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  1. Hahaha that's hilarious but also makes sense - great record! People seem to hold onto that record TIGHT because they are not on discogs or available anywhere. I have had a hell of a time locating a copy and finally found one on eBay from Canada and ordered it straight away! I wonder if there will ever be a repress... RIP Gared
  2. Hey this is semi related but does anyone have a copy of UP IN THEM GUTS they want to sell? Let me know thx
  3. yo I'm not trying to be any kind of way here and I rarely post but wanted to share. I have recently heard the Loser LP in full... all I can say is everyone is in for a treat that is well worth 17 years of waiting. The record is Gospel at their most aggressive, discordant and captivating. The label talk of it being a 'masterpiece' is 100% on point. All 8 songs are barnburners and rest assured: they are all Gospel through and through. I love this band and am so thrilled that they are still doing their own thing with reckless abandon or care for our expectations. I am truly blown away and excited for you to hear it too.
  4. What’s up people? Who here is going to the show tomorrow for Alina? I would absolutely love to but live far, far away and can’t attend. If you go, and have the option, pick up some extra merch and I will pay handsomely for it! Still so amazed they have a new LP next month. 🤯
  5. Honestly some of the nicest pressed, highest-quality packaging and bomb-proof shipping around. I ordered the last set of Blood Incantation records and then some Agolloch LPs and have been mightily impressed. You'll pay out the nose but the quality is there to back it up.
  6. Is that confirmed? I thought Vinny said Magic Volume was going to be released separately ... if not and it's on the album that's incredible
  7. I’m so pumped! Pretty sure they are announcing the new LP details this week based on their Instagram. Any ideas which label it will be on? It says [redacted]!
  8. Gotta say, personally I’m not going to buy eco vinyl at all anymore - sounds terrible I think. Great album but the eco pressing is rough.
  9. hey everyone what time does Justin usually put this stuff up? I've been refreshing all day to try and get one of those sick Jesu s/t boxes but no dice thx.
  10. The deluxe version in my opinion is 100% worth it! I really like this album - I mean the music itself is great if you like bh but the packaging for the gold deluxe is killer for 50 dollars. You get a big 'box set' style box with a couple big posters, a huge 'lyric' book with some cool pics and the records themselves are that nice soupy gold that actually looks good... and clear. It feels like a substantial total package fitting a solid album in my perspective and while you can get the normal 2xlp for 30 shipped - this deluxe is special. Everything feels like it was done with care from the gold foil stamping to the holographic inners its just a really nice package. I've seen records like this go for way more but at the end of the day it will appeal to you if you want the extras and are cool shelling out $20 extra dollars. Just my opinion but it feels like they put effort into it and I think the price is fair.
  11. Listened to my copy last night - couple thoughts: 1. The 500: Waking Life: Color in Color - Tangerine + Light Blue LP is one of the prettiest LPs I own 2. This album is way better than I gave it credit for 15 years ago!
  12. Nice! Which podcast is it? Would love to check it out.

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