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  1. Early bird it is. Gotta love the $3 shipping.
  2. Time for a record purge. Here's a list of some stuff that's for sure for sale. Here is also a link to my whole collection (some stuff off limits, of course). Feel free to make inquiries and offers. Google Doc Tradelist ÆGES - Above & Down Below | The Mylene Sheath | 1st Press | /300 Translucent Pilsner & Opaque Gold Swirl w/Bronze Splatter Billy Wallace and The Virgina Blues - Tucumcari, New Mexico and other songs | 180g black /220 Brother/Ghost - Buried | i.corrupt Records | 1st Pressing | Blue/Green mix w/Black Splatter /500 Coheed and Cambria - The Unheavenly Creatures | Roadrunner | 1st Press | Tigers Eye /?? Cult Leader - A Patient Man | Deathwish Rec | 1st Press | Clear/White w/White Splatter /300 Dads - Brush Your Teeth, Again | black /100 Kittyhawk | Hello Again | 2nd press | /350 Piss Yellow in Milky Clear Meet Me In St Louis - MMVI - MMIX (Variations On Swing + EP) | Big Scary Monsters | 1st Press | 180g Black /400 mewithoutYou - [Untitled] + EP [untitled] | BSM Records | 1st Press | Black w/White Splatter /250 Minus The Bear - Acoustics II | red/blue/black splatter (tour version) | /1000 Mountain Man - Two | No Sleep Records | 1st Pressing | White (2012 Subscription Series) /200 Our Lady - II | Mind Over Matter Records | 1st Press | Mint Green 63/100 Pig Destroyer - Head Cage | Relapse Records | 1st Press | Milky Clear w/Black Pinwheels /100
  3. The Butcha

    PO: La Dispute - Panorama

    Sold. Cheapest option for sure.
  4. The Butcha

    PO: La Dispute - Panorama

    Mock ups are up. "Spirit Quartz" and "Charoite".
  5. I absolutely love it. Granted, I did move here from New Orleans which is 12 months of summer. My seasonal depression has almost reversed oddly enough. I thrive with hoodies and drizzle.
  6. Any Portland visitors feel free to come check out my bar/restaurant and say hi! Blackheart on SE Belmont.
  7. Missed out on something I really wanted last year so I’ll for sure be watching this year
  8. Anyone looking for the white/clear splatter? Shoot me a PM!
  9. Anyone in need of the BSM splatter EP+LP? Selling at cost. PM me and it’s yours.
  10. The Butcha

    new tattoo appresh

    Niceeee! I started my chest with him like 2 years ago. Haven’t seen him since. I finally made an appointment with him last May for July. Then I opened a restaurant and the appointment happened to be scheduled the day before we opened. Ima get in there one of these days and finish it up.
  11. The Butcha

    new tattoo appresh

    neck finished. By Tyler Harrington at State of Grace tattoo in San Jose, CA.
  12. The Butcha

    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    That was incredibly fun. Wish it was doable these days.
  13. The Butcha

    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    Hey friends, haven't posted this way in a hot minute.
  14. The Butcha

    The official Horror fan topic

    Netflix is really stepping up their horror game. That new show Creeped Out also looks very promising.
  15. The Butcha

    PO: Colossal - Welcome the Problems

    Awesome to see this being pressed. Releases like this give me hope that vinyl CAN be cheap.
  16. The Butcha

    The official Horror fan topic

    Anyone check out the new Purge tv show on USA? Pretty promising so far.
  17. The Butcha

    The official Horror fan topic

    I really enjoyed it too. Check out the trailer for Hell Fest. New movie coming soon with a pretty similar preface.