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  1. Have they always had the dude with the electronics? I like this way more than pig destroyer I’ve heard in the past for some reason. By that I mean it’s listenable and not just full throttle intensity. Im likely the minority but who knows and who cares,
  2. Could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that variant is sold out at the EU site homie. I was looking to check the stock and it looked like the page was removed today. check again, maybe it was an intermittent thing but I wanted to chime in and give you the heads up since you were talking about jumping in on the group buy...
  3. I think that’s my plan, too. Is the black 180g the indie store variant?
  4. thetrackt

    PO: Vein - Errorzone

    Totally, people are jumping on the flip train because Vein is on fire right now...but with limited success. The $200 glow in the dark one I saw is down to $125 now, which is not surprising. Personally, I have one on a color that I think matches the cover (bloodshot eye) and I'm cool with that. But when I saw the glow in the dark I had to buy it because I got swept up in that moment. The counter was just going down, down down and $20 dollars is not a bad price for such a good record.
  5. First shit-in-the-cereal type post, finally. Oh well, can't please them all. The truth is this record is not a huge departure for Deafheaven. It's prettier and more ethereal but it still sticks to the same shit they've been doing for a while with a less aggressive tone. I can see how someone who loved New Bermuda or Roads to Judah may be turned off but the underbelly of the band is still the same.
  6. thetrackt

    PO: Vein - Errorzone

    Yeah I did... could not resist. It was 20 bucks and they went through 200 in a matter of minutes. Still haven't gotten mine yet but am very amped on this record. I'm guessing it probably will sound 'okay' but nothing special. They are going for 200 dollars on discogs now which is crazy!
  7. Totally, sounds douchey but I like the gatefold because the records don’t get all scratched up when you put them back in. Plus the art and all that stuff being big just makes the thing more complete. I wonder if the color variants are gatefold, too? Also I wonder why Anti doesn’t tell you that shit. I also wonder why the colored ones aren’t 180g? pumped on this one.
  8. http://webstore.earache.com/deafheaven-ordinary-corrupt-human-love-vinyl
  9. This one is great. Also got a shipping notification from Deathwish! if you haven’t yet check this out - it’s really good.
  10. So is just the black 180g a gatefold sleeve? From the descriptions on the net it seems so.
  11. So... I love this record and have it already but... did anyone else think the SL silver pressings sound pretty bad? My copy of the new Eagle Twin is really flat sounding. Wondering if its because it is literally a metallic silver vinyl? Hopefully this sounds like a million bucks!
  12. Yeah, picked up the Deathwish version. Best color for the artwork, IMO. Really digging the new song and the interview is great! Apparently the record is amazing according to Jeremy Bolm. There’s your endorsement right there haha.
  13. Yeah, the former - listening to past records on vinyl and Honeycomb on Apple Music and Spotify. Definitely not an apples to apples comparison but the point stands: it sounds decidedly flatter than all of them, IMO. It’s not like Deafheaven are short of cash to properly record. In that way I’m thinking this is a stylistic recording choice. Maybe they wanted to try something different or maybe we’re hearing an early unmastered bit of the record? Who knows, still amped for rest of it, though.
  14. Right on. Yeah The first thing I did was put on New Bermuda and sunbather to see if I was imagining things. The production is def less crisp on Honeycomb... but it may just be more ‘ethereal’ or something. I’ll have to see when the whole thing drops. I don’t dislike it, but it sounds uneven to me. Studio fuckery most likely.
  15. Yeah I’m excited about this but does anyone else kinda not digging the production? Guitars are so muted... all I’m hearing is thunderous drumming and screaming. Just seems really muffled or something compared to the last few. I guess it’s a stylistic choice but is anyone else hearing the same thing?