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  1. Happy I went with JPC as it looks like that'll be the cheapest, potentially by far. Never used the site but I just got the freebie record sleeves in the mail last week. Gmail also sorted the order/shipping confirmations to spam FYI. Now to wait 2 more months...
  2. FOMO'd the jpc preorder. $103, even for a potential scam, fits my SOAD discography budget. Saved me 2 pints of blood and I'm O neg
  3. been waiting for this for years. Hopefully a 5 album box set? why wouldn't they do that? Have boots of S/T and Toxicity but I'll be spending rent money to get all 5
  4. Then how did they get so much holier than thou?
  5. Please give me your Tool records. Let me carry the weight of your moral burdens. My morals are worth an original pressing of AEnima.
  6. Man you have such a shitty bitter attitude. God damn. I don't think this story is unbelievable in the slightest but that doesn't mean I believe an anonymous twitter. You don't care if he's actually guilty. You just don't like him. I'm not gonna fight about it but this is a real asshole thing to say.
  7. The most fascinating part about the metoo stuff (NOT referring to the horrible shit) is how effectively the entertainment industry has been at hiding all this. People in this thread surprised security vetted groupies? What did you think they were doing backstage? Xbox? Go Fish? What part of "rockstar lifestyle" were you not understanding? (not to defend it, of course). I hope MJK is found innocent here, for everyone's sake. If not I hope he goes to court. Fair's fair and law is law. (I'll still take the records. First dibs. I really missed out on the kneejerk Brand New fiasco)
  8. gonna jump in early and say, if you're looking to burn/throw away your Tool records, you can mail them to me! I will get rid of them for you. Innocent until proven guilty
  9. OU818

    PO Now - Gorillaz - The Now Now

    Totally agree, sadly. It's honestly jarring watching them use their live shows to play this new stuff. The Gorillaz live band was one of the most explosively energetic groups I've ever seen, at least on the Plastic Beach tour. Why they would choose to go in this direction is beyond me.
  10. managed to grab the clear variant with the red/blue inverted art. My wallet rationalization was softened when all the variants sold out an hour later hahah. Glad I didn't see that Australian version until after I'd irresponsibly bought the Bandcamp variant
  11. Looks like they're running out of color ideas for Leviathan hahah
  12. Wondering if this has shipped. Pretty quiet release but I'm excited
  13. Here's my million dollar idea: use that same laser cutter idea, but instead of grooves, cut 1s and 0s into a disc. Then, using a laser to read it, you can have such precise playback, it sounds the exact same every time! tbh optimizing cutting isn't a bad idea at all, but it certainly seems like this is gonna end up being another "HD" marketing scam