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  1. The best advice I can give is to head to HotUKDeals.com and check out the listing's there. People will post up when pre-orders open in places, but like last year it's selling pretty fast. You can set up alerts on there (or via the app) or even just keep a tab open on the Gaming category for new items and just refresh it every so often. I managed to grab one for a friend from the Nintendo UK Store as birthday present today from doing all three! Lol As for retropie, I agree it's cheaper and more expandable, and I actually had a Pi zero and a Pi 3 before my NES mini, but I think I just prefer the simplicity of the NES mini. I've had to reinstall retropie a handful of times if something is buggy and it can be a long process with a lot of roms involved. I like it for PS1 games, but for a quick game of Zelda, Castlevania or Metroid etc, I definitely prefer the NES mini.
  2. Managed to spin AMOLAD, and a bit of RIR, both sounded good dude. Think you'll be pleased with them!
  3. Good point! They're going up now in places though. I just grabbed one on Amazon UK. Good luck!
  4. Boom! http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-06-26-nintendo-confirms-snes-mini Prepare your wallets
  5. My copies turned up today. Everything looks great, really pleased to finally own these! Just spinning DOD now, and it sounds brilliant. Very clear, exactly what I expected given how the Black Friday BNW sounded. Will report back on the others when I get a chance to spin them tomorrow!
  6. I will definitely be picking that up! Love me a bit of classic Sonic. I think the key to remember with this release is if they do it well, that may convince Sega to allow other Sonic releases. I mean I would immediately buy a sonic 1, 2, 3, and Knuckles box set.
  7. I have been listening to this album almost non-stop since it released. The whole thing is just incredible, and I genuinely believe that it could be my favourite album this year...
  8. Just got my dispatch confirmation for DOD, AMOLAD and RIR (already have BNW as well). Should be arriving tomorrow!
  9. Thought I'd pop this in here in case people missed it. Probably grab a copy via Banquet Records if I can, save on import costs.
  10. Damn, saw Porcupine Tree and for a second thought it was finally gonna be a Deadwing repress. I would offer to grab these for you Sasan but I won't be near a HMV this weekend unfortunately.
  11. Urgh, terrible! Hopefully they're saving the best for a late reveal...
  12. 3.0 incoming! $50 just for Metroid to the UK, plus import taxes etc, too rich for my blood!
  13. Thanks, I actually spotted that earlier in the day, but I told myself I might wait and listen when I get my copy. I caved. I'm weak. The album is great even on first listen. Will give it another listen at work tomorrow for sure.
  14. Got my dispatch confirmation. Looking forward to this, the tracks I've heard have been great!
  15. True! Although I just checked the list from last year and they're not there. Maybe I'm thinking of something else: http://www.hmv.com/music/hmv-vinyl-week-full-line-up-of-exclusive-titles-revealed