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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if they had something like an etching on the back, but then you think they would announce something like that or a bonus track.
  2. Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    Any chance you know if the vinyl copy will have a digital copy?
  3. Glad I was able to cancel, was an impulse buy anyway. Plus the album hasn't held up for me as long as his other work, maybe I'll pick it up when it drops in price over Amazon.
  4. The Third Man Records Thread

    I may be interested depending on the cost at the store.
  5. It wasn't really a requirement, but the label requested it from the stores that ordered/received stock. My guess is they wanted to get it to fans and not risk what's happening with the overcharges.
  6. Yeah, reading into all of the online sites makes it seem like this colored pressing will be a one and done.
  7. So glad the white variant wasn't limited to the UK and that Bullmoose had it up already, guess I'll have to run my free Apple Music trial until then to enjoy the album.
  8. The Third Man Records Thread

    This. I want to snag the Amazonian Lights and Jack White at Third Man packages but can't bring myself to it with his lack of rep or even an eBay/Discogs link. I just can't see someone selling Vault 1 that low, especially when they're in need of funds.
  9. Weird, I wonder if they just pressed an excess of C/D after the issue and are just looking for ways to get rid of it now. Bummed the sleeve wasn't changed to an official one but at least Fade's back.
  10. The Third Man Records Thread

    The packages are well worth the price paid, especially since they're one off variants or pressings. The benefits on top of that (the vault store, early entry eligibility and random contests) make it worth the pricing. If you're not into Jack White/his many projects it could be worthless to you though.
  11. Really pumped on the color of the record, so glad it's opaque.
  12. Ordered the EU variant after already putting in an order through the US site, hopefully my cancellation will go through quickly. I wonder if the EU KOTR store has the digital download too for the full album or if it'll include a card, found it weird that it didn't have a download link for the new single like I received for the US store order in addition to the box verifying the digital album download.
  13. Do you know if this might be up at midnight PST as it normally is or just random timing this time around?
  14. The Third Man Records Thread

    I think they just released info to make it apart of the RSD buzz, as it is though, I think the variant just happens to be released on that day as a limited run with the unlimited black run to follow for everyone. It's up on Bullmoose here (cheapest price + free shipping so far), so it doesn't seem like TMR may have gone through the official RSD brand, especially with Bullmoose allowing for pre-orders.
  15. Most titles are available and few ever really move (likely due to the weird decisions in titles).