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  1. The Distance To Here -First 2000 on Orange, thereafter on Black. Secret Samadhi -First 2000 on Sliver, thereafter on Black.
  2. turntable never notified me so if anyone comes across Jason Isbell, can you give me a heads up. please.
  3. I have the Mofi Test Pressing of Love Is Hell. One of my favorites!
  4. looking for these two: 1984 (yellow) gimme something good (gold)
  5. Was hoping someone had one a little cheaper than that.
  6. Does anyone have an extra 1984 on yellow wax they're willing to get rid of?
  7. From amazon. But now they're out of stock.
  8. Burn in the night is on blue wax too.
  9. Cardinology must be a new cut as well. It's on black vinyl.
  10. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Anyone have a Cooking vinyl copy of Heartbreaker that they wanna get rid of?
  12. added some more... Have Mercy The Earth Pushed Back Black Vinyl Taking Back Sunday We Play Songs Blue Vinyl RSD Taking Back Sunday Self Titled Vinyl Sealed