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  1. I'm rarely on my computer anymore, and probably listen to records less these days. So rarely check the site.
  2. Nice, grabbed one. We'll see what happens.
  3. Never worn, all large. (maybe washed, I don't remember). $15/shirt, $3 shipping https://imgur.com/a/FTxlI (Crappy iPhone pictures) Foxing (L, American Apparel) Nothing Get Well (L, Alstyle Apparel) Portugal. The Lords (L, Next Level Apparel) Slowdive (bootleg?) (L, Gildan) Snowing (L, Fruit of the Loom)
  4. FS: KAB-EV1 record cleaning machine

  5. The KAB EV-1 is a nice RCM that's sort of a close of the Okki Nokki's, but you provide your own vacuum source (ideally just a normal home vacuum cleaner). I don't listen or buy records much anymore, so don't have much use for it. Includes RCM, hose adapter, 2 brushes and a small bottle of cleaning solution (bought off ebay). $115ppd in US.
  6. Mama Santo's has some of the best pizza I have ever had.
  7. Rezqua's WTB just got looooooonger

    That Elliott Smith And Pete Krebs - Shytown / No Confidence Man 7" is still up on Suicide Squeeze's site, unless your after a certain variant?
  8. I'm really liking the EP (my copy arrived from Burnt Toast today). It's a different sound than the last album. More ambient some droneiness. Same sorta vocals though.
  9. Wish I could get off work, but I doubt it :(. Also how do I miss they out for an EP? Ordered with a quickness.
  10. AT95E w/AT Headshell (1 hour of use) $40ppd KAB Heahsell $12ppd All ship from Ohio, first class. Pics upon request, etc. Help me out!
  11. Finally bought a car. 2012 VW GTI 4-Door. Not sure I like it, but it's a car for now!
  12. Nice. My friends play hockey every winter, but I never play just watch. I just hate the huge drop in temps because it fucks my sinuses up bad. I like cold too.
  13. I might be able to record a song from both this weekend.
  14. Random. I got one, but it was not advertised anywhere when I bought the bundle. I don't think they are test presses, just another press that was rejected or never sold. Has normal labels.
  15. Athletics - BFRSD

    Still no word on when these ship?
  16. Looked at a car yesterday, thought about it overnight, went to buy it this morning and some kid was there buying it already :(. Back to looking. Need one asap, it's been hell without one.
  17. They wanted $100 for it. It's not going to get that much at auction. Edit: I'm not going to buy it, since bitter at the whole situation. I can't find another RSX that is not automatic, riced out, or has a ton of miles.
  18. https://www.copart.com/lot/25016068 Someone buy my car back for me!
  19. Car shopping sucks. I just want another car like mine, but they are impossible to find.
  20. Music Hall MMF-1.5

    Looks like a downgrade to me. Upgrade the Orbit, better platter and cartridge.