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  1. Still available at the UK store: Love and Rockets - The Albums 1985-1996. Arkive. (ochre.store) I carted one just to check: $154.99 + $73.28 shipping.
  2. I ended up passing on getting tix. As much as it pains me, I have to be more financially responsible next year.
  3. Anyone going to try for tix? I’m feeling wanting to try for Chicago in ‘24 as it’ll be a few days before a pretty big birthday.
  4. Diggin' the new song. The tour dates are insane as well. Nabbed the Fifth Member splatter exclusive.
  5. I didn’t hit up any record store today. Wasn’t feeling it. If anyone spots the Dream Widow online, hit me up. It’s only record I wanted.
  6. COLD AS LIFE 'IN MEMORY OF RODNEY A. BARGER' DELUXE 2XLP PREORDER: COLD AS LIFE 'In Memory Of Rodney A. Barger' Deluxe 2xLP | A389Recordings (bigcartel.com)
  7. Dokken are also putting out a box set: The Elektra Albums: 1983-1987. Dokken - The Elektra Albums - Amazon.com Music
  8. Yes...BV and Revolver...and also HardTimes...are all in same fulfillment center/company...Project M Group. And it's been a clusterfuck all around with some releases...even outside of supply chain issues and pressing plant delays. They've mishandled plenty of people's orders. Not to mention lacking customer service.
  9. Over at this pretty big TON collectors FB group I'm in, apparently Revolver is cancelling orders without notice/reason.
  10. Got shipping notice from Nuclear Blast for the Green in Bottle Green w/ Black Splatter Dead Again 3xLP. Anyone else?
  11. In honor of the 20th anniversary of "Tennessee" we've re-pressed (& remastered!) the album for vinyl! The double LP was remastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering with the vinyl lacquers cut by Jeff Powell at Take Out Vinyl. The LP includes an exclusive etching on side D and there are two different color options to choose from... a limited amount have been pressed on "clear smoke" colored wax and of course you can snag it on classic black wax too But wait - there's more! We've dug through the archives and brought back an authentic Tennessee era design that's available as both a t-shirt & crewneck! All just in time for the holidays! Our webstore is also now stocked with your favorite holiday classics (ornaments! beanies! holiday crewnecks! oh my!) as well as some leftover merchandise from the fall tour. Plus we've done some winter cleaning and discounted some holiday merch from years past. Get your orders in my December 7th in order to guarantee in time for the holidays using regular shipping. Happy holidays y'all Shop the store here: https://lucero.merchtable.com/
  12. How is it? If I had known you lived close enough, I'd had asked to snag me a 4-pack or something.
  13. We're repressing on two new colorways to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Highly Refined Pirates! Initially released in 2002, the album was remastered from the original tapes for vinyl by the legendary Bernie Grundman, the Hollywood-based legend behind many of the industry's landmark recordings. This edition is limited to 2000 copies (500 on transparent blue w/ white splatter - Minus the Bear exclusive, 1,500 on transparent orange). The LP comes with an insert and download card. Highly Refined Pirates - Blue/White Splatter (LP) | Ambient Inks Minus The Bear - Highly Refined Pirates | Suicide Squeeze Records (suicide-squeeze.myshopify.com)
  14. Whaaaaaaaaaa?!?!?! Edit: Just saw TM's tweet about it...and the comments are a goldmine of hilarity...between the overblown sense of entitlement and the lack of basic reading comprehension from folks who think the tour is cancelled...it's just all fuckin' funny.
  15. Exactly how I feel. Especially the point of boots reprinting old designs that are out of circulation & now be made affordable. If you want awesome shirt boots of NIN and plenty more 90’s bands, follow Killer Cereal. They’re legit awesome. I have a good deal of shirts they’ve done.
  16. I’ll likely end up going cuz why not. May not get another chance. Plus it being Sunday night I’m sure it’ll be sparsely attended.
  17. So HR is going to be playing a show here this coming Sunday. It's kind of odd b/c I haven't seen any mention of a tour or anything. Only caught wind b/c the venue posted an event thing on FB and there's a listing on EventBrite. It's only $20 so may go out of curiosity.