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  1. technically it was, not for Cedric but for Omar. At the time, MOV was pressing for Universal Europe as a loophole to Omar's exclusive vinyl rights as stated in their original contract. They weren't aware of the represses until Cedric went on Dean Del Rey's show (or Maron?) and explained the situation, with Dean mentioning how he was about to buy a copy until he saw Cedric's tweet about it being a bootleg. It all seemed sketchy at the time but was ultimately proven by the Cloud's Hill represses. Tremulant and the Summer Session demos were never a part of the contract hence they have been releas
  2. feels like a site typo but what are the chances they half press green between A & C to ditch their remaining illegal gold stock from 2015?
  3. this album is really good, I think my biggest gripe with it so far has been the typo in the title of this thread
  4. I hope this doesn't have the bonus tracks. I have a bootleg of the OG from years ago but I never liked the art change and the bonus tracks crammed in. Obvious reasons aside I actually like this cover better than the CD cover
  5. Mars Volta fans would never freak out about a normal understandable situation like that
  6. Darkside - Spiral Gojira - Fortitude King Woman - Celestial Blues Pan Daijing - Jade Spellling - The Turning Wheel Helene Vogelsinger - Reminiscence (10/10)
  7. These are the only Deafheaven songs I have ever liked lol
  8. How does Robert Smith sound exactly the same after 50 years of singing?
  9. Possibly Frances, anything else you'll need to send me a hat to eat
  10. This mix has definitely been through a parade of plugins, I'd say it's surprisingly good but the snare might be a dealbreaker. Not sure why they made such a significant change to it
  11. Judging by the timeline of their synthwave record, and now xXoriginsXx, I can't wait for "Blakk Holez n Revalation$" to come with exclusive JNCOs
  12. Never been a fan of this band but can confirm the rumor that this record "fucks"

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