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  1. I am also sticking to this hypothesis so I don't drop $750 to get one of the boxes to Australia.....
  2. Agreed. I can see it being much like the Alexisonfire box set. They sell the complete set including b-sides/rarities etc which is what makes is so special, then do regular pressings of the albums themselves after the fact.
  3. Looks like there's around 500 left. 5000 units at $479 is almost 2.4 mil, just quietly...
  4. $750AUD shipped is just way too much and I just can't justify it. Have to believe they'll do individual releases given the demand and how quickly the box is already moving.
  5. Going up at 2am Melbourne time and I can almost guarantee it's going to be a battle to get. Urgh....
  6. The album was tracked at the beginning of last year. Has been completed for quite some time. Hyped for this.
  7. Looking back at the image for the first pressing announce. 'Be the first to own 1 of the 120 vinyl colour combinations before it's available to the public' I guarantee that Beck has been sitting on all of these since they were produced in 2013/2014 and has been biding his time for the right moment to unleash them and cause some chaos haha.
  8. While this was an absolute shit show as expected, I have to say that I'm impressed once again at Beck's "I don't give the slightest fuck how much this pisses you off because I know you're all going to lap it up anyway" approach hahahaha. Time and time again he manages to completely fuck with his incredibly zealous fanbase and they all clamour for the goods. Wasn't going to bother with this one until I saw that it actually comes in an actual cover this time as opposed to a frame for the first press. Snagged one of the Revolver copies.
  9. As someone who is fortunate enough to own one of the original pressings of this, I have to say that I'm bummed to see them doing this kind of press again. I love this EP so much but the pressing isn't practical at all so it just sits as an ornament amongst my collection. I would kill for a 180g solid colour release of this EP so I could actually enjoy spinning it on my turntable.
  10. Glad I got the Cyan/White Galaxy before it sold out. New song is raaaaaaad.
  11. Do you think it's likely that a repress of 'Lights And Sounds' and 'Paper Walls' could be on the cards after this?
  12. Album is called 'New Age Filth' and the single is 'Domino', which absolutely rips.
  13. Song is unsurprisingly epic. Glad this project is coming back to life.

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