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  1. Oh man, I have waited so long for this. Tempted by the signed, but not for double the price. Happy to simply have a copy in the collection.
  2. Grabbed the Creature Club variant. Despite knowing it was coming, the hiatus officially getting announced has certainly bummed me out.
  3. Pretty chuffed with this recent mail day from last week. I live in Australia, so a lot of these have been sitting in my US forwarding address for a while.
  4. Bummed to miss this given they went up at 3am Melbourne time. Surely Paul knows there's a huge want for the catalogue on vinyl, right? Would love to see the first three LP's get repressed or even a box set.
  5. Anyone else noticed that Hassle has a 'Found in the Flood' repress up yet it's not available from Vagrant yet?
  6. I'm confused about people saying the new track is a b-side from 'WATR' though, because it doesn't sound like that at all to me.
  7. Sorry to burst your bubble here, but Resist just defaults to 'coming soon' if an item is out of stock. This is an old listing for the 2014 pressing.
  8. Grabbed the pinwheel from RFC and the Newbury splatter. Liked the idea of the deluxe, but a little too pricey.
  9. Have the SRC pressing of this, which is excellent.....but I have no problem with adding more copies of this classic to my collection haha