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  1. Even bigger ouch, those cartridges are not cheap. Live and learn though.
  2. I love the veneer on that table. Made a $150 mistake on Sunday. Snapped my 8MZ stylus in half . It was stuck in the cart, so I gave it an extra tug and my thumb slipped right into the cantilever, snapping it in half.
  3. It's kind of messed up, but it is pretty funny watching people get tazed. There is a huge area of bars here in the valley on the edge of town, that are terrible. Mostly college kids and bros looking to fight. We used to go a lot when we first turned 21, and there was at least 2-3 fights a night down there. Always at least one tazing, which was hilarious to watch.
  4. People on coke can be scary. I watched a dude get thrown through a glass window, got up all bloody and continued to fight.
  5. or uber (unless your state is dumb like texas).
  6. Be pretty awesome if you played a show with one of their prior bands back in the day or something.
  7. I had that shit once too, it sucked. My pain started after that. The inserts help a lot, and made it go away eventually. Same. They are boring live, but Austin was a good dude to talk to. I still enjoyed it though.
  8. I've always worn vans, and hope to never change it. Sometimes I will put inserts in them, and it helps. I just hate the look of every shoe that have support.
  9. I've worn flat shoes my entire life, and just started to get the pain the last few years. I guess it's just getting older for me.
  10. Haha, that's never a fun day. I don't know how people stand so long, though I'm sure you get used to it. My feet always kill after just a few hours, but it could also be because I wear flat shoes.
  11. It's subsiding, as is the anxiety. Just feel out of it now. Such is life some days. How goes your morning Ghost?
  12. Morning everyone. Woke up with a migraine, which is damn near giving me a panic attack for some odd reason. Hopefully the ibuprofen kicks in soon.
  13. Jordan!
  14. I used Plex for a bit with my Roku. It works fine, but it sucks they charge for the app. It also suddenly stopped reading my files on a LAN, I had to back door through an "internet" connection to see them. Same thing happened to my friend when I set it up for her. It was weird.
  15. Man, I have not used Kodi since it was still XBMC. I bet it's a million times better. It was awesome when it was just for the original xbox. It was my media center forever, but the original xbox's hardware sucked, so HD was nearly impossible.
  16. The worst is updating my foobar, which I stopped, and completely breaking my custom interface. Takes forever to fix.
  17. I usually get some from zennioptical, only like $30, but no styles close to these. I'll check out Warby Parker. Thanks! I dig the clip on sunglasses for those Pantos Paris ones, since I feel like I need sunglasses more the older I get. I've never wore then much before.
  18. Sounds like your stylus can't handle the scratches. All records get superficial scratches. As Matt said it's a piece of plastic in an usually abrasive piece of paper. Some cartridges better than others at handling scratches. Cleaning them does not make scratches go away, but it'll clean out the grime in the area you think might be from a scratch. Rarely shit happens and you do get a deep scratch, but the odds are your stylus/cartridge is set-up incorrectly/or shows every imperfection in the vinyl.
  19. I accidentally broke my 8MZ stylus this weekend, which I was planning to sell, so have no use for this cartridge anymore. The green stylus has about 100-120 hours on it, and is in great shape (tons of life left). Great cartridge all around. $45ppd (will ship in an AT cart. case to keep safe. Comes with screws, washers cartridge and stylus removal tool).
  20. Why must awesome glasses be so expensive? I really want these, but based on the sunglass prices I'm sure they are outrageous.••-optical/
  21. Same. I'd eat both all day everyday, and happily die at a young age.
  22. Pizza sounds so good right now, but when does it not sound good?
  23. Hopefully I'll be in Omaha the week before now, so can see their show there. If not, off to Detroit.
  24. Debating driving up to Detroit in a few weeks for the Portugal. The Man show, since they are missing Ohio this time around. Never been there, kinda excited to check it out. I'd rather go to the Pittsburgh show, since I know the area around the venue, but it is on a Monday night .
  25. Fuck, just broke my 8MZ stylus taking it out of the old cartridge. Was going to try to sell it. There goes $150