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  1. Interesting to see the three 2019 singles included on the album, to be honest.
  2. Nabbed the three band exclusives when they first went live this morning. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out. Gotta say, I feel like the blue smoke/cloud/galaxy variants might end up looking fairly similar.
  3. Website has been updated with a countdown: https://spiritbox.com/pages/eternal?fbclid=IwAR1Z6Eg50UitK0f39qtoTfBVO3GV8rh8d-Y3r33flbBaJqq6_c4T1kHmY04 Album pre-orders incoming?
  4. Safe to assume that we'll also get represses for the middle era Dashboard Confessional records too. They were big releases for the label, and it would make so much sense to press them after Chris repressed all the early material over the last 12 months.
  5. 1) Super interested to see what the Thrice box set contains given that Vagrant only released a few of those records and SRC did that huge run of represses for Artist and Vheissu a few years ago. 2) Excited at the prospect of Life Is Not A Waiting Room and The Fire by Senses Fail getting well overdue represses. I remember Buddy tweeting something about The Fire getting remixed last year.
  6. Would be great to see them repress WAAT and ACBTLD. Had that Hot Topic WAAT and it was so god awful.
  7. That was my line of thinking too. Given it took 15 months for the first run to be produced, I have no doubt that he got a heap more made and held onto them until the right moment arose.
  8. Anyone else appalled that 7 years after the first run, this mass produced second pressing still isn't at all practical for playing? I can't say I'm surprised though. Beck loooooooves to get cashed up from his fanbase only to piss them off to no end.
  9. Umm, they pressed like 6500 copies of As Daylight Dies? I would also say that End Of Heartache was more successful/popular than both of the aforementioned records. I feel you on the flipper thing though, but at least the silver pressing is going to be readily available and they'll do a run similar to the size of their ADD run. They did a really epic job on that pressing, so I'm just glad they're making a great product for classic records.
  10. After how well put together their 'As Daylight Dies' pressing was, I have no doubt that this will be epic. I have the EU Cargo pressings of 'ADD' and 'EOH'. They're fine, but certainly didn't have anywhere near the TLC these pressings have had.
  11. Interesting that you had your hopes up in the first place. I doubt there's any chance Capone would be coming back to the band after what went down.

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