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VC Fantasy Hockey League

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2015 Team Managers


Alabama Thunderpussy = whoshotthefrog

Vladimir Hearts = jacobraccuia

D-Brass Knuckles  = thechrisformat

Howe High = kylekrische

Theo Fluery's Dealer = KennyFuckinPowers

onlettingjoe = onlettingjoe

Slight Blasphemy = Blanchardo Swald

Beer & Soup = IanRees

mewithoutYak = parkinglot

Its a Hockey Night = ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Swedishfish = 6heart6breaker6

Baaaaabcock!!! = raindogtrombone returns

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its currently set to Rotisserie, if we want head to head drafting has to be done before the 15th. i will say i prefer it to be head to head.




Important: Head-to-Head leagues which draft on Tuesday, Jan 15 or later will miss fantasy Week 1, which runs Tuesday, Jan 15 - Sunday, Jan 20. These leagues will start scoring in the next full fantasy week after their draft.

The first day of regular season games is Tuesday, Jan 15.


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