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  1. Looking for any copy from either press.
  2. I'm rarely here anymore. We're still working on something.
  3. I'm thinking of picking up a PS4 soon. Any good multiplayer games people play? I have not played a FPS in 7 years, but I'd be down for CoD remastered if it is released on it's own.
  4. I can't remember the last movie I saw in the theater. I was not aware it already has a release stateside, so I'll probably stream it too.
  5. Just watched "Koe no Katachi - A Silent Voice". It's a great movie. It has a lot more emotional stuff than I normally go for, but I still really enjoyed it. John, did you see the Red Turtle? I want to see it.
  6. PV opened the download, so anyone who preordered can download the digital copy now.
  8. Father John Misty - I Love You, Honeybear (2xLP Black) $17ppd
  9. I'm still looking for a phone plan. Mint SIM is very tempting to try out, but my phone does not support band 12 for T-Mobile LTE. Total Wireless looks nice too, but I read their CS is terrible. Might try Cricket, since there is brick and mortar around the corner from me. I don't really like that all Verizon MVNOs are throttled to 5mbps down, and Cricket is 8 down. There are just too damn many options for MVNOs these days.
  10. I did not know this was a thing. I must go.
  11. Not worth keeping. Just another LP60 type player.
  12. Same, have not really been around much. It does look like they do, so might need to make the switch. Not sure how it is coming from a family plan though... don't want to give my account info for everyone, just to port my number.
  13. That's never fun, glad you're feeling better. I barely use a gig a month, but if I had unlimited, I'm sure I'd use more. Which network/networks does Straight Talk use? I really want off Verizon, even though everything is good but the cost.
  14. Same. It is so nice to not have to prop it up anymore. Now to find an affordable plan... since my parents want me off theirs, even though my bill is the cheapest.
  15. They really are. That's a good suggestion, I'll do that. I was having issues charging it for over a month, I had to have the cord at odd angles and things, but it stopped yesterday. I'm glad it just needed cleaned. It looks like a pain to replace yourself, and it was $60 at a store down the road. I need a new phone soon anyway, my 5c has been acting up a lot more lately.
  16. I know that is probably not a very good option, but I'm in the market for one as a sort of back-up for now. Lately my hands have been really shaky because of an autoimmune disorder, and playing records is kind of hard. I have a hard time putting the tonearm down and lifting it back up due to the shakes. They should go away eventually, if they can find the right dosage of medicine and such to control it. I was looking at the "Technics SL- QD33". It gets good reviews, is fully auto, is p-mount and has a quartz locked DD. Anyone have any experience with these tables, or anything similar? I'm not ready to give up n records yet.
  17. I almost paid $60 to fix the lightning port on my phone, because it would not charge. Thankfully I decided to look in it. It had a ton of lint and dust compressed in the bottom, so I cleaned it out and it's as good as new. Crazy how much crap gets in there from your pocket.
  18. I've heard ok things about it, but it is a standard mount not a p-mount.
  19. I listened to it earlier, and I agree with you Jon. The mixing is also not great on it, the vocals are way too loud in it compared to the instruments.
  20. I didn't like any of the singles, but I still want to give it a listen soon.
  21. The email on Hopefully they get yours fixed, since it's a lot worse than mine.
  22. Did you ever get this resolved? I just got my copy in the mail and USPS destroyed the jacket, so was going to see if they have any extra.
  23. Same. I think I'd enjoy it more without the auto-tune effect.