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  1. Yep, I ordered this one too. It's intriguing being on that site and hearing a bunch of diehard Garth fans talk about not having record players but still wanting these sets like BAD. Honestly, it's pretty cool to take a look into another musical subculture that's so far removed from this one and observe what happens within it. Plus, for 130+ shipped and not being charged until October AND getting to pick a 6 digit number that will be pressed into it is a really good value. These albums are definitely classics and I'm pretty excited to finally own these on vinyl.
  2. I was really skeptical of this company when it first hit the internet. After seeing what they were about and ordering some records and realizing they put out a quality product, my mind was changed. They ship their records with the works and make a 29 dollar monthly fee worth it. That’s not easy to do. Nothing but good experiences with them and while I don’t love everything they put out the good stuff more than makes up for it. I hope they stay in business and keep releasing really good records. I just ordered that De La ROTM because it’s beautiful and got TVOTR a couple weeks ago. Also that Main Source was perfect and just in time. Hopefully they keep it up.
  3. All eras of Baroness are at the very least good imo. First and Second were solid back in the day and Red and Blue were great, classics even. Yellow and Green were definitely a different side but still even with the emotional bent and less aggressive tendencies those songs hold up. Purple was a good step but for me the one that had the least staying power. Gold and Grey will probably just sound like.... Baroness, and that’s a good thing. At the very least we’re gonna get an album of solid Baroness jams that likely mixes all eras of the band with killer artwork from Baizely. Thumbs up for that.
  4. lol @ this thread. so much flexing in here. this will sell out and be repressed and it doesn’t really matter at all when or if you pick it up. It’s been 20 years in the making. Someone else will buy it.
  5. 1500 is just right for this one. Hell, I have two copies of it so far!
  6. Had no idea they were back! Awesome to see and the new songs sound tight. Free drugs is still in constant rotation for me.
  7. Can't wait for this one! Samples are boss and seem more direct than some of their more recent output. Any idea when the preorder starts for this?
  8. The coverart is bad but look at how they didn't even bother to contrast the white of 'Pissgrave' logo on the right with the background of the (ridiculous) image. The thing is, to make something shocking it doesn't take anything more than a quick google search - that image is readily available if you disable SafeSearch. But then taking that image and overlaying a non-contrasted logo that is unreadable is just lazy and rubs me the wrong way. At least on their last LP the logo was black and you could read it! Hopefully the music is good because 'shocking' just doesn't cut it anymore...
  9. So, I’m about to dip into this but a couple questions... are the extras cool in each set? how is the quality of the vinyl? I still think it’s too good to pass up
  10. I bought the bell witch longing LP and am stoked about it but after years of collecting have no idea why someone would want a test press of an album
  11. This album pretty much defined me in 2005. Had no idea this was being re-issued so thanks for posting. I have an original tricolor from back in the day but it’s basically worn out from playing so much. Ordering this with the quickness and hoping that this band gets back together and releases that second album.
  12. Hey - does anyone know if that new ORB record is still available?
  13. Am I missing something or is it 200 clams for 5lps...and a slipmat? Seems outrageous unless there’s some weird currency exchange thing happening.
  14. Really liking this album! One thing that I keep coming back to.. the cover art that Mark McCoy did for this is similar to the Full of Hell ‘Trumpeting Ecstasy’ LP. The dude is talented it just seems like a bit of a recycled idea so that kind of bugs me.