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  1. Found these three in stock. I don't know anything about these stores, but they're not marked up: https://supervinylusa.com/products/glow-on EDIT: Sold Out https://modern-legend.com/collections/new-releases/products/turnstile-glow-on?variant=39531485823018 EDIT: Sold Out https://tonedeafrecs.com/products/new-turnstile-glow-on-lp?_pos=1&_sid=65d5c2033&_ss=r EDIT : Sold Out
  2. Amazon.ca currently has it where you can reserve a copy expected in 1-2 months (make sure it's amazon.ca as the seller). https://www.amazon.ca/GLOW-Vinyl-Turnstile/dp/B099BN2RS8/ EDIT: shoot, but it won't ship to the USA.
  3. Found a Canada store here: https://barnaclerecords.com/collections/new-2/products/glow-on EDIT: now sold out Hope one of you got it!
  4. Got Kerplunk! in the mail. It was sealed, matrix etching and stamp fit the only version on discogs. Not rare (over 2,500 report having it on discogs) so the market price still seems high, but a better deal than getting a used one at the same price or higher. Cool to get what looks to be a shrinked deadstock version. Wonder how many t-shirt-gods actually have?
  5. It's the 368728 release with the later Berkeley Lookout address, where the 1661268 had the original Laytonville address on the back cover.
  6. You’re right - doing a google search for the eBay description for Kerplunk (I used "LK46LP - 763361904614" ) there are the exact same eBay listings from 2017 and 2018 (Here and here and a reddit post about it ), so it’s weird that they have this large unopened supply to sell at random times. Part of it makes sense that there’s unopened stock because it was the most popular lookout release in the late 90s so there’s likely a very large pressing(s) over the course of years. I’m skeptical like you all, but I couldn’t find any issues with the 39/smooth copy. It sounded great! I’ll update with the kerplunk that’s in transit if someone hasn’t done it before me.
  7. I got a cloud notification from Allinmerch on 8/28 too. Maybe you can check your order status from the original purchase email?
  8. Received my copy in the mail today, purchased when it was $25. The matrix number and etching message, along with Berkeley address without barcode fits with https://www.discogs.com/Green-Day-39Smooth/release/368728 It was sealed in tight shrinkwrap.

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