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  1. Time for another pre vacation record purge. Add $4 for shipping. If buying more than one record add an extra $1 for shipping per record. Shipping within the US only unless we work something out. If you don't like a price feel free to shoot me an offer and we can take it from there. Have at it! Alexisonfire - Watch Out! | Dine Alone Records | 2xLP | 180g Black $30 Athletics - Who You Are Is Not Enough | Intheclouds Records | 1st Press | Cup O' Joe 53/150 OFFER ÆGES - Above & Down Below | The Mylene Sheath | 1st Press | /300 Translucent Pilsner & Opaque Gold Swirl w/Bronze Splatter $7 Between The Buried And Me - The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues | 180g Black $10 Caspian - Tertia | The Mylene Sheath | 2nd Press | Gold /300 $18 Caspian - The Four Trees | The Mylene Sheath | 2nd Press | Clear w/ Bronze Swirl | /100 $40 Caspian - Waking Season | Triple Crown | 1st Press | 180g Black /300 (Bundle Exclusive) $30 Caspian - Waking Season | Triple Crown | 2nd Press | White/Purple Starburst /500 $27 Caspian - Waking Season | Triple Crown | 4th Press | Gold/White Marble /500 $20 ^^only selling 2 of Waking Season Get Up Kids, The - Something To Write Home About | Doghouse Records | 4th Press | TriColor Purple/Pink/White /500 (HT Exclusive) $25 Into It. Over It. & Daniel Johnston– Daytrotter Presents No. 12 | 180g Black | /?? $25 Meet Me In St Louis - MMVI - MMIX (Variations On Swing + EP) | Big Scary Monsters | 1st Press | 180g Black /400 $30 mewithoutYou - Ten Stories | Run For Cover Records | 2nd Press | Clear w/Red, Orange, and Yellow Splatter /1000 (RSD 2016 Exclusive) $12 Minus The Bear - Acoustics II | red/blue/black splatter (tour version) | /1000 $24 Mountain Man - Two | No Sleep Records | 1st Pressing | White (2012 Subscription Series) /200 $5 Nothing – Downward Years To Come | A389 Recordings | 2nd Press | Black/White Split /?? $25 Our Lady - II | Mind Over Matter Records | 1st Press | Mint Green 63/100 $20
  2. The official Horror fan topic

    Watched Minutes Past Midnight last night. Great little horror anthology film up on Hulu right now.
  3. It’s true. The higher the number you have the worse of a person you are. Sad but true.
  4. Gotta get them San marzano tomato’s from Italy dude! Only canned tomato I’ll use.
  5. WTB: Caspian, Elder, Electric Wizard

  6. Oh yeah, I got engaged this past week. Huzzahhh!
  7. Mine sat in Houston for a week and a half and randomly showed up on my door step this morning. #669 reporting in. Too bad it wasn’t just #69.
  8. Were you able to clean it first? Mine arrives today. Will report back with sound quality.
  9. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Get em brotherrrrrrr
  10. Skip on Good Mourning? I don't even know you anymore Rez.
  11. Out Now: Yndi Halda - "Under Summer"

    Man I wish. Too far for this west coaster.
  12. Ordered within 30 mins of the first round going up and just got shipping confirmation
  13. Out Now: Yndi Halda - "Under Summer"

    Grabbed with the quickness. They are also doing an east coast tour in March.
  14. If you mysteriously have my mailing address I will be pretty impressed
  15. Super stoked for the newest We Lost The Sea represses. Keep seeing their photos posted on IG and they look beautiful.
  16. Welcome back buddy. Hope your party was a blast. I've spent my weekend pretty under the weather with the damn flu. Just made it out of the house for a trip to the grocery store for the first time in a few days. Send some good vibes, friends.
  17. Good ole Evan has that Doomina LP for sale for $12ppd on his for sale thread. Steal of a deal for some solid post metal. Would grab if I didn't already have it.
  18. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Anyone tried to smoke the potpourri yet? Report back plz.
  19. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Does PMT/BN not realized they could literally skip all the bells and whistles and produce a splatter vinyl and make all yalls heads explode. I guarantee all the reddit kids would jizz their pants and justify $20+ extra just for the splatter vinylz.