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  1. Clever Eagle has POs up for the newest Yuragi LP, "Here I Stand" https://www.clevereagle.com/products/yuragi-here-i-stand-vinyl
  2. Yeah, I'm passing on it. I dig the songs but felt the same way with that newer American Nightmare 10". I have a bunch of store credit at my local shop, I'll just wait until they get a copy
  3. New HOPE CONSPIRACY! never thought I’d ever say those words again https://deathwishinc.com/collections/the-hope-conspiracy/products/the-hope-conspiracy-confusion-chaos-misery Listen here: https://thehopeconspiracy.bandcamp.com/album/confusion-chaos-misery
  4. Boston set was nuts. to whomever told me to “get in shape” before seeing Botch, the crowd reaction was crazy but not “punch yourself in the face” crazy. It’s so quiet here… now I have Hutton’s Great Heat Engine stuck in my head hahaha
  5. the new Drop Nineteens? Mine is cloud colored (transparent with smokey black?) and I didn't even realize these were supposed to be numbered. Mine doesn't seem to have one either.
  6. Angel Hair (ThreeOneG) discography just dropped. Definitely check this band out if you enjoy the 90’s San Diego stuff like Heroin, End Of The Line, The VSS https://deathwishinc.com/products/angel-hair-insect-immortality
  7. As much as I really want that MOV copy of Delaware, I'm going to wait until the band has their own repress up. (They said they would, I'm going to hold them to it until I hear otherwise haha)
  8. COLISEUM - “Infinity Shit” https://equal-vision-records.myshopify.com/ surprise new album is out! listen here: https://coliseum.bandcamp.com/album/c-l-s-m-infinity-shit
  9. https://numerogroup.com/products/we-blame-chicago FFO: C-Clamp / Dianogah / A Minor Forest / 90's jazzy math rock "90 Day Men spent a decade boldly in conflict with the world, catering to no one and careening toward its own abyss. Forged by Midwestern teens amid a late-90s spike in angular indie rock, the band wrote itself into the lexicon of Chicago music history. Eschewing trend and time, 90 Day Men was as ornate as it was alienating, transcending genre and embracing the strange. This 5LP set, remastered by Heba Kadry, collects the band’s three studio albums and a previously unreleased 2001 Peel Session, plus EPs, singles, and outtakes, all detailed within a 68-page oral history curated by Joan of Arc’s Tim Kinsella."
  10. https://risingpulserecords.bigcartel.com/product/candiria-process-of-self-development-2xlp-12-inch-colored-vinyl Process Of Self Development is up
  11. Bruit ≤ - Apologie du temps perdu, Vol. 1 CADY – Forged From The Sun Chained To The Bottom Of The Ocean - Obsession Destruction Closetwitch - Chiaroscuro Cursetheknife - There's A Place I Can Rest Deathcrash - Less Downfall Of Gaia - Silhouettes Of Disgust Drop Nineteens – Hard Light Explosions In The Sky - End Godflesh – Purge Great Falls – Objects Without Pain Jeromes Dream - The Gray In Between King Slender – Gold Days Loma Prieta – Last M83 – Fantasy Mizmor - Prosaic MSPaint – Post-American Øjne – Sogno # 3 Open City – Hands In The Honey Jar Ostraca – Disaster Parannoul – After The Magic Regarding Ambiguity - Abyss Slowdive – Everything Is Alive Soft Kill – Metta World Peace Wreath – The Land Is Not An Idle God Yuragi – Here I Stand Splits / EPs / Comps Chat Pile / Nerver Graf Orlock – End Credits Habak / Lagrimas In Loving Memory – A Gentler Sun VA - Balladeers, Redefined I'm sure the new Celeste and Panopticon will be making my list as well once they're released.
  12. My partner got me heavily into Dead By Daylight. Anyone else play?
  13. Full album is out today, it's fucking incredible!
  14. Unwound was EASILY the best set I’ve seen in a very long time. Caught them in NYC earlier this spring and it blew me away
  15. Wait…. People listen to their records? I’ve just been taking photos for the social media clout and shelving them 😳
  16. Imaging getting upset over a variant. just give me black records all day plz
  17. This was silently listed on the Numero page a few days ago and I’ve been juggling if I should throw down now for it or if I should just wait to buy it at my shop.
  18. Was really hoping there would be North American distributors but I'm not seeing any
  19. Boris & Merzbow - Klatter https://www.relapse.com/collections/pre-orders/products/boris-with-merzbow-klatter-12 Boris & Merzbow - 04092001 https://www.relapse.com/collections/pre-orders/products/boris-with-merzbow-04092001-12 represses just went up

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