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  1. Listened to my copy last night - couple thoughts: 1. The 500: Waking Life: Color in Color - Tangerine + Light Blue LP is one of the prettiest LPs I own 2. This album is way better than I gave it credit for 15 years ago!
  2. Nice! Which podcast is it? Would love to check it out.
  3. Personally, I love it. I think if you're surprised that this leans into prog this much then you may want to peep Tango and Dark Matter if you haven't heard those. I'm pretty sure they are just demos but they were always headed in that prog direction after The Moon is a Dead World. To be fair, even that whole LP had some serious prog leanings, too. But for me, I think the gospel 'sound' is still there after 16 years. Strange and screamy vocals, synth odysseys, 12 string guitar licks, Vinny's unfucking real drumming and this weird mood that underscores the whole thing. This has been my most anticipated release in forever and the fact that it is happening is blowing my mind. I was thinking while walking around the block today that no one sounds like this band at all - it's such an amazing combo and after hearing the first tune I'm 100% confident that this LP (2xLP?) is going to be a barnburner.
  4. Limited information but I’m personally so pumped that I wanted to make this thread. For now, no information or anything just a new killer Gospel tune called SRO from an upcoming 11 song LP called “The Loser”. Love this band and if this tune is any indication they still have the magic 15 years later. Will update more as it is learned!
  5. Great question! Around the time this came out my friend worked at Doghouse who was like tight with Vagrant people. He gave me a cdr of the demos like in the early 2000s but I can’t find it. They’ve gotta be on the internet somewhere I’ll see if I can track down! They are just really great, like unpolished versions of the tunes. I personally always loved this LP and I actually attribute it to being a little sloppy and part of that is Skibas vocals.
  6. truly asinine thing to say… his vocals on this record are perfect and sort of tormented and go well with the music. You should hear the demos, they are even better.
  7. Yeah I mean OCHL to my ears feels …awkward… like they weren’t entirely ready to jump into the non-screaming stuff but wanted to write the really pretty tunes. So you have like super pretty (parts of) songs with George screaming over them. It always felt forced to me and detracts from enjoying the LP. Certainly not bad but it feels “transitional” compared to the powerhouse of New Bermuda tunes. That LP, while messy and and scattered feels more authentic to me. I think the new LP will be great because they are ALL IN on the new sound. OCHL felt like they were half in - so I’m stoked about the new tunes 👍
  8. Unpopular opinion: I detest those wraparound covers and I'm glad my copy didn't come with one haha
  9. Is this remastered? My og copy is one of the most fuzzy sounding LPs that I have.
  10. This has probably been asked a million times sorry but whats the difference between the deluxe and standard. Is it literally just the tip on and mastering? Packaging aside from that the same?
  11. Is anyone else stuck in limbo in Gardena, CA? My box that has been sitting there ‘Awaiting Shipment! since 04/20 with zero movement. Is this a normal thing for USPS? Has anyone heard of potential issues with this release? Anyone else experiencing this or have more info? Obviously, the box that is pretty expensive and curiosity is at an all-time high for what is going on...
  12. Great tunes, it took me a couple of spins but I’m definitely now breaking through the monochromatic fog and hearing this proper. I think I’m going to like it more than Too Many Voices, less than Luxury and Faith or the eps but still going to get in the mood for this type of his sound a lot. Killer record that is a grower!
  13. Hmm I just checked out with the color in color after like 10 tries... imo best variant. Seems the site is having tech issues but keep trying as it appears they are still in stock.

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