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  1. thetrackt

    Unwound Discography Repress

    So, I’m about to dip into this but a couple questions... are the extras cool in each set? how is the quality of the vinyl? I still think it’s too good to pass up
  2. thetrackt

    Flenser Releases

    I bought the bell witch longing LP and am stoked about it but after years of collecting have no idea why someone would want a test press of an album
  3. This album pretty much defined me in 2005. Had no idea this was being re-issued so thanks for posting. I have an original tricolor from back in the day but it’s basically worn out from playing so much. Ordering this with the quickness and hoping that this band gets back together and releases that second album.
  4. Hey - does anyone know if that new ORB record is still available?
  5. Am I missing something or is it 200 clams for 5lps...and a slipmat? Seems outrageous unless there’s some weird currency exchange thing happening.
  6. Really liking this album! One thing that I keep coming back to.. the cover art that Mark McCoy did for this is similar to the Full of Hell ‘Trumpeting Ecstasy’ LP. The dude is talented it just seems like a bit of a recycled idea so that kind of bugs me.
  7. Great tunes. 3 for 3 so far. Hoping the other 10 are just as good. The Matt / Dan dual vox thing is great. Lets go!
  8. The samples of this record on iTunes sound MASSIVE - incredibly bizarre and exciting stuff. It also seems like Lex’s most confident vocals ever. I think he’s now totally comfortable doing the Yow thing and not caring that (some) people care.
  9. Canada Songs is their weakest. Maybe it’s the recording but give me the 7”, Hell Songs or this. This new stuff is really turning me on.
  10. thetrackt

    Oh Sees- Smote Reverser- Aug 17

    Happily have the retail yellow from Bullmoose for like 22 shipped. Totally fine with this but the other variants look good!
  11. So where’s the Jesus lizard influence? Curious if this is like a marketing thing or that’s what this band is about. Song is good I just don’t hear it!
  12. All sold out on USA store except the black! Nabbed a red one. Damn, excited about this LP - this is the best lead single from them in years. Hope the album follows suit.
  13. Have they always had the dude with the electronics? I like this way more than pig destroyer I’ve heard in the past for some reason. By that I mean it’s listenable and not just full throttle intensity. Im likely the minority but who knows and who cares,
  14. Could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that variant is sold out at the EU site homie. I was looking to check the stock and it looked like the page was removed today. check again, maybe it was an intermittent thing but I wanted to chime in and give you the heads up since you were talking about jumping in on the group buy...