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  1. The true test will be... Which arrives first, this preorder, or my copy sitting in limbo in the royal mail dispatch center
  2. Tokyo rose is not a name I have heard in like 20 years
  3. I can't imagine paying almost $50 for that album... Holy shit
  4. No it doesn't sell for $500, that dudes just putting a number out there, but it definitely sells for $75-100 if it's listed. It never comes up for sale, it's shocking it only has one pressing
  5. I hope they rerelease that IATA St Album, surprised they didn't press it for the tour with Bayside...
  6. they also state a ransomware messed them up, too. power to the people, my record can wait!
  7. I mean, yeah, I don't know anyone who actually likes finch, and I use my friends as a personal barometer of what was actually good back in the early 2000s 😂 Plus, $30 for 5 songs kinda sucks, but so does paying $60 on discogs
  8. I've had a package sitting with royal mail since Jan 7th, with no estimate of when it might actually leave the UK. Here's hoping USPS doesn't get ransomwared once it arrives in the states 🤣
  9. That's immediately what I thought when I saw their sale.
  10. How much of that do you think they had to pay in licensing to the Marley's? Any?
  11. Don't see the problem, the dudes be cashing in, good on them
  12. it is so fucking epic. $15 for the print, $15 for shipping, ended up less than half of what it would have cost from the band and their merch site. plus, giving the money to the people who made the visual art
  13. Also, I literally hate the pee color walls. Another thing on my list I'll never get to
  14. im pumped then, i really love the colors and my kid is *OBSESSED* with space ships so its going to fit nicely!
  15. ive moved my office back downstairs, and with it, the records and prints I had hanging in the other room. still trying to get everything sorted out, still using a couple law books to help 'bookend' the records on the shelf until it fills up. record player/stand is still not set up down here, debating on next to my desk or on top of the records.. leaning more to the first option at the moment
  16. I couldnt tell from the website, are they screen prints? I assume they are, but the photo image of the print I ordered is a digital image, not an actual poster, so im flying blind
  17. I ordered one of these prints from the nakatomi print guys for $15 when the band is selling the same print for $60. I'll report back if I get it and what the quality of it is like (I assume identical)
  18. Thanks! Any other options? That sites hard to navigate, ngl
  19. Is there anything like Discogs for screen prints?
  20. Picked up a couple records I have been putting off and added in another just to get free shipping 😂

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