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  1. There is no tracking info, just says dispatched 15/01/18.
  2. I just checked the order status on mine, and it did say it shipped today.
  3. http://realdonmusic.bigcartel.com/product/dank-zappa-ep-12-pre-order 04/01/18 The Dank Zappa EP is up. A bit much, but comes with a shirt and /100, and I've always gotta support Kirk. Supposed to be another 100 released on anther color/colors in the future.
  4. Prices include shipping in the US. Pictures and such upon request. Audio-Technica AT120Eb (NOS, no screws but I'll throw in some) $90 Grado Black2 Cartridge with KAB Headshell (Mounted to 52mm) (10 minutes of use, poor match for my tonearm) $95 Stanton 681EEE cartridge with D680 NOS Stylus and headshell (5 minutes of use to make sure the NOS stylus worked. Generic headshell mounted to 52mm. Really rare!) $170 Aluminium Turntable headshell with leads silver (not used, comes with lutz silver leads. Weighs about 15g with fingerlift) $18
  5. Thanks. Too bad I have to work since I'm dispatching tow trucks again. It's going to be a fun night, though it's not too bad yet (thankfully). People seem to be staying home.
  6. Yeah, it's terrible here. Really icy, and the snows about to start.
  7. Anyone else getting this fun weather this weekend? 50 tomorrow morning, dropping to 14 at night. Freezing rain in the afternoon, 1/4" of ice, then 6-8 inches of snow. Work is going to be miserable tomorrow.
  8. Yesterday was a fun day for my computer stuff. The UPS died, and my laptop’s dc jack decided to rip itself off the cables. Need to find a place to resolder it today. Tons of ice and snow though. Freezing rain into snow this morning.
  9. Ugh, sick as hell yesterday and today. Going to be -20 with 40mph winds tonight! Fun. Hopefully I sleep more and can work tonight, I'd feel bad missing since it;ll be crazy busy.
  10. I'd check the alignment. Don't trust per-aligned stuff.
  11. You seem to have it a lot. I randomly get it, but the past few weeks have been bad. Waiting on my insurance to start, think I need my thyroid med dosage changed.
  12. Fell asleep around 1030 and woke up at 2, so got a few hours. Still completely exhausted and it's making me feel terrible. Oh well, such is life. It's insanely busy at work, maybe it all the more fun. Wow, that is fucking stupid. Hopefully they turned it on and it resolves itself soon. Is it just your water, or the whole building?
  13. Needle Doctor is sending me out a new stylus, so hopefully it's good.
  14. Morning Ghost. I also go back to work tonight, but I have not yet slept so I'm exhausted. Hopefully I can get a few hours in before work.
  15. Damn, I'm sorry to hear that. That's always been a fear of mine with this cold. It's fucked up your landlord isn't doing shit.
  16. Happy New Year. Fell asleep at 10 and just woke up. Oops.
  17. Free on PC. I've been playing a bit. I'm terrible though.
  18. Only anime related thing I want, are the 2 Pillows albums they just put out on vinyl last month for their tour. FLCL had the best music.
  19. It's been under 10, sub-zero for over a week here. Looks like the arctic air will finally leave next Sunday! Some fucking cold days coming up though. I don't mind it really. Work sucks from it though. Plus it's somehow snowed a bunch, even though it's "too cold" to snow.
  20. Cantilever is supposed to bend at the bottom, but it's straight.
  21. Apparently Grado's QC isn't the best.
  22. Nice, what'd you have before? I've been into vintage cartridges and other cartridges lately. Had bad luck with the new Grado's though, all had bad cantilevers. I don't know if it'd match the arm on your Rega, but the Stanton 681eee is magically sounding and go great with the vintage receiver. I know you said you were staying in NYC, did you get a new job?
  23. I'm doing pretty good as of late, how about you Ghost?