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  1. Looks like that's the Australian store, price is in AUD. Still more expensive than US so may have to be imported.
  2. Yup. https://jadetree.store/product/21896/split-12-clearblack-ice
  3. Here's an email I got from revolver today after asking about the status:
  4. Hopefully they had a limit this time on how many people could purchase at once. All-in-one said they didn't during the original sale.
  5. That's the part I've found chilling with some record stores lately - they've taken what I'd imagine are wholesale copies and marking them up once they see demand is high. Shuga did that with the less than jake losing streak reissue. Sure it's their right, but I could see stores withholding popular releases early on so that they could mark them up later. Also has the revolver version shipped yet? It says May 2022 now on their webpage. And it was $45 which I think is too high (but yeah, I bought it but haven't heard anything since). With LP prices at $35 and up as a starting price and more and more 'rare' variant runs, I think people are going to get sick of these high prices and start feeling like labels and record stores are viewing them as a sucker. At least I'm starting to feel that way.
  6. Well! Nice job, Amazon. Who woulda thunk Interpunk was the better option? 🤯
  7. I just got an email notification from Amazon that my order from December 8th, 2021 has now shipped. That's...unexpected?
  8. Has anyone ever figured out what other band(s) purple intruder has been in?
  9. Brooklyn vegan now sold out There's a blue edition at Generation Records: https://generationrecords.bigcartel.com/product/praise "Generation Records/Coretex/Project M Blue Vinyl Exclusive-Our version will be a hand-numbered edition of 80 with exclusive sticker."
  10. Embrace s/t green back in stock at the dischord store EDIT: in stock 2/22, now sold out again.
  11. Bandbox 20/20 20 Bandbox exclusive pressings for just $20 02/20/2022 only, Code: HINDSIGHT American Football - LP3 Beach Bunny - Honeymoon Chuck Berry - Chuck, Live from Blueberry Hill Jesse Malin - Sunset Kids Johnny Cash - With His Hot and Blue Guitar, Sings Hank Williams, Now Here's Johnny Cash, Original Sun Sound Laura Stevenson - Wheel, Cocksure Owen - The Avalanche Silversun Pickups - Carnavas, Better Nature, Widow's Weeds St. Paul & The Broken Bones - The Alien Coast Trampled by Turtles - Palomino Watchhouse - Watchhouse Waxahatchee - American Weekend, Cerulean Salt
  12. There are a lot of variants, but not sure if the above gif is accurate. Here's what I've found so far: Opaque Frosted Blue ( /500) release date 05/30/2022 sold out Coke Bottle Clear ( /1000) release date 05/30/2022 Indie Exclusive Clear w/ Blue-Pink Splatter release date 06/03/2022 Urban Outfitters Exclusive Orange release date 06/03/2022 Black from US Epitaph Store (06/03/2022) and from official store (05/30/2022) Pink and Cyan from EU Epitaph store ( /500) (06/03/2022) European exclusive? Purple and Milky Galaxy and Purple and Blue Galaxy (found in other euro stores too) (06/03/2022) First single live on Corden:
  13. Sold out for now, but it seems like they usually restock (or repress in the same color) sometime later...like what's happened with the dag nasty Can I Say green.
  14. Thanks! I was able to get the alt cover one. Incredible album.
  15. In case anyone was wondering why their bassist Alex wasn't in the most recent video, he's left the band via @TheAlexWieringa

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