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Action Patrol - On Patrol discography remastered NOW AVAILABLE

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Hey! So we are working on an  LP and digital release of the Action Patrol discography On Patrol. It’s been remastered and sounds phenomenal. All brought up to current specs and EQ’d.  We should have tests this next week so it’s not long off. New artwork completely! Can’t wait to get this out in the world. For those not familiar they existed between 1993-1996 in Richmond, VA. They blurred lines of punk and hardcore and pop. They played breakneck pace in Orange jumpsuits. Definitely one of my most favorite Richmond bands of all time so this one means a lot. It all started after the 2018 reunion. I was going to release one of those sets as a live set but it spiraled into this current project. 

More news to come soon.  Hope some

of you are as excited about this as I am. This one is kinda niche. 

We are building an oral history with then and and from fans. We may try to publish it in a limited zine as well as an online article. If you have something to contribute you can contribute a story or images or flyers here:


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9 hours ago, prowl20 said:

I am 100% here for this 😍

Woo!  Yeah this one is pretty niche and archival.  I feel like this one may be a little old for most of the people who follow my label but I'm sure there's plenty of 40+ folks out there who will be stoked on this if I can get it where they can see it! Hopefully we will get some new fans on board especially when they hear these remasters.

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On 6/24/2023 at 2:05 PM, ultramidtempo said:

I'm so excited for this!  Brings me back to buying Weak Force LP based solely on a Punk Planet review, and getting blown away upon first listen.  Cheers for reissuing and remastering this Grant. 

Glad to hear it!  I think you'll be pleased with the sprucing up of the source material. 

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On 11/7/2023 at 11:31 PM, ultramidtempo said:

Digging how the arrow art wraps around to the back. 

Looks like it's live at RevHQ now:



yeah they jumped the gun a little bit


This is up everywhere now


Solid orange from us: http://bittermelodyrecords.bigcartel.com


Orange with green splatter at Rev

Solid green at Vinyl Conflict in Richmond

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Three colors total.  Here's the pic of all the colors.

Revhq - orange with green splatter LP

Vinyl Conflict Store - solid green LP

Bitter Melody Records - solid orange LP



We also have a limited amount of test presses at Bitter Melody (both the rejected first stampers and the approved stampers - rejected press is very listenable but has a weird echo in  a couple parts)


Thanks for all the orders so far!




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