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  1. They put them up in waves for whatever reason. I snagged one yesterday when it said there were 3 left and then saw they put up more later that afternoon
  2. Might just end up using Bullmoose points on this one
  3. Lol KRM is garbage. I ordered two Wage Mage, one for myself and one as a birthday gift for a friend. I received two tri-colors splatters. My replacement came today, opened it up and instead of two Wax Mage replacements it's another tri-color splatter. Just one.
  4. Didn't know they were gonna cram 13 songs on a single LP. Yikes
  5. I have a previous press but would love to buy the 7" off of someone
  6. I got an email telling me it had been delayed until April 26 but nothing since
  7. So long story short, when the bundles for the Patreon Slingshot To Heaven reissues went up for sale I grabbed the first one I could and checked out. Only afterwards I realize it was the "super deluxe bundle" with a handwritten lyrics sheet. I have no need for it and sent a couple of messages to cancel and got no response. It just showed up the other day (along with the standard bundle) so I thought I'd offer it up to a more devoted Margot fan than I. Just hoping to make back what I paid (and won't even make you pay shipping!) $100 gets you: Slingshot to Heaven (now sold out Patreon pink/clear swirl variant) Tumbleweed Love - The Slingshot to Heaven demo recordings (sold out Patreon purple/clear swirl) Handwritten lyric sheet for "I can't sleep my eyes are flat" Both LPs are still sealed..just opened the box so I'd know what lyrics sheet I got Thanks!
  8. Pre-orders are up too. $31.88 for the vinyl before shipping...
  9. Mind keeping an eye out for Tweedy and Alice Clark for me?
  10. Throwing my hat in for the 7" (cuz I'm impatient). Will throw you a little extra for your troubles