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  1. Knocked loose singer sounds like a mix of by the grace of God and brothers keeper at some points lol I just aged myself
  2. Debut stand still LP coming out in June. Sounds like all the good LIHC/pop punk bands I like https://www.instagram.com/p/C6L-B6gtllg/?igsh=MXNlbTRsamhvdndneA==
  3. It's wild how this didn't sell as fast as I think they thought it would
  4. So, another 2 tracks released, total of 6. It is weird to me that bands release so many tracks early. I appreciate it, but makes the play of the new album a little less special?
  5. I took it a step further and dug a hole and buried them in airtight containers.
  6. Are they reunion shows if they keep happening every 2 years?
  7. To me this feels like how a flight and a crash was a big step forward in song writing/production back in 2000. Burn forever feels like how that first track hit the first time I heard it.
  8. New song I think is getting posted tomorrow at 10 am est
  9. Willing to pay hard earned cash money for any copy of this album. PM me if you feeling frisky to part ways with your copy of this album.
  10. Got a copy of slip, it was a good year. If I can find a copy of I am the avalanche self titled and not have to pay $300+ for it 2024 will be better
  11. Bump, anyone looking to part with I am the avalanche self titled?
  12. If Spotify sounds bad then I highly doubt the digital files pressed are going to sound any better
  13. Chris's two side projects, this and the crows are better than most HWM records. His song writing is so good

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