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  1. I can only read that as "wank" Imagine wearing a white jumpsuit that just says "wank"
  2. This reminds me of the second letlive album. That record was laughably crushed as a "creative decision", but then some studio guy ended up posting one or two rejected mixes that weren't, and the Pro Tools of it really came through clear as day. The clean tracks didn't have the energy the first record or the shows did. On one hand, that's not really a good excuse, but on the other, if you finish a record and it ends up sounding super lame, I guess it's a way around that. Hides Melodyne abuse (on vocals at least) really well.
  3. they should've listened to their instagram comments
  4. Only keeping my last.fm somewhat intact in case Apple or someone buys them in the future. I don't really go through the effort to make it super accurate, but it is a good log of new stuff I've been checking out at work.
  5. Hyped but not sure how this could top Mariner for me
  6. So here's a question for anybody who may have pledged so far: it says immediate download, but the campaigns may fail? Do you get to keep the digital copy or the bonus posters etc if the campaign doesn't get funded? What happens if the campaigns fail?
  7. This seems like a pretty good idea to me. It makes sense to cut out crowdfunding middle men services when your platform is already based around “pay what you want”. I’d hope the cost for a plain black pressing would show a bit lower than the current demo campaigns. Although $28 isn’t unreasonable in Bandcamp land
  8. sometimes I look at threads like these and remember there's a new Tool record coming out this year
  9. This thread is why I don’t tell anybody at work what bands I listen to
  10. As somebody who loves Purple and the new singles wholeheartedly, Fridmann is a scourge on this band. John Congelton was honestly perfect for this band
  11. I would if I liked Disturbed? Not seeing the issue
  12. Is radio accessible still an insult in 2019 or did you copy and paste that from 2012 lol
  13. I'm stoked to buy one off somebody who's sick of this record by the summer
  14. How was Guidance 3 years ago already, wow. Can't wait.