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  1. Crazy how much love this is getting. Great for the band. Great addition to Profound Lore. I remember when Magic Bullet was trying hard to sell their Christmas LP back in the day. Snagged an orb variant thinking it would be be there for a bit. As soon as I checked out it was sold out so I’m lucky to have gotten one!
  2. Well I'll be... after the initial shock wore off from hearing the new sound I found out that this is a tight little album. I wanted to hate it because it's a different type of sound for Green Day. But I can't because its actually pretty solid and is actually somewhat more gritty than their last few records. This may or may not be a helpful anecdote but in my opinion this is way way better than the blink182 right turn last year. That Nine record was way too glossy and pop this new Green Day one really feels like they just wanted to make some rock and roll. It's sort of like that and sort of rockabilly or whatever but the tunes are pretty solid and don't overstay their welcome. Kinda bummed I missed the pinwheel.
  3. Really hoping that Deluxe version of Closer to Grey comes out on 4XLP or... They release a 1x version of the LP. 4 sides for a 45 minute album is my biggest pet peeve in record collecting. Would much rather a single LP for a normal length album...but maybe I’m the minority?
  4. Definitely makes sense. I ended up biting when it was 'Sold Out' but I'm impatient I guess so I wanted to nab one when they came back in stock. The new hour of music is fantastic and I have been listening to the download quite a bit - it is really good. It sounds like the quality of this release for $80 is better than the Deviations 4LP so that's good. Now that I put the money down I'm just excited about getting the Bird Box box set in the mail. Anticipating a shipping notice sooner than later!
  5. Got it today! Guess the notification went to my junk folder. I’m listening to it now - little noisy but A side / B side sound pretty clear and quiet to me so far. The glossy gatefold and thick marbled purple vinyl are very well done. It is definitely not the quietest LP that I own and they prob could have sold it for way less - but I am glad to have finally received this! No complaints so far here but sucks that other people are experiencing issues with the release.
  6. What’s the quality on that Bird Box? I ordered it but seems way overpriced for what you get. I mean, you know not the overall value for the music but the actual presentation and extras you get in the box for 80 clams. What do you think so far?
  7. The smoke version I received is...smoky. More Grey with black smokiness. It’s a great mix that really compliments the art. No way it would get mistaken for black.
  8. Did anybody order the 2019 repress Of this LP and not receive it? I just logged onto the DC site and it said ‘complete’ but I haven’t gotten the record or any type of shipping notice. ive tried to contact them but no response - anyone else experience this with DC? Expensive ass record and looking for any help since I have never ordered from them directly before. thx.
  9. Bout time someone made a Muslimgauze thread - thx. So crazy this guy died in 1999 and they are still finding stuff to release. I need a copy of Uzi Mahmood But I think that’s probably the most common. What’s your favorite stuff by him?
  10. Just want to bump to say this may be my aoty - I’ve never heard DIIV before... think I tried to listen to Oshin and didn’t dig it at all. I ordered 2 copies of the deluxe because I seriously feel I’m going to wear one out. But, it’s incredibly catchy and may honestly outdo the MBV type of guitar that Shields perfected back in the day. I love being absolutely surprised and this one did that to me and I basically haven’t stopped listening to it since it dropped.
  11. Heya can you link to Bullmoose purple? I could not find it on their site. Cheers.
  12. I like this. I like the sax solo. I will order this based on these two songs. Fight me. But I do wish the LP was orange.
  13. Awesome, thanks for the context. It’s just odd not to hear anything at all when most companies ship so fast and are very communicative. I’ll be patient and see if it ships soon. 🤘