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  1. Yes, and the irony of it being an "eco" pressing is wild.
  2. https://wristmeetrazor.com/merch https://shop.prostheticrecords.com/products/wristmeetrazor-degeneration https://wristmeetrazor.bandcamp.com/album/degeneration Pressing info: Glow in the dark w/ clear splatter /300 Black & Silver smash /700
  3. Apparently they were using Second City Prints and that's why.
  4. https://mondoshop.com/collections/all-music Free shipping today for vinyl.
  5. https://delayedgratificationrecords.limitedrun.com/products/761517-sinister-feeling-sinister-feeling Sinister Feeling s/t out February 23rd. Baltimore hardcore. I know at least 1 member is in Jivebomb if you're a fan of them. Shirt: https://delayedgratificationrecords.limitedrun.com/products/761515-sinister-feeling-shirt Linking their 2023 promo below if you wanna check them out.
  6. Higher Power were on Roadrunner and as of today they've announced they're on Nuclear Blast which is weird but I'm here for it. Deafheaven kind of makes sense on Roadrunner though.
  7. To follow up: the guy was nice about it. This is my photo post-return and refund. He only wanted a full refund upon return instead of 50% refunded. I think he had buyer's remorse. It has a 0.5 cm warp on one small section of a side which definitely met the grading because it doesn't skip. The rest is perfectly flat. Even though it doesn't skip I put it under some weights to flatten it out and I won't be surprised if it's nearly flat within a day. I don't want to knock him too hard but I would NEVER do this to a small business or individual... There's literally nothing wrong with it. It's thin 10 year old plastic. It's normal. He said if he bought a new record like this he'd return it. He probably shouldn't collect vinyl because I get new wobblier stuff all the time. At least I only lost $5 from shipping it the first time.
  8. https://shopkaliuchis.com/products/por-vida-nine-year-anniversary-vinyl Painfully expensive per usual but "Por Vida" by Kali Uchis is finally getting pressed.
  9. Still waiting for Project M to piss off more of the people funding their company. I can almost guarantee I got them on a couple labels' bad side.
  10. Love Standards. I'm honestly surprised Sheet Happens has been pricing new single LPs at $25 and not more.
  11. https://anchor-eighty-four-records.myshopify.com/collections/all/vinyl Great sale from Anchor Eighty Four.
  12. MØ "No Mythologies To Follow" 10 year anniversary vinyl with 4 unreleased tracks. https://hmv.com/Store/Music/Vinyl/No-Mythologies-to-Follow https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mythologies-Follow-10th-Anniversary-VINYL/dp/B0CT3M8XVR/ref=sr_1_1 These are the only links I can find at the moment. From her newsletter: I’ll also be releasing an exclusive double LP reissue of ‘No Mythologies to Follow’. The release will be pressed on transparent red vinyl and will include printed inners and a special anniversary poster. It also includes 4 previously unreleased tracks from the NMTF era, as well as other favourites, that have never been on vinyl previously. It’s out 15th March, but the pre-order is live now!
  13. https://elephant-gym.bandcamp.com/album/world Picture Disc added to Bandcamp but currently sold out. They also added a limited edition version of the black variant. Both are from "Space World" but I'm not familiar with what that is.
  14. I only own Enema on vinyl and this is probably the only other Blink record I want to buy. I've held off for a long time so this might be the perfect time.
  16. I recently sold to a new buyer on Discogs. Everything seems legit with his name, phone, email, and PayPal. I took pictures of the record before selling because no one had added them on Discogs so I have proof of my copy. Delivery was confirmed with tracking. He emailed me today saying there's "pretty large warp on the outer edge. The Media Condition is listed as "Very Good Plus" and I don't agree with that." In my opinion it was NM but I always lower the grading because of people like him. He wants to send it back for a refund but I requested he send me photos. I'm thinking maybe he doesn't understand records and sees a very slight bend of less than 2 degrees which is normal for records especially since it's 10 years old. Also, warp on the edge? I've never seen someone word it that way. My only concern is he's going to try to send back an empty mailer or he already had this variant that was warped and he's trying to do a switcheroo. I'm thinking if he absolutely doesn't want it I can do a return and wait to issue a refund until it gets back to me and video record opening the package to make sure there's no funny business. Does anyone else have any tips on how to deal with this kind of situation to protect myself from being scammed?
  17. https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/kim-petras-slut-pop-limited-lp Kim's team is out of their damn mind again. $50 for a 12" EP.
  18. https://shop.bludetiger.com/products/all-i-ever-want-is-everything-lp Blu DeTiger "All I Ever Want Is Everything" out March 29th.
  19. https://www.instagram.com/p/C2PGKp8Lki-/ Chai is breaking up

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