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  1. I would say that's just talk to get the festival presses moved. Paying for the license to press HIL/The Chariot for the first time and NJ the first time out of the box set only to release them exclusively for a single festival is just dumb business.
  2. If these are pre-orders expecting to ship in January, then I absolutely have to assume that Solid State has other variants slated for production that will be available online and shipping around the same time. As someone who lives in Australia and ranks 'I Am Hollywood' in their all time top 5 albums, I have to make sure I somehow get my hands on a copy.
  3. Gotta say, they did a damn good job on this release. Gatefold, die cut cover, booklet with lush artwork and pressings that match the artwork perfectly.
  4. Honestly, now that Omar has the publishing back for these..........I feel like we're going to see different presses every 6 months hahaha. (This coming from someone who bought the box set and the VMP Deloused)
  5. As much as I would loooooooove these, $290AUD is just too much for me right now. Have to wonder what kind of permissions they got to press these. 500 units is tiny, knowing the demand for these. While I know it say no represses, that could be referring to the box set and a more open run will follow?
  6. Would love to finally see Curses and A New Hope by Vanna get the vinyl treatment.
  7. I honestly think He Is Legend have a fairly flawless discography. I remember the hate for SOTP, but even though it was a departure from IAH, I still loved it when it dropped. It Hates You remains my favourite. I'm just desperate to finally have the full discography on vinyl.
  8. I would bad bad things to have 'I Am Hollywood' and 'Suck Out The Poison' on vinyl
  9. I got Burn My Eyes, Demanufacture and As Daylight Dies. The card stock is really solid and print quality is stellar. All three pressings sound really rich. After getting my hands on these and seeing the quality, I will happily throw down for any ROG stuff in future without hesitation.
  10. Oh my, I'd love to get my hands on Armistice without dropping $300+. ROG has been doing a great job on these pressings. Having picked up a number of them over the last 6 months, I'm so impressed by the TLC they've put into them.
  11. Grabbed one of the Jane Doe and No Heroes prints from Bannon's site. Figured I'd kick myself if I didn't.
  12. My #1 Converge record, so I had to snatch the splatter. Admittedly, I thought they'd do a bit more given it's such a big anniversary.
  13. Couple of new variants up on their store. Blue/Green Galaxy: https://spiritbox.com/collections/vinyl/products/sptbeb00ge-lp Half Blue/Cream: https://spiritbox.com/collections/vinyl/products/sptbeb00hh-lp

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