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  1. I actually ended up chatting with UO via Twitter DM and they resolved my issue within 15 minutes. They’ll send me replacements. Hopefully they arrive undamaged.
  2. Ready for the sub to re-open for Helmet.
  3. And So I Watch You From Afar – Velocity Records
  4. Camila Cabello - C, XOXO C, XOXO - Camila Cabello Official Store
  5. Just got email that limited units available to sub for Eminem. GO GO GO GO…
  6. Revolver exclusive COHEED AND CAMBRIA "THE JOKE" WITH "DERANGED" 7" (Limited Edition – On (revolvermag.com)
  7. Long shot. Looking for Hey Monday’s Hold On Tight LP. Originally released in 2008 by Decaydance.
  8. How is that Omega Sessions 12"? I ask because I have the original 10" that Victory did way back when.
  9. 10C need to fuckin’ stop using Mail Innovations. I live in West Palm Beach, FL. My Dark Matter LP has gone: Fife, WA > Seattle, WA > Fife, WA > Orlando, FL > Jacksonville, WA > Carolina, PR (PUERTO RICO!!!)… And tracking says it’s supposed to arrive today by 7pm. It’s almost 8pm FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!
  10. As expected, the songs just destroyed me. I fuckin' cried as I related to both songs and how McTiernan delivers the lyrics just slayed me. Oof. Since their first release it's been just feels and emotions to a heavy sound. And that's what made me fall in love with hardcore to begin with way back in the day.
  11. WHIRR & NOTHING ROUND 2 BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND. Due to overwhelming response and influx of angry emails around the 10 Year Anniversary of Whirr & Nothings split EP reissue, we’re giving you a second chance at 3AM EST / 12AM PST. Music | Nothing (bandcamp.com)
  12. Damn...if I knew it was going to be such a hot ticket item I would have not cancelled my sub. I was planning to re-up for Helmet.
  13. Charly Bliss - Forever - Lucky Number (luckynumbermusic.com)
  14. Well. Got an email from Park Ave that my RSD order was completed & got tracking info. So I guess I lucked out?
  15. And eBay...I've counted at least 5 so far...but hey, Capitalism, Fuck Yeah!

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