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  1. hey does anyone know when Castle Face will open preorders on this? First Thee Oh Sees LP I've been excited for in years 😁
  2. Uhh is that just the same as the deluxe version?
  3. The pressing size on this is insane. Is it reasonable to think that this band is big enough to sell 7,000 copies of this first press? I always felt like they were fine as a band and all but still... that is a lot of copies to offload.
  4. Another thread where people are complaining about production? Cool, I’ll see myself out... But, before I do- I read an article that was basically like the mix supposed to be hot as hell. https://www.revolvermag.com/culture/baroness-john-baizley-chaos-and-secrets-gold-grey-cover-art Its supposed to be challenging, noisy, loud and over-the-top because that’s what this album is about. Uncontrolled chaos. This is is not an oversight, and like it or not it is an intentional way they wanted to color these songs. Im stoked.
  5. Nah, it's pretty basic really. I think the album as a whole flows better than much of what they have done in the past. They sound like they are having fun even though it still has emotional undertones. To me, the older stuff just sounds so overwrought (except for maybe On a Wire) and as a 36 year old I am not looking to be bummed out anymore so I rarely put on those records . Guaranteed Matt Pryor cringes at most of Four Minute Mile and at least half of the tunes on Something to Write Home About. Anyway, These new songs have life in a way that I haven't heard in any of their jams for a while. I have been really enjoying the catchy choruses, the Reggie-esque Moog sounds and the more indie rock sound in lieu of the whole emo thing. That is why I keep returning to these tunes and feel that this is a strong record.
  6. Hmm, this production bit is confusing. I think it sounds solid. Drums are pretty pronounced but it’s a good performance so what’s the big deal? I’ve listened to this album six or seven times and have not once thought anything negative about the production. To me, this is down the most listenable get up kids album front to back… And I’ve been a fan since like four minute mile.
  7. This is hands down the best Get Up Kids record.
  8. My biggest pet peeve in record collecting is 45 rpm records with 2 songs per side. I’d totally opt for a yellow if it meant the 40min LP was on a single record!
  9. Red all day - goes with the art so I always tilt to that.
  10. Don’t give a damn about the naysayers… I’m excited for this record and if anyone is surprised about the direction that Baroness has taken - that’s their own fault. The band has continuously moved away from their earlier sound and are now into more of a progressive territory. If you don’t like it, go away. Thousands of other people have bought this one and it will likely keep selling, keep getting press and ultimately be a good addition to their catalog. There are still 15 songs to hear and I’m looking forward to each one.
  11. Yep, I ordered this one too. It's intriguing being on that site and hearing a bunch of diehard Garth fans talk about not having record players but still wanting these sets like BAD. Honestly, it's pretty cool to take a look into another musical subculture that's so far removed from this one and observe what happens within it. Plus, for 130+ shipped and not being charged until October AND getting to pick a 6 digit number that will be pressed into it is a really good value. These albums are definitely classics and I'm pretty excited to finally own these on vinyl.
  12. I was really skeptical of this company when it first hit the internet. After seeing what they were about and ordering some records and realizing they put out a quality product, my mind was changed. They ship their records with the works and make a 29 dollar monthly fee worth it. That’s not easy to do. Nothing but good experiences with them and while I don’t love everything they put out the good stuff more than makes up for it. I hope they stay in business and keep releasing really good records. I just ordered that De La ROTM because it’s beautiful and got TVOTR a couple weeks ago. Also that Main Source was perfect and just in time. Hopefully they keep it up.
  13. All eras of Baroness are at the very least good imo. First and Second were solid back in the day and Red and Blue were great, classics even. Yellow and Green were definitely a different side but still even with the emotional bent and less aggressive tendencies those songs hold up. Purple was a good step but for me the one that had the least staying power. Gold and Grey will probably just sound like.... Baroness, and that’s a good thing. At the very least we’re gonna get an album of solid Baroness jams that likely mixes all eras of the band with killer artwork from Baizely. Thumbs up for that.