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  1. The setlists I've seen looked NUTS. At first I was a little bummed I bought a ticket to see them in NYC once the Numero Twenty lineup got announced, but now I'm even more amped because it'll be a standing-room venue that's significantly smaller. I'm bummed, I've been slacking on buying the No Energy and Empire boxsets (I have the first two), and they've gone up so much in price on Discogs. Really hoping they get repressed.
  2. Yeah, I'm not liking the price tag on this one. It was $50 shipped for me and that was a tough call
  3. Anyone else going to either Codeine show this Friday/Saturday in NYC and/or Numero Twenty?
  4. https://boris.bandcamp.com/album/fade They're a metal band, but also this album is SUPER droney so I'd rather make a separate post in case anyone overlooks those catch-all threads.
  5. I mean, you're not wrong. It's probably the same people that vouch for Sweet Pete even after dating multiple 17 year olds. One thing I've learned is that most people that are "backed hard" aren't generally "good dudes"
  6. Really hoping The Suicide File plays another one-off reunion show at a smaller venue. Add MLIW and heck, even tack on The Hope Con.
  7. Not trying to virtue signal or knocking people for liking/listening to them. They were THE band for me in high school. It was such a fucking bummer to find this out when it happened.
  8. I’ll never understand how they still got a scene pass after the singer of that band got an A&B charge for hitting his girlfriend.
  9. Can you add a single polybag to the order? The option was there for the standard LP version
  10. BUY & LISTEN HERE Alright, so this is a double post (see hardcore/punk PO thread), but I'm reeling with how good this album is and I feel it deserves it's own thread. It reminds me of Portraits Of Past 90's screamy hardcore if they played in the style of Drive Like Jehu. It's barely February and this will definitely be one of my favorite records to come out this year.
  11. https://kingslenderpa.bandcamp.com/album/gold-days The new King Slender album is so fucking incredible. It sounds like Portraits Of Past meets Drive Like Jehu and features members of Five Stars For Failure, The Minor Times, and a few others
  12. I just got the bone w/red and hit pay before seeing the deluxe. Oh well, I can live.
  13. Hopefully Panopticon gets RE-repressed because I totally missed out on that too.
  14. If anyone finds a U.S. label / distribution site carrying the new BRUIT ≤ EP let me know! A Thousand Arms isn’t carrying it yet
  15. https://shop.merchtable.com/search?q=Isis 2018 pressing of Mosquito Control on black is now up as well for $25 shipped. Curious to see what else pops up
  16. The new single reminded me of Holy Fawn if HF was a slowcore band. I’m really digging it. I might wait until some US distribution is available. (The band said there would be copies available via Forced Exposure in the US)
  17. https://isis.merchtable.com/music/vinyl/oceanic-2xlp-2021-reissue if anyone is still looking for a copy of Oceanic (gold w/ red splatter), MerchTable has then for $38 shipped in the US
  18. I’m just going to bite my tongue before I start talking about how much I hate the wax mage culture
  19. https://www.indiemerchstore.com/products/ulver-shadows-of-the-sun-limited-edition-12 copies available in clear in the US 😍
  20. https://thevanpelt.bandcamp.com/album/artisans-merchants I wasn’t sure if posting this in the hardcore/punk thread would be applicable since they’re more of a 90’s emo/indie band but they have a new album coming out soon. First single just dropped

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