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  1. We're in talks with band reps and GGR to figure it out. If we are unable to get the wax mage variant, we have a plan B that will be equally limited with a different (awesome) design. All backers have 3 weeks from now to edit or back out of a pledge, so we will have information well before that cutoff.
  2. 21,000 dollars! Holy crap!! Thank you to everyone who contributed.
  3. Our plan is to do an ebay auction for the final wax mage if it doesn't sell (for charity of course)
  4. Another account would probably work. It will be wax mage if the bundle is still available. You have to get the audio to us ASAP though, 48 hour turnaround max since the kickstarter ends soon and we need to get the wheels moving.
  5. You have to pick one or the other. If you pick the locked groove tier you get wax mage and locked groove but not liquid.
  6. Unfortunately suck a dick bitch falls under profanity and while that story sounds hilarious, we can't include it.
  7. Yep! We may pack the disks separate from the sleeve though.
  8. If no one pledges for the PR tier, we won't do any locked grooves. At least that's my impression.
  9. Really sorry about that. I guess I was misinformed with how KS works :|
  10. If someone edits a pledge to a different tier, the other becomes available.
  11. because of the kickstarter system all the wax mages are accounted for. except for the one that comes in the custom locked groove package.
  12. With the way kickstarter works you have to choose one or the other. I wish there was a better way around it but it's how their inventory/stock system works. More explanation is in the description, sorry about that confusion. You can remove the extra $50 if you want to stick with the liquid.