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  1. Yeah. I've had plenty of craft beers with coconut and coffee in it...and I hate coconut, always...but this one was subtle and not too crazy. It did get a little noted and up front towards the end of the pint which I didn't like. But overall was an enjoyable drink. I posted my own b/s "review" of the 8-pack on my IG.
  2. For these past holidays, since we were not able to have a proper in-person holiday party and whatnot...we did have a Zoom/Teams thing happen...out Sup had us give them a list of stuff we'd be into to gift us. I gave him my Amazon wishlist and a bunch of books I'd been meaning to get. One of the books...which is conducive to this thread...is 'Doomed to Fail'...it's essentially a history and evolution of all things sludge, doom, and post-metal. I'm about halfway through it and it's been really good and eye-opening. Getting some great info on bands I didn't know about before and so far made appreciate more some others I did know about. The chapter on Eyehategod was pretty fuckin' great and now I have been on a huge EHG kick. Greatly recommend for anyone on this thread and fans of these heavy genres. Doomed to Fail: The Incredibly Loud History of Doom, Sludge, and Post-metal: Anselmi, J. J., Jones, Cat: 9781644280645: Amazon.com: Books
  3. That's a bummer to hear. I have a bottle that I haven't opened.
  4. Bumping this thread as Deftones-related...but tonight I'm having their Front Row Pack beer collab with Belching Beaver Brewery. Tasty so far.
  5. Shit. At least if you order that box set through Revolver you get a year's subscription to their mag.
  6. Someone talk me out of ordering this... REVOLVER x TYPE O NEGATIVE LP COLLECTOR'S BOX SET – ONLY 500 AVAILABLE (revolvermag.com)
  7. I guess only truly hardcore Co&Ca fans will appreciate this set. I get it...it's cool and all...and if I had maintained my completist mentality...I'd get it...but it would sit on the shelf or a box.
  8. I'd do this but as of right now I don't have a personal computer to download all to. I'm working on getting a MacAir to finally have all my music together and do whatever.
  9. And is it worth paying for it to store and host photos? I ask b/c I used to have a free account but ever since they switch things to pay...my account has grossly gone over storage. Now I have to decide to delete the account and lose all photos...or pay like $8 a month for the plan that would still work. Thoughts and/or comments?
  10. Looks like @geezfools is vying for my job, huh? I kid, I kid. Thanks for posting this on its own thread so more folks see it. I'll leave it up for a bit so gets exposure. And hopefully there'll be more ad-clicks to help keep the boards going.
  11. Me too. How much was your shipping? I ordered two signed copies and shipping was $11 priority. Will have to seriously ponder the signed box set. But $140 is steep with all the knicknack stuff that will go unused.
  12. New Maren Morris album coming out on 3/25. Hopefully will see it on vinyl. I'm a fan.
  13. Go to the very bottom of the page...any page...and you will see a button with drop-down named 'Theme' next to 'Contact Us'.
  14. Found mine. Updated 5 years ago. Has DF been gone that long? Felt a lot longer. https://deadformat.com/collection/jhulud
  15. Secured my tix for Orlando. Not missing this show. I may hit the Tampa date also. And yeah...this is so stacked that you want to make sure you're there right from doors.
  16. So here this goes. I’m rewatching & catching up on the Netflix Marvel shows in the order intended. Finished DD S2 and now on to Luke Cage S1. In LC, Mahershala Ali’s Cottonmouth is the “big bad”. And the same actor has been announced & confirmed to be the new Blade (always will be Wesley Snipes, sorry), by mention in Eternals. And to add some “complication”, Netflix DD’s Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock character was in the last Spider-Man movie. Spoiler alert. So now begs the geek nerd question. Does this all mean that the Netflix Marvel shows are canon and part of the larger MCU or not?
  17. 03/10: Philadelphia, PA at Underground Arts 03/11: Baltimore, MD at The Ottobar 03/12: Richmond, VA at The Broadberry 03/13: Asheville, NC at The Orange Peel 03/14: Orlando, FL at The Abbey 03/15: Tampa, FL at The Orpheum Tampa 03/16: Travel Day 03/17: Atlanta, GA at The Masquerade 03/18: Cincinnati, OH at Legends 03/19: Chicago, IL at The Bottom Lounge 03/20: Detroit, MI at El Club
  18. Time to stress every time this thread gets bumped as I will think that the PO has popped and we all know how Relapse is with PO's and their site handling the traffic.
  19. Record collecting can be and is a pain in the ass hobby depending on what type of person you are. If you're in it for the love of the music and the artists/bands and don't care for condition of jackets and sleeves (as long as not completely trashed & wrecked), you'll be happy to listen to the record itself given that it's clean and plays. If you're an OCD completist asshole...like I tend to be with certain bands & artists...then you can and will be on a long road of heartbreak & disappointment and questioning your role in the hobby and the potential loss of "fun". I can understand & relate to the OP's post and all subsequent responses and replies. The older we get, priorities in life shift and change, but it's all matter of being able to make time (and money) for the things that bring you some sort of respite and enjoyment. If you feel that record collecting is now having a negative effect on your self and life...then you may want to reassess things and even consider getting help. And I don't mean that as an insult. It's a legitimate thing to consider. I have a friend who ran a label and worked at a record store and was a serious collector. He reached a point where he was stressing out majorly over getting all variants of his favorite bands' releases and being a completist as much as possible. It became a compulsion. He recognized this was causing a problem in his life so he sought professional help. He eventually came to grips with things and sold off a chunk of his collection and learned to manage the stress of it all. He's in a much better place now and is happier.

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