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  1. bumping this
  2. sure, check is in the mail
  3. Just got home and didn't even have a chance as it was already sold out. Anyone have an extra?
  4. dammit, just missed this. Is there a chance that more will be added? Or, at least a black vinyl?
  5. I've always wondered who foots the bill with this kind of eff up? I assume the label since they approved the test press?
  6. Looking for a new copy. $35 dlvd
  7. That is what I had thought. Doesn't Waxwork usually wait until they have these in hand? I guess this was a pretty high run as well, so maybe that has something to do with the delay.
  8. Anyone know when these will start shipping?
  9. Release date for CD: July 24th, 10" may be delayed. PO for Bishop's newest - Everything in Vein. 10" with different variants and combo packs from Dead Truth Recordings. A few tracks from the album...
  10. Should probably make a new thread for the JP vinyl :/