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  1. One day, one day....
  2. Yup, June/July "Summertime". Stoked! Yup, June/July "Summertime". Stoked!
  3. A children's song they did for some show. John's vocals sounds quite bit different. Still a catchy little song.
  4. Still experiencing annoying side effects from my meds dosage. I've been sleeping like 15 hours a day, am constantly nauseous and am anxious 24/7. Hopefully they start subsiding soon. I'm supposed to go back to work next week, but I might have to extent it if I keep feeling like this. I have driven more than a mile in like 2 weeks, because I start freaking out.
  5. Hopefully there is a standard press too, because I'm not going to fight the shit show that is RSD for it.
  6. Those Hue lights are cool, but I would not pay what they cost. I also really dislike IoT.
  7. It is annoying, but yeah, in the long run I should feel a lot better. If they continue into the middle of the week, I'll see what my doctor says. The side-effects are not supposed to be as severe with a dosage increase.
  8. Ugh, doctor increased my meds dosage and I'm getting all the fun side-effects again.
  9. Looking for a copy of the Portugal. The Man - Endangered Song 7". Willing to pay a bit, so let me know.
  10. I've heard nothing buy good things about it, but have yet to check it out. Did some cleaning today, and got some records off the floor. Temp storage on my set-up shelf, and it's already full. I need to buy another shelf/make one soon. I have been slacking on buying record lately though, but I am trying to save money until I return to work.
  11. Yeah, the 320kbps download is 77.8 MB, and it's 33:35 long. All their albums are pretty short. Want a link?
  12. As does mine, but it left PA today so it will be here tomorrow.
  13. Don't bother, those don't do shit. Just placebos. If you're really worried, get a VPN.
  14. Shitty, feel better. I think we got 5 inches of snow last night, with 4-8 more by tomorrow morning. Surprising the city kept up with the roads it looks like. I really don't want to clear my driveway today, but probably should so it's not crazy deep. Edit: Applied for a few remote jobs last night. Be nice to work from home for a bit if I get one. The godaddy one would at least be some what technical.
  15. Yeah, it would suck to lose a few days of your vacation because of snow.
  16. These honestly, are not worth tracking down. They are not bad, but nothing compared to the band's later output. I had both, and sold them last year. I might have some rips lying around if you want them.
  17. Lame Jon that it got canceled. Snow just started here, and it's coming down pretty bad.
  18. That's super fucking lame. It looks bad in the western midwest, so I bet they don't want to fly through it. It's going to hit us in a few hours. Too bad they can't divert around it, but we know how airlines are.
  19. That sounds terrible. I thought I had bad luck with flying, but that's bad. I ALWAYS get stuck at ohare for hours longer than I should.
  20. Yeah, that'd be super lame. Wishing you the best. I'm sure you'll be good, unless you have a layover somewhere bad (like Chicago).
  21. When's your trip start? I think we are supposed to get that storm tomorrow and Tuesday, so hopefully you make it to NYC before then.
  22. I did this more then once with my old table. Thankfully my current table has autolift.
  23. Thanks guys. Hopefully it'll work out, since I'm sick of feeling sick all the time.
  24. The doctor thought it might be a kidney stone too, but it's nothing. So I am taking FMLA for a bit at work to get my anxiety back under control. It's probably why I still have not kicked this damn stomach bug. Work suggested it, since they don't want to lose me an an employee (probably just don't want to hire someone). Hopefully it helps to not have to worry about losing my job or having to go in. On the hunt for a new doctor today, since I'm not a fan of my current one. This is all quite annoying, since I feel like death today and don't know if it's the anxiety or sickness. Hopefully it all gets sorted soon, since I'd love to function again. I have not eaten much in the past week, so being able to eat again would be nice too. Fuck my brain.