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  1. Gotta say, I'm really overjoyed with the album and the variants I picked up.
  2. Oh damn, now that's cool. Love those acoustic versions a lot.
  3. Had to snap that Third Eye Blind with the OG artwork.
  4. Almost as good as that Backbite Records pressing of 'You Come Before You' with a typo in the album title itself.
  5. Man, those Hot Topic presses were so fucked haha
  6. Oooooo, maybe we'll see a What It Is To Burn repress.
  7. S/T with the OG artwork at that price is rad. Wonder if there will be an indie exclusive colour for it.
  8. Lower Definition - The Greatest Of All Lost Arts He Is Legend - Suck Out The Poison Finch - S/T EP
  9. Green and Red both sold out. Surely on the strength of this they'll do a coloured Heavy Fruit run?
  10. Tragic Hero just threw these up out of nowhere. Long out of press and their best work in my opinion. Get em' while you can: https://www.merchbucket.com/collections/he-is-legend
  11. Nabbed the Deathwish and Newbury Exclusives. Song is rad and the mix is enormous. Hyped.
  12. Wonder when the Vagrant direct variants will go up as they're always much cheaper than the Newbury exclusives. Either way, stoked this is finally getting a press!!
  13. So, 5 singled sided LP's with all of the b-sides etched? The video makes it seem very impressive. Would be down if the retail pressing is reasonable. Would be even more down if the back catalogue got the same kind of treatment, as well as some sick coloured pressings (10,000 Days on clear with black and red splatter anyone?)
  14. Pre-orders for the new Meshuggah are up now. As usual, a wide variety of variants available: https://visionmerch.com/atomicfire/meshuggah/ Orange Opaque Red Transparent Black Transparent White/Orange/Black Splatter White Black

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