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  1. WTB: Boxcar Racer repress

    bumping this
  2. WTB: Boxcar Racer repress

    sure, check is in the mail
  3. WTB: Boxcar Racer repress

    Just got home and didn't even have a chance as it was already sold out. Anyone have an extra?
  4. Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    dammit, just missed this. Is there a chance that more will be added? Or, at least a black vinyl?
  5. I've always wondered who foots the bill with this kind of eff up? I assume the label since they approved the test press?
  6. Looking for a new copy. $35 dlvd
  7. Waxwork Records Thread

    That is what I had thought. Doesn't Waxwork usually wait until they have these in hand? I guess this was a pretty high run as well, so maybe that has something to do with the delay.
  8. Waxwork Records Thread

    Anyone know when these will start shipping?
  9. Release date for CD: July 24th, 10" may be delayed. PO for Bishop's newest - Everything in Vein. 10" with different variants and combo packs from Dead Truth Recordings. http://deadtruthrecordings.bigcartel.com/ A few tracks from the album... http://www.theprp.com/2015/05/28/news/xbishopx-become-bihop-detail-new-album-and-premiere-new-songs/
  10. Should probably make a new thread for the JP vinyl :/
  11. sweet jesus that artist lineup