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  1. I really love all of those albums....hold up pretty well for me. I really love the song "My Will Be A Dead Man"....
  2. d'oh.... that, along with Anatomy and Two Lefts (which i now have!) are my two boys favorites, especially the self titled. I hope y'all figure out a repress of it at some point as ebay and discogs prices would suggest there is still demand for it!
  3. My goodness this album is great!!! Same as y’all. So glad I didn’t cancel. Really stoked on this album. The guitarist for this band is so good. His riffs are so varied and gives the vocalist so many different ways to go in each song. Can’t pick a fav yet.
  4. New The Batman soundtrack by Michael Giacchino is going up for sale today... https://mondoshop.com/blogs/news/the-batman-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-3xlp-on-sale-info
  5. In for a Rogue One! Stoked. While I agree that Rogue One is top tier...I can think of at least one other Disney Star Wars movie that is objectively much worse than Solo....once you get past Harrison Ford not playing the character, I really don't have much problem Solo. And the soundtrack to it is fantastic. I just wish we would've gotten the expanded version for Solo's release as we're getting for this considering that the expanded edition was released digitally like this. Oh well.
  6. Yeah, totally. You have to wonder….I like the song now as well as most here, but maybe it wasn’t the best pick for the first single. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. also, the fact that these guys haven't apparently moved 450 lp's yet, to me, shows how criminally underrated they are as a band!!!!
  8. Grabbed a blue static records variant! Glad it was still there as I totally missed this!!! Saweet
  9. holy smokes....I think @Justinadamk nailed it. they had long standing problems (some reasonable, others not...like your bro being married to someone who believes in silly things is not a good reason to hate your brother) that the manager/MGMT was able to keep from sinking the ship. Once the manager left, it clearly unraveled everything from both sides' posts, that seems to be agreed upon. What happened next is the classic he said/she said stuff that is so sad to watch play out from the outside. I hope time changes things, if for no other reason than for brothers to come back together and be brothers. I know my brother and I have some fairly big philosophical differences, but it can't get in the way of caring for each other. You can't say "love and peace" and then be unloving to others close to you and expect people on the outside to not be suspicious. It just sucks that this is all so public...

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