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  1. So our story begins with yours truly finding a pink variant of Jimmy Eat World's Stay On My Side Tonight on eBay going for dirt cheap ($15). I was the only bidder and got a steal. The record shipped and I had it held at the post office for pickup. I went today to pick it up, and you can imagine my confusion when they brought out a 14x14x12 box from the back that looked like it had been to hell and back. My first thought was that they must've grabbed the wrong package from the back. NOPE. As I looked at the label addressed to me, my stomach started to sink. I took the package to my car and opened it expecting to find the record smashed into pieces. I opened the box to find the record, wrapped in a thin piece of bubble wrap, then wrapped in a Walmart bag...in a massive box, just bouncing around in there with all that empty space. Oh boy. After unwrapping the record, I was SHOCKED that the sleeve only has minor damage and the media itself was perfectly in tact and looks like it has never been played. I truly lucked out. Even though I avoided the worst case scenario, I definitely learned a lesson today about making sure sellers know how to package properly. I wish everyone packaged as well as sellers on VC do!
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for the following records as I attempt to rebuild my collection. I'm also listing the variants that I'm looking for on some of them as I'm a sucker for colored vinyl. It would be awesome if I could buy in multiples as to save on shipping, but either way, let me know what you'd take if you have the following: Jack's Mannequin / Andrew McMahon / AMITW Glass Passenger (Original or Repress) People And Things The Pop Underground 10" Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness (Blue) Zombies on Broadway (Red) Upside Down Flowers (Blue or Yellow) Brand New Deja Entendu Bright Eyes Four Winds Childish Gambino Because The Internet City And Colour Bring Me Your Love (Any colored variant) Covers PT. 3 (Clear or Orange) The Hurry And The Harm (Any colored variant) Head North Scrapbook Minds Jimmy Eat World Chase This Light (Blue) Clarity (Clear SRC) Futures (Blue SRC) Surviving (White) Kevin Devine Brother's Blood (Clear w/ Red and Black Splatter) Manchester Orchestra A Black Mile (Clear w/smoke) I'm Like A Virgin Mean Everything to Nothing Motion City Soundtrack Commit This To Memory (Pink) Soundtracks Scott Pilgrim vs The World (Red) Once The Muppet Movie Garden State Thanks!
  3. Are the Brand New records (besides science fiction) colored or black?
  4. Heads up, Dog Problems at the Mayan appears to have only 10 left and the encore has 30 some if the cart availability is true
  5. Now taking offers on everything below. Willing to make better deals for multiple records! Shipping will be a flat $5 no matter how many you would like. Also willing to negotiate a good price if someone wants everything. Thanks! A Day to Remember – Homesick All Get Out – Movement EP – Blue /200 All Get Out – The Season - Red-Green-Silver Stripes - /100 Andrew Mcmahon – The Pop Underground EP 10” Brand New – Daisy – Black Brand New – Daisy – Green - /2000 *Sealed* City and Colour – Little Hell 2xLP City and Colour – Sometimes 2xLP City and Colour – The Hurry and the Harm 2xLP Devinyl Splits No. 6: Jesse Lacey x Kevin Devine 7”- /2000 Head North – Bloodlines EP - Purple / Pink / Yellow Jim Adkins solo 3x 7” set – Red/Grey/Yellow - /1500 Jimmy Eat World – Clarity 2xLP – Clear Jimmy Eat World – Damage Jimmy Eat World – Invented Jimmy Eat World – Static Prevails 2xLP – Lavender Jimmy Eat World – Stay on My Side Tonight EP – Opaque Pink - /1000 Kevin Devine – Put Your Ghost To Rest – Orange/Green/White Tri-Color & Green, White, and Black Splatter - /400 *Sealed* Kevin Devine – She Can See Me 7” – Night (Dark Blue) - /600 *Sealed* Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band – Matter of Time – Orange w/ Black and Silver Splatter & Blue w/ White Splatter - /500 *Sealed* Manchester Orchestra – Hope Once OST Reuben’s Accomplice – I Blame The Scenery Reuben’s Accomplice – Sons of Men – White Rueben’s Accomplice – The Bull, The Balloon, and The Family 2xLP – Gold - /100
  6. Hey all, I have both of my Something Corporate records up for auction with 1 day left! North - First pressing of 750 on Pale Yellow Leaving Through The Window - 2xLP /500 on Light Blue Marble http://www.ebay.com/itm/332329678824 Thanks!