulud I think it's best for people to remember that she did so much heroin she should have died. The effect that had on her brain is extreme and usually it takes 6 months of sobriety to help the brain function regularly again. In her case, she may never get back to what is considered healthy brain activity and functionality. I agree she's had some ridiculous moments but I know if I was in her shoes I'd probably be in the middle of some wild antics as well. And what @scottheisel said, major labels really should do their own production. It'd possibly save them money in the long run and they wouldn't have to wait as long in between releases. Of course the small labels need that to happen the most. Outsourcing and relying on other businesses is in my opinion the primary reason we have these "shortages." Meanwhile Google made their own Tensor chip and there's no shortage but god forbid a major label or corporation think for once.
  16. Seems to have a bit of arena rock/butt rock influence, but otherwise good.
  17. Once again MerchNever doesn't have the decency to keep customers updated 🖕
  18. Yes, pretty much all the things thenameisluigi said play a part. She still wants another kid and she's trying to make that happen. She has other priorities and she wishes them all the best. I would assume the band should make an official announcement at some point.
  19. Tech-wise Target's website is riddled with problems. I've ordered from them 3 times online and it's been a struggle every time.
  20. I'm listening to a podcast with Poli now and it opened with "formerly of The Bombpops" and I'll admit I saw it coming. They're one of my favorite current Fat bands so it's definitely a bummer for me.
  21. The song was a big shift for me. If I hate all the singles I have until April to cancel but I think it'll grow on me. I'm hoping to see them on tour this month so I'll see what that's like too.
  22. I'm gonna keep an eye out for indie stores getting a copy like I did with Charli and HIFN. It was definitely cheaper.

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