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  1. New & Improved Thread for all your Post-Rock & Post-Metal discussion needs. Anyone and all are welcome....except people looking for arguments and fights. --------------------------------------------------------------- (Copied OP from OG thread) THREAD WILL BE GETTING AN OVERHAUL SOME DAY. *below list updated through page 33* OP is now home to the official list of all bands discovered/discussed in this thread. Links are included to places to stream albums or check out individual songs. *shels 2kilosandmore (http://2kilosandmore.bandcamp.com/album/kurz-vor5-album-2012) 5ive 65daysofstatic Adai (http://cavityrecords.bandcamp.com/album/felo-de-se) Alpha Male Tea Party (alphamaleteaparty.bandcamp.com) Ana Never (ananever.bandcamp.com) And So I Watch You From Afar (asiwyfa.bandcamp.com) Animals as Leaders Astralia (https://astralia.bandcamp.com/) Athletics (non-instrumental, post-rock) Audrey Fall (audreyfall.bandcamp.com) Auto! Automatic!! BadBadNotGood Badminton Racquet (http://badraq.bandcamp.com/releases) Balmorhea - http://balmorheamusic.com/ Barrows (barrowstheband.bandcamp.com) Battles Bear Cubbin' (bearcubbin.bandcamp.com) Beneath the Watchful Eyes (http://beneath-the-watchful-eyes.bandcamp.com/) Bersarin Quartett Beware of Safety Black Clouds Bleaklow (http://bleaklow.bandcamp.com/album/the-sunless-country-2) Bongripper Boris Braveyoung Caspian Catacombe Cecilia::Eyes (ceciliaeyes.bandcamp.com) Cloudkicker (cloudkickermusic.com) Clouds on Elektricity (http://www.facebook.com/cloudsonelektricity) Coastlands (coastlands.bandcamp.com/album/home-again) Colaris (colaris.bandcamp.com) Collapse Under the Empire Crime In Choir Damascus Daturah Dawn of Midi (http://dawnofmidi.bandcamp.com/album/dysnomia) Deadhorse Delicious Destroy All Dreamers Detwiije Do Make Say Think Dosh Downy Earth Earth Earthless East of the Wall (eastofthewall.bandcamp.com) EF El Ten Eleven Eluvium Enemies Escadre (http://escadre.bandcamp.com/album/ambitum) Explosions in the Sky Final Days Society Fishing the Sky (fishingtheskyband.bandcamp.com) Followed By Ghosts Four Tet Fourteen Nights at Sea From the Mouth of the Sun Fugue (http://fugue.bandcamp.com/) Ghosts and Vodka Ghosts of Glaciers (https://ghostsofglaciers.bandcamp.com/album/decay) Giants Gifts From Enola Giraffes? Giraffes! (http://giraffesgiraffes.bandcamp.com/album/pink-magick) Glaciers Glories God Is an Astronaut Godspeed You! Black Emperor Goonies Never Say Die - http://gooniesnevers...e.bandcamp.com/ Gordian Knot Grails Gregor Samsa Guns of Brixton (http://gunsofbrixton.bandcamp.com/) Hammock Hazards of Swimming Naked (http://hazardsofswimmingnaked.bandcamp.com) Heirs (http://oscl.bandcamp.com/album/alchera) Horseback Hot Dirt (hotdirt.bandcamp.com) Hourvari (hourvari.bandcamp.com) How Come the Constellations Shine I Am Wolves (http://iamwolves.bandcamp.com/album/i-am-wolves-debut-ep) I Hear Sirens I Smell Blood (http://ismellblood.bandcamp.com/album/manface-3) If These Trees Could Talk Insperative (http://www.thesirenssound.com/2010/12/15/inspirative/) Intervals Irepress Jasper TX jakeL (jakel.bandcamp.com) Jakob Jean Jean Jonsi & Alex Joy Wants Eternity - http://joywantseternity.bandcamp.com/ Judgement Day Karma to Burn Kerretta (kerretta.bandcamp.com) Khaldera (khaldera.bandcamp.com) Kokomo - http://kokomoband.ba...album/if-wolves Kyoty (http://kyoty.bandcamp.com/album/split-7-with-host) Labradford Last Lungs - http://lastlungs.bandcamp.com/ Laura (http://lauraisnotaband.bandcamp.com) Lavinia Leech Les Fragments De La Nuit Liam (http://liampostrock.bandcamp.com/) Lights and Motion Lights At Sea Lights Out Asia LITE L'Objet (http://structurerec.bandcamp.com/album/plank) Locrian & Mamiffer Long Distance Calling Lost in Kiev Lowercase Noises Mamiffer Man Is Not a Bird (manisnotabird.bandcamp.com/album/restlessness-ep) Maserati Maybeshewill Meniscus (http://meniscusmusic.bandcamp.com) Milhaven (milhaven.bandcamp.com) Minot Mogwai Mono Mooncake Motion Sickness of Time Travel (motionsicknessoftimetravel.bandcamp.com) Mouse on the Keys Musk Ox (muskoxofficial.bandcamp.com) My Captain, My Sea (mycaptainmysea.bandcamp.com) Nadja Natural Snow Buildings NOMADS - http://nomads.bandcamp.com/ Nomia (nomia.bandcamp.com) North End (northend.bandcamp.com) Not to Reason Why (nottoreasonwhy.bandcamp.com) Noyes O Oak Om Omega Massif Oneohtrix Point Never Pele Pelican Pet Slimmers of the Year (http://petslimmersoftheyear.bandcamp.com/) Petrels pg.lost Plini POLes Povarovo Pray For Sound (http://fleshandbone.bandcamp.com/album/dreamer) Pretend Red Forest (http://red-forest.bandcamp.com/album/red-forest) Red Sparrowes Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles Rodan Rooftops Russian Circles Samuel Jackson Five Saxon Shore Scale the Summit Sea of Years (http://wearybirdrecords.bandcamp.com/album/ocean-rift) Selaxon Lutberg September Malevolence Set and Setting Show Me a Dinosaur (showmeadinosaur.bandcamp.com) Signal Hill (http://sunseasky.bandcamp.com/album/chase-the-ghost) Silent Whale Becomes a Dream Sisters of… (http://crowquillrecords.com/products/519660) Six Parts Seven Sky Flying By (http://fleshandbone.bandcamp.com/album/can-you-say-it-with-one-word) Sleep for the Nightlife (http://sleepforthenightlife.bandcamp.com/) Sleeping Bear (http://sbear.bandcamp.com/album/sleeping-bear) Sleeping People Sleepmakeswaves Sleepstream (https://sleepstream-music.bandcamp.com/album/they-flew-in-censored-skies) Sleepy Lady (sleepylady.bandcamp.com) Sora Shima (sorashima.bandcamp.com) Stars of the Lid Subheim Symbol (http://holodeckrecords.com/2014/02/24/announcing-symbols-debut-online-architecture-out-4814/) Talons (topshelfrecords.bandcamp.com - Hollow Realm) (http://www.clashmusic.com/features/album-premiere-talons-new-topographics - New Topographics) Te Tenebre Tera Melos Terraformer (terraformer.bandcamp.com) The Album Leaf The American Dollar The Ascent of Everest The Calm Blue Sea - https://soundcloud.com/thecalmbluesea The Cancer Conspiracy The Clouds Will Clear (http://thecloudswillclear.bandcamp.com/album/the-clouds-will-clear-ep-2014) The Decoy (thedecoy1.bandcamp.com) The End of the Ocean The Evpatoria Report The Grasshoper Lies Heavy (http://thegrasshopperliesheavy.bandcamp.com/) The Mercury Program The Pirate Ship Quintet The Reigning Monarchs The Seven Mile Journey The Shaking Sensations (http://theshakingsensations.bandcamp.com) The Singer is Dead (http://thesingerisdead.bandcamp.com/) The Swan Thief (http://theswanthief.bandcamp.com/album/i) This Quiet Army This Will Destroy You Tia Carrera Tides of Man (tidesofman.bandcamp.com) Tim Hecker Toe Tortoise Toundra Tristeza Tuber Tycho (tycho.bandcamp.com) U137 (http://deepelmdigital.com/album/dreamer-on-the-run) Unconditional Arms (http://unconditionalarms.bandcamp.com/album/kinship) Valerinne (valerinne.bandcamp.com) Vasudeva (http://vasudeva.bandcamp.com) Venetian Snares Waking Aida (www.wakingaida.bandcamp.com) Wang Wen Watered (http://watered.bandcamp.com/) Watter (https://soundcloud.com/temporary-residence-ltd-1/watter-rustic-fog) Way Station (http://waystation.bandcamp.com/album/the-ships) We All Inherit the Moon we.own.the.sky Wess Meets West (http://wessmeetswest.bandcamp.com/album/when-the-structures-fail-us) Widek (http://widekmusic.bandcamp.com/) Windmills By the Ocean World's End Girlfriend Year (http://music.yearband.com/) Year of No Light Yndi Halda You May Die In the Desert Your Ten Mofo
  2. This thread will be stickied. *** If you are selling records (or anything else of interest) on eBay, post links and list here on this thread. Only here on this thread! *** Any new threads created solely for the purpose of advertising your sales on eBay will be deleted. There is already too much clutter on the Sale/Trade board with each person selling their wares on eBay creating and bumping new threads. Rules and guidelines for the sale/trade board also apply here. And commence!
  3. Ordered with the quickness. Love me some Xtina.
  4. Smashing Pumpkins

    LOL at playing American Airlines Arena in Miami. The place won't even be halfway filled.
  5. Release news! Pressing info! Pictures! Rumors! Suggestions! Awesomeness! T-Swizzle gifs! All things MOMR!
  6. As expected...multiple overprice bundles for the new LP which will likely be available in stores at some point. https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/belly?referrer=newsletter&utm_campaign=newsletter_20171012&utm_content=primary_project&utm_medium=email&utm_source=pledgemusic
  7. Late to this party. Were the TP's and alternate IA advertised or just randomly inserted in orders type of deal?
  8. SURPRISE RELEASE!!! SUPER LIMITED!!! LOVE WILL TEAR US APART usLights have gifted us with a beautiful cover of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" - not only is it available through your favorite digital provider right now, you can also grab it on a super limited 9" lathe cut record. That's right. 9 inches. WILD! We wanted to really dial this up, so not only did we choose an oddball size for the record, we are also going to die-cut the center of the record out in the shape of a heart and then create a special adapter for it while screen printing the rest of the "center label." The artwork was created by Nate Utesch (Metavari), and we are going to be screen printing and creating the entire jacket/package by hand as well as screen printing the b-side of the record! This is a pre-order, as we are very much still creating everything and ironing out some details. However, they are limited to only 30 copies, so I wouldn't want too long to reserve a copy! http://www.mindovermatterrecords.com/MOM048.html
  9. We mentioned via our social media last month that we had a new addition to the roster, and we are stoked to bring you their first Mind Over Matter Records release! If you haven't already taken a moment to familiarize yourself with Vow, now is the perfect opportunity! Hailing from Los Angeles, Vow consists of Julia Blake (vocals), Dewey Thomas (synthesizers) and Spencer Ramirez (drums/percussion). The trio have toed the line between sultry indie-rock and dark electronica throughout their discography, but these two new songs show us that they are aiming headfirst into a gothic darkwave direction, and the musical palette couldn't be a better fit for Julia's breathy, haunting vocals. This release marks the second installment of our 2018 Seven Inch Of The Month Club, as well! Subscribers will automatically receive the most limited variant (out of 50 copies) and we have 4 more slots available if you're still on the fence about joining the club! If you join now, you will receive both the 27 and Vow 7"s right away and all others on their release schedule for just one heavily discounted payment! Here are the details of this 7" release: Limited to 200 copies 50 Subscription Marble Variant 75 Clear w/ Red Splatter 75 White w/ Black Splatter http://www.mindovermatterrecords.com/MOM043.html
  10. Available now @ Vacation Vinyl online. $22. http://vacationvinyl.bigcartel.com/product/greymachine-disconnected-lp On SIGE Records. Covers are screen-printed.
  12. Holy thread bump, Batman! NEW: Limited version 2xLP of Greymachine's "Disconnected". Edition of 40 copies with letterpress/hand stamped covers. Edition of 43 copies. Clear vinyl housed in hand-stamped, letterpressed jackets with insert. This edition was made with vinyl over-run from the original SIGE Records pressing of this album, with newly generated covers. A co-release between SIGE and Hydra Head Records. https://sigerecords.merchtable.com/music/vinyl/greymachine-disconnected-ltd-2xlp
  13. A wings place. Like Buffalo Wild Wings. Or Hurricane Wings. Million times better than Hooters.
  14. ^^ I was able to snag the NYC one they put up.
  15. Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    I'm with James on this 100%. It looks 'meh' at best. Granted...it's only a teaser to surely fire up all the uber-nerds like us and gets us conflicted...but if it doesn't have Spider-Man or even a mention or anything...then it's nearly impossible to have a proper Venom origin story then. Unless they do some wacky future story of a post-Spidey Brock and he's been cured of the symbiote and somehow comes back to it or something like that. Or it may be a more of a character study movie a la Ang Lee's Hulk (w/ Eric Bana)...which was alright for what it was trying to do...but still letdown.
  16. As promised with the release of the "Curious Thing" 7" single from last year, we are proud to announce that Charm Offensive by Damien Done is officially available for preorder! Here are the details: * Digital & Vinyl versions will be available worldwide on 3/2, records should ship around then * Vinyl version is limited to only 200 copies across three variants - Clear w/ Pink Semi-Splatter (ltd to 30 copies) - Purple w/ Silver Splatter (ltd to 70 copies) - Pink/White/Dark Blue Swirl (ltd to 100 copies, hand mixed!) * The pink "semi-splatter" version is exclusive to the Deluxe Box Set that includes the full LP, a Damien Done ski mask, black gloves, nylon rope and lots of other nefarious goodies! * The Swirl variant is hand-mixed, so each one will be completely unique! Here's what people are saying about Charm Offensive: “... a doom-laden glimpse into a brooding, sufferingly-aware but ultimately unconquered perspective, delivered in songs that are both immediately memorable and slow to unravel. A brilliant debut and a clinic on aging artistically with grace.” - DW (Razorcake) “Macho new wave with a sense of humor and self-loathing, the eternally clever Damien Done has taken post-hardcore to an all new level, channeling what feels like ‪Joy Division‬, ‪Nick Cave‬ and 80s pop all distorted through his own unique lens.” - Dwid Hellion (Integrity) ORDER HERE: http://www.mindovermatterrecords.com/MOM041.html
  17. Of course! The shoegaze noise is so dense & heavy! That's why shipping got jacked up. Duh!
  18. How's it work for y'all the new title?
  19. No idea what happened here. Were the Amazon thread and this spammer one merged into one? Must've been done while I was asleep or something. I woke up this morning to a bunch of complaints and reported posts & threads and DOV guy was restricted from posting.
  20. Happened to be near one of the malls that has an FYE and went to check. Got lucky. They had one copy left. Was able to get them to match the price w/ the sale price online even though it's sold out.
  21. Too soon to post? I mean...everyone else does it based on rumors on a new single dropping (on Fri 8/25) and cryptic teaser videos posted (all across her social media). ---------------------------------------------------- Reputation out on 11/10. First single drops 8/24 at midnight.
  22. Finally posting my pics. Still getting the hang of Imgur. Here's the link to the pics. I'll write a proper thing when on my computer. But it's a fantastic gift & I'm beyond thrilled. https://imgur.com/a/9ux2m
  23. The online price for non-members was $34.99. Should still be that and maybe hopefully less. If you go, let me know. That'd be awesome. Thanks! Thanks, buddy! That'd be awesome.
  24. Well. Crap. The FYE exclusive dropped in price but now it's sold out online. Anyone have any stores near them who may be able to check to see if they still have copies and help me out?
  25. I honestly would've thought they'd call it quits after Hanneman passed.