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  1. I'm pretty excited for this. His Lamentations EP was really good.
  2. It's actually available to the general public now. https://app.vinylmeplease.com/products/store-exclusives/the-war-on-drugs-slave-ambient-a-deeper-understanding-bundle
  3. It's like 3,000 copies at random. I've only ever got one and that was Dent May last month.
  4. I missed this thread the first go around so I'm just catching up with it now. I knew it was going to be good. It did not disappoint.
  5. Why is B&N cancelling orders?
  6. That Flipbin on top of that speaker is making me nervous.
  7. Are you sure that's not just front and back? The hanger is facing the opposite way.
  8. I'm actually more worried because changing speeds on my Orbit is a bit of a pain lol. Most of the time if I'm playing 45 RPM and I forget to move the belt back and it sits to long it's very hard to get back on 33 unless it sits for a couple minutes.
  9. Still waiting for my VMP copy to come. Just curious, is the new album 45 RPM like the past ones have been?
  10. Just so you know, you can buy the new War on Drugs without a membership. But the bundle is a pretty good savings.
  11. They announced the first 2. Next month is Common "Electric Circus"
  12. Go to your accounts page and it will show under Subscriptions. You just have to act like you're joining it and it will put youboj the waiting list.
  13. If they used it on announcement day I'd email them. Sometimes referrals get messed up on announcement day. I find if they don't show up the same day they aren't go to show up.
  14. I'm pretty sure that was only Demon Days due to the high demand and short supply.
  15. There's no way to check anymore but I'm sure it's still a lot.
  16. I'd probably say the same about my clear and white copy. The pressing isn't great either. That's actually why I asked if the previous review was for the black or clear version.
  17. Just curious, is your review of the Limited Edition clear version? Or the retail black?
  18. I've noticed a lot of US sites calling the indie exclusive coke bottle clear and a lot of UK sites calling their indie exclusive "clear". The picture Banquet posted on their Twitter definitely looks just clear. So maybe the US exclusive is Coke Bottle and the UK exclusive is clear.
  19. While I was waiting for Sound of Vinyl to get back to me on my deffective copy (4 days later), I decided to give it another try. I noticed that it actually wasn't the scratch making the popping but there was a piece of black debris on it. I decided to try and scratch it off since I figured my copy was defective anyway. I got it off, gave the record another cleaning and now it plays fine. Good thing because SOV finally got back to me today and I'd have to send it back first (at my expense).
  20. They have an office in Wisconsin.
  21. Yes. Or you can let it sit in your account until your subscription charges.
  22. I actually don't even see the box anymore to enter a promo code at check out. And yes, $6 is their normal shipping rate for non-members.
  23. They don't HAVE to. The add-on is voluntary and they are paying an extra subscription but getting an extra album every month. Not sure what sucks about that?