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  1. Hey everyone. WaterTower Records is doing a "Deluxe Version" pressing of TENET on 3xLP with two bonus songs not on the original soundtrack. Doesn't come out till January though... http://watertower-music.com/news/newsstory.php?title=561264 https://www.amazon.com/Original-Motion-Picture-Soundtrack-Deluxe/dp/B08KH3T455/ref=as_li_ss_tl?keywords=TENET+soundtrack+vinyl&qid=1601660475&sr=8-1&linkCode=sl1&tag=variousmoview-20&linkId=aac80ce80bb5d617b615b06a6c034498&language=en_US
  2. Got shipping confirmation on the Mission Impossible 2 Fire vinyl. Stoked. Also, that Avengers unboxing video was gold.
  3. To be clear, I believe what he at the very least implied, was totally stupid....
  4. I think the more interesting subject to discuss is more about what is the subjective line where you agree/disagree with a band member of a band that you listen to? For example, I'm too old now to believe that every band I like has great human beings in them, and I'm sure a portion of the bands we like have members that we probably wouldn't like if we actually got to know them, or at the very least we might say they're "good dudes" but we wouldn't want to hang out with them. The line between liking the art and liking the person or persons making the art is really the interesting thing here to me. Can I watch a Tom Cruise movie and enjoy it without indirectly saying that I support all of his ridiclous baloney with Scientology that does real damage to people's lives? I know some of you are like "screw the guy, he's a bad person", but it really begs the question: does the art transcend the ridiculous views of one of it's creators? Or if he donates a bunch of money to a charity you support, will you then forgive said person? Does it change the art of the music or painting or whatever? I always think about the other band members in these situations who didn't say something stupid or ignorant and are like "man, you're killing us!"... I'm still wrestling with this, not just in this situation, but just in life in general...I'm afraid that if I extend the thinking out to it's logical conclusion that if I only consume material done by what I consider to be people I can find no faults in, I won't really have much to consume...on the other hand, there is so much to consume I don't need to consume certain material. Finding this line, for me is the challenge now...
  5. oh man...i think i gotta get the bundle...I really loved all three of these back in the day...
  6. YES!! My Oh Sleeper discography is complete and having Children of Fire is amazing and brings me such joy. Purchased!!! So stoked right now. Wasn't sure these would ever get pressed.
  7. I’m having trouble picking my favs so far!! So good!!! Anna is a fantastic closer of a song.