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  1. What video games have you been playing?

    I LOVE State of Decay! I thought it was a fun/unique take on the zombie/survival genre. Can't wait for the sequel this year!

    Thanks for the clarifications! That's some good info to hear.

    Oh, well, who knows. It is labelled as a different press... and the red/white swirl was sold through a different distributor though.

    Unfortunately, it's not really up to the band... they (and Solid State) don't own the rights anymore. It'd be up to that Universal Music Group (I think that's correct). Also, on topic, it's been up for a little bit, but Polar Similar has a repress on translucent red: http://solidstate.merchnow.com/products/v2/263036/polar-similar-transparent-red
  5. Opinions on off center LP stickers...

    Got one on one of my favorite records/albums ever unfortunately (Mae "The Everglow")... luckily it's on side D (with the 10+ minute song), I just have to remember to take the needle off before it starts running through the label.
  6. WTB: For Today variants

    Have decided to join some of you and do a variant collection for a specific band. So here's what I need. Not too worried about test presses at the moment... and not looking to break the bank. Not really looking to trade either, but I might have one or two things I could let go of, we can cross that bridge if you're interested. Thanks! Ekklesia Clear, #500 Portraits Green, #500 2nd Press, Smoke, #400 Breaker 2nd Press, Blue, #500 Immortal Blue, #200 White Wake FYE Exclusive, Silver, #500(?) Black Also, maybe you guys could help find a shirt? Was on their touring cycle before their farewell. So around late 2015-thru 2016? (front/back) in size XL or XXL. Thanks!
  7. Records You Are Lucky To Own

    Redoing my collection pictures... but I do have this, and got it in an awesome deal: https://www.discogs.com/Black-Iris-Welcome-To-Bright-Falls/release/7151118 Promotional soundtrack, for a video series, for a promotion for the "Alan Wake" video game back in 2010. Awesome "film", fantastic game. One of my all time favorite games, so I'm glad to own this piece of "merch". (Only found info on 6?! copies, so who knows how limited this is.)
  8. Official OST and Film Score Thread

    Yeah, I was a little bummed too... although I do like the artwork more than the standard cover.
  9. Most Anticipated 2018 releases

    Going off the "every two year cycle", so it's mostly just hopeful... Silent Planet Artifex Pereo (if they've found a new drummer) Fit For A King Memphis May Fire Oh, Sleeper (finally?) EDIT 2: apparently tracking is done Forevermore Wolves At The Gate EDIT: Galactic Empire (this one is the only one "confirmed") EDIT 2: Underoath (although this is a HUGE speculation/rumor/me just being hopeful)
  10. Official OST and Film Score Thread

    Been up for a while, but I guess this is what "Justice League" will look like now. Haven't seen any info on an "colored" MOV press. https://www.amazon.com/Justice-League-Original-Picture-Soundtrack/dp/B076M9G6DY/ref=tmm_vnl_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=
  11. The STAR WARS Thread

    What's wrong with disliking sand?
  12. The STAR WARS Thread

    If you were responding to me... I actually like Phantom Menace! It just seems it gets a lot of flak for being the "worst" Star Wars film, with Jar Jar, the Trade Federation, Anakin being a whiny kid, etc. (Also notice how everyone is talking about the Machete Order currently which leaves it out, that's gotta say something, hahaha.) And I guess I'm personally comparing all the films together (as of now).
  13. What video games have you been playing?

    Bought the Batman Return to Arkham remastered on the One for $10. Been enjoying running through Asylum again. Finally beat Cuphead a while back! Now trying the "expert" mode, got an "S" rank on The Root Gang, but that stupid blue glob is really tough. Think expert mode adds more health. Battlefront 2 is in my rotation a bit... hoping for an update to the progression system or something. Now that it's 2018 I can't wait for more info on State of Decay 2!!!
  14. The STAR WARS Thread

    Watched again a few days ago... sadly, this might be my least favorite of all the films (yes, I know Phantom Menace exists). Visually it's a great movie, but there are a lot of mishaps, and things I just plain didn't like or wish they did differently. #notmyLukeSkywalker Wish I had something to look forward to but even the new "Solo" movie has been a concern for me since before production.