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  1. Glad I only wanted Big Dirty and got out for 30 bucks.
  2. Likes: the music video; Dan’s mustache Dislikes: the song 😕
  3. Right on! I saw you were from Louisiana and back in like 03-04 there was a local punk band called awful waffle lol
  4. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_Ciwp01-GZlqPH9Otp7fdY6qXcCGcF7iRvT5L8IJeyQ/edit Need to lighten my load a little bit, lets make some deals yall.
  5. If that swamp splatter Tertia is still around in a few months I might make an offer. Regretted letting that one go a long time ago. Side note: were you in the local band awful waffle in LA back in the day? If so, our teenage selfs totally played a show together way back when!
  6. Mention "Gumbo" when you apply for the card and get an introductory rate of 10% APY on all future vinyl purchases
  7. added some new records to the list. check it out!
  8. It’s certainly been a while! Hope all is well
  9. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_Ciwp01-GZlqPH9Otp7fdY6qXcCGcF7iRvT5L8IJeyQ/edit I’ve got 4 mailers and need some quick cash for a trip I’ve got coming up. Make some offers!
  10. https://stormchasersltd.bigcartel.com/product/preorder-storm037-prc-438-their-they-re-there-their-they-re-three-lp live!
  11. Missed the test as well and didn’t catch it till all the 100s were gone. Purple it is!
  12. Had the /100 in my cart and saw that it was $40 and said nope. The hobby has lost its appeal lately.
  13. Here’s the VC I know and love. Miss you dudes. Might buy a record for the first time in over a year and grab this.

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