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  1. So funny in retrospect that it was deemed a failure. Same thing happened when Poison The Well released You Come Before You on Atlantic. It's an incredible record and sold really well compared to the previous two.........yet Atlantic deemed it a failure and dropped them.
  2. Listening to their catalogue from front to back is such an epic and interesting musical journey. Jupiter and Antenna are truly brilliant.
  3. It's certainly a weird one. Can't have ETID without Keith's vocals or Andy/Jordan's writing style really. Those three are the only ones who've been around the whole time and in due course, that'll be one of the key reasons for their longevity. Given how messy this all is, I can't help but think that whatever new venture they decide to do is going to be starting with a huge uphill battle against ETID's legacy.
  4. I mean, you're probably more likely now. Career spanning box set?
  5. Band is over and I'm fucking heartbroken. https://www.instagram.com/p/CY2a5O5p8qY/?fbclid=IwAR2Z7HqG_-Md3luuWOWJX5UvH72dNCsv6W2Te8rgdhIVIbhdxGi2B41uEmQ
  6. Interesting to see so many people not like the last album. It felt like a love letter to the first three records for me and I have continuously returned to it and loved it.
  7. Title, tracklist and release date for the new Coheed has started appearing. Countdown is also live on https://www.coheedandcambria.com/ Tracklist The Embers of Fire Beautiful Losers Comatose Shoulders A Disappearing Act Love Murder One Blood The Liars Club Bad Man Our Love Ladders of Supremecy Rise, Naianasha (Cut the Cord) A Window of the Waking Mind
  8. I waited 16 months for the first pressing of Coloring Book by Glassjaw, so anything less than that will be fine haha.
  9. $26.95USD posted for both B&C represses. Don't really mind a bit of a wait at that price.
  10. In their defence, it has been pressed a number of times and the black retail variant was available for so long. I remember seeing it around constantly for $20-25.
  11. They literally refer to the Alchemy repress as a box set in the product listing. As I said above, Vagrant only has the rights to a fraction of Thrice's discography and they've repressed 75% of those in this run..........so what would could this additional box set actually be?
  12. No, this is definitely the box set they've been teasing for months. Vagrant only has the publishing for Alchemy, Beggars, Major/Minor and TBEITBN. With three of those four already repressed in this run of Vagrant releases, why would they do a box set that only includes a part of the discography.
  13. Yeah look, this is starting to get annoying. Had they rolled out the STD and TBEITBN last week, I would have got them bundled with Beggars and FATA.

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