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  1. YES!! My Oh Sleeper discography is complete and having Children of Fire is amazing and brings me such joy. Purchased!!! So stoked right now. Wasn't sure these would ever get pressed.
  2. I’m having trouble picking my favs so far!! So good!!! Anna is a fantastic closer of a song.
  3. Oh my good, gracious....how do they keep making better albums?!?!? This album is seriously soooooo good. Wow!!! $12.50/$25......worth it! Early favs are Landslide, /with_errors, and Translational....
  4. It definitely is a new direction, but I kind of like it...
  5. Oh boy is that song amazing. This is going to be an awesome release! Holy smokes.
  6. all variants it seems... https://media.nuclearblast.de/shoplanding/2019/AsILayDying/sbf.html
  7. sounds great! ANd thanks for the link to Merchnow. THat is much cheaper. Feel better about pre-ordering this now.
  8. This album is great! I might have to suck it up and pay the ridiculous price of the vinyl....
  9. Mission Impossible Fallout and it comes with a bonus Flexi disc of an unreleased mix https://mondotees.com/collections/music/products/mission-impossible-fallout-music-from-the-original-motion-picture-2xlp
  10. Oh man! Children of Fire is the JAM!!! i still preordered a splatter cuz I don’t want to miss out and I’m excited for new Oh, Sleeper...
  11. I guess I’m the one lone survivor who still likes all the X-Men stuff and appreciates that it exists as it’s own thing. Are they as good as the MCU stuff? Heck no. But I still like them in their own right. I love Logan and I find it hard to believe that movie would exist in the MCU. Disney has already said Deadpool will continue to exist in its own universe. I love Days of Future Past and I remain hopeful that Dark Phoenix could be, at the very least, better than The Last Stand. You're right though, if the movie was so great, you’d think Disney would’ve been quicker to release it, although at the same time, I can understand them not wanting to put it out in front of their Endgame stuff either way.