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  1. Any Portland people want to stop by Millennium music and grab me a Portugal. The Man flexi? Think they are selling them before they go on at 9.
  2. That's ridiculous. Exactly why RSD has become the worst thing to happen to records.
  3. You guys are the best. I love you. I'd try, but I'm sleeping like 18 hours day right now while my body gets used to my meds. It is annoying. It never feels like I sleep.
  4. All I want is the SDRE release tomorrow. Anyone willing to help out? I know Rez is keeping an eye out for me.
  5. See Through Dress second album was announced today.
  6. Yeah, I started taking a hormone replacement so I'll see how it goes. It is what it is.
  7. Afternoon everyone. I may finally have a real reason for the extreme anxiety swing. I was diagnosed with Hoshimoto's disease yesterday. Yay underactive thyroid caused by autoimmune!
  8. It depends on the cost you are insuring it for. I recently sent something that was covered for $50, and it was like $2.30 for insurance.
  9. Thank God. I can't buy a record without someone on youtube telling me about it first.
  10. I know it was talked about a few times, but I'd be on board as well. It's been a while since I ran a forum, but I can certainly help out.
  11. No, people speculated about it from a picture on IG I believe. I think someone just said "this would make a cool cover" and made that. Not sure if they thought it was cool too, or if they already had it in mind,
  12. The text on that cover was added by someone on the subreddit months before they announced the new name.
  13. I'm wondering if we'll see any deluxe bundles, since John did not do the artwork this time. I usually only go for the deluxe for the prints. Probably go with bullmoose for now, and will cancel it if a good bundle comes along.
  14. We have a winter storm warning tonight and tomorrow morning. Gotta love snow, then 70's two days later.
  15. I forgot these came with a 7". Will spin it all soon.
  16. Ghost, my best friends are moving t NYC in July. If you're still in town, we need to met up.
  17. I bet we'll see the official preorder Friday. Hopefully they have a print bundle.
  18. Yeah, therapy seems to be helping so hopefully I can kick it for good. Thanks. Thanks,
  19. Somewhat better. I'm not anxious 24/7 like I was last month, but still have issues driving and being away from home for a bit. I'm supposed to return to work next week.
  20. A little broke, since I'm still off work so I'm thinking of unloading some records. I'll hook you guys up first before I post a sales thread. Certain things are off limits, but not much.
  21. Looks like we got a confirmation on the release date of 6/16. They also announced it on a radio show this morning,
  22. Ordered with a quickness. A little surprised to see they are on Polyvinyl now, but that is always a good thing in terms of a quality release.
  23. Nice. My favorite version of B&E.
  24. Feel better soon. Nothing worse than being sick on vacation. Lame. You'll find something good soon! It's my last week off work, and I'm feeling much better with the new meds. I really don't want to go back, but whatever. I have a few phone interviews this week, so I'll see how those go. Also am going to see a psychiatrist starting tomorrow, so hopefully that helps too.