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  1. I've got a few rare things up for auction! Things have been a little rough lately for my family in the era of covid, so I'm having to sell of some stuff to pay for health insurance later this month. Kevin Devine - Brother Blood Test Press City and Colour - Little Hell - Dine Alone Exclusive - Green /100 Yellowcard - Paper Walls The Spill Canvas - Scraps / No Really, I'm Fine Something Corporate - North - Sky Blue /500 Augustana - Can't Love, Can't Hurt Jimmy Eat World - Back From The Dead Motherfucker - Wooden Blue Records Compilation (First Release) Thanks guys!
  2. Must be a bit of a coincidence that this post was resurrected, because I just put my copy of Kevin Devine's Brother's Blood up on eBay if anyone is interested. The covid era has been rough for my family so I've been forced to let go a decent amount of my vinyl, including this to pay for our health insurance later this month. Here's the link for anyone interested! Thanks guys!
  3. I'm confused if those Ramona ones are actually available or maybe they're just a UK thing?
  4. Woah weird, so there was 3 different colored "ramona flowers" pressings of just the standard soundtrack and they took those down and said they aren't available. Only the $150 picture disc set and the score by itself
  5. Out now for pre-order: https://abkco.lnk.to/scottpilgrim And ouch. They have non-picture disc versions but they don't come with the unreleased stuff. That stuff only comes in the $150 picture disc set.
  6. Available now on his web store Standard vinyl : https://shop.kidcudi.com/products/man-on-the-moon-iii-the-chosen-vinyl Picture disc: https://shop.kidcudi.com/products/man-on-the-moon-iii-the-chosen-picture-disc 😬
  7. Also just ordered from HHV. I'll keep my amazon order open just in case. With as fast as these are going, I'm sure I'll make money on the second if it does come through.
  8. I'm gonna be pissed if my amazon order ends up being black even though I order the clear. I ordered on amazon the first day it went up.
  9. I just bought the second variant. I think I have a problem.
  10. The funny thing is, if this was more like $30 I probably would've bought both variants and spent $60 vs $40 for one, but $80 before shipping is way too much. I'm still kinda shocked this was $40, but if there's any band that deserves my money, it's them.
  11. Just saw this too. The fan in me is happy, but the collector in me is kinda bummed that it's not going to just be the 1000
  12. I've been praying for New Found Glory's Coming Home for years.
  13. Yeah, that's a good point. 10 fans getting them for 50 is probably better than 20 fans having to all pay 200+
  14. I only own a few tests (also got this Lydia one, haha), but it seems like more of them go up for auction or charity auction or something. This is definitely the major downside to selling them for so low. It's good in theory that everyone could afford it, but you're basically opening the floodgates for flippers because the profit is so high. I'm happy I got the ones I wanted, but I'd be pretty bummed if I was a big fan of a band, missed out and my only option was to pay 5x what they were sold for. At least when the label is auctioning them or something, you know they're pretty much going to fans because the auction is basically setting the price for what they're worth. There's not much profit to be made from there right away.
  15. Funny thing is that cheapest one is priced pretty low compared to the cheapest non-TP copy available being $200. But yeah, pretty insane. So counting the one on Ebay, there's 4 out of 27 already up for sale?

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