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  1. Maybe spin it and see. I really like it. Might be one of my favs from them. Landslide Defeater, Safety Last, and Anna are incredible.
  2. Sorry if this has been posted on here somewhere already…but there is a new version of The Dark Knight being pressed and only available through indie record stores… https://www.rhino.com/article/out-now-hans-zimmer-james-newton-howard-the-dark-knight-original-motion-picture-soundtrack
  3. Sweet! Was able to pick up Mmhmm finally! Stoked!
  4. Thanks! Went with one of each of those! They match the vibe of the album cover well.
  5. Me personally, I’m not a fan of Dustin’s solo work because I’m not a fan of folk and indie music really at all. So, I wish that he’d have kept that style of singing in his solo stuff, but once his solo stuff got really going, he incorporated it into his Thrice stuff. And it just fells like they always now get stuck in mid tempo songs (probably where some hear the Dad rock). As far as Alchemy and Beggars sounding so aligned, that’s actually most likely because the did both albums themselves. Teppei did all of it, so they all have a very similar production quality, namely recorded in their home studio before they moved to Washington or whatever. I'm not mad they have gone a different direction than I wanted. And obviously I’m a big fan of them, cuz I’m still here checking out their music, but like you said, it could be that it’s not for me anymore. Which is a bummer. Glad for everyone who loves it.
  6. I’m still holding out hope…unfortunately, this is still not doing it for me. Post hiatus Thrice has been a big challenge for me. Lol. I’m still here, but I’m barely hanging on. Hoping album has more energy than the last two do as a whole and Dustin specifically ups the vocal range he keeps singing in. The low crooning vocals don’t do it for me. He sounds like a tired old man with aching bones every time he moves to me. This song is better than the first one…fingers crossed…been here since Artist…
  7. Looks like MerchNow found a few more copies of this and put them up…only a handful of each left… https://merchnow.com/catalogs/the-chariot 13-metallic left 29-crystal left
  8. Dang it. I figured though. I’ll keep trying to be patient. 😊
  9. I’m also excited for the fact that they said there is a new song as well!
  10. Thanks for the heads up. Picked up a "white smoke" 🙂 from Amazon.
  11. Snagged a Revolver variant. So glad I didn't miss out on this!
  12. I was too for awhile. It grew on me though after awhile and now I think there are some top tier Erra songs on there.

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