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  1. This band always makes their variants easy for me by putting the color I should get in the record’s title.
  2. Gina and Pete have nearly the same singing voice hahah
  3. Dreaming that they go through Sargent House instead of Pledgemusic this time...
  4. This band just gets cornier by the year but damn they know how to entertain live. Alexandria 2 is really solid. Haven’t seen them since the Flash Flood tour but after listening to this one I’d go see them again
  5. His US preorders usually go live way later than Europe. So glad he finally got the vinyl bug for this one. Can't wait.
  6. I wouldn't get your hopes up on this. Those guys are honestly the fucking worst about following through with any promises. Plus, they "remastered" Tremulant when they started their "label" Nadie (RIP) and it sounded so bad it almost seemed like a prank. Then their soundguy at the time basically told anyone who noticed how bad it sounded to fuck off because it was a creative decision. As for the represses, MOV did some but they got shut down because Omar has the exclusive rights to vinyl pressings for the entire discography. Seeing as he is now 24 solo records, an Antemasque record, and a record label short of delivering...
  7. I'll just switch s/t and Toxicity with the bootleg sleeves ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I only care about the sound tbh
  8. Maybe flesh it out with live tracks too. Most of their b sides became STA, Elect the Dead and Scars on Broadway. "Shame" will never appear again in this day and age lol
  9. I bet when they officially break up the label will start putting out b sides and rarities like (expensive) candy
  10. Does this confirm that synthwave is the new dubstep? I love synthwave...
  11. Weird I got charged the night I ordered. Got the freebie sleeves ~2 weeks later
  12. Happy I went with JPC as it looks like that'll be the cheapest, potentially by far. Never used the site but I just got the freebie record sleeves in the mail last week. Gmail also sorted the order/shipping confirmations to spam FYI. Now to wait 2 more months...
  13. FOMO'd the jpc preorder. $103, even for a potential scam, fits my SOAD discography budget. Saved me 2 pints of blood and I'm O neg