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  1. It was packed really well. The Maiden box itself has a sturdy cardboard box within it holding everything in place and then the whole thing is placed in a custom cardboard box, which is then in an Amazon box. I was quite impressed with how well it was packed to be honest.
  2. My Amazon UK ones are all Parlophone, as is my copy of Book of Souls, not sure what Amazon US has but I'd assume Sanctuary. My Black Friday copy of Brave New World is Sanctuary (as it was a USA only release I believe).
  3. My box arrived today, along with X Factor and Virtual XI. Haven't had a chance to listen to them as I had to head out after unboxing everything. Will listen tomorrow! The box is absolutely huge....
  4. Managed to bag five tickets to the Royal Albert Hall show in March! Great seats as well, really looking forward to it!
  5. Got my copy today, just spinning it now. Sounds nice and clear, not muddy or anything. Nice gatefold with a bit of history behind the album on the insert. Very pleased with it overall.
  6. £25 for the album to get to me, and £8.55 for shipping (tracked and signed) to you PM me if you want me to grab you one Sasan.
  7. Thank you! You're my hero! Cheaper than Amazon and an exclusive colour.
  8. Go for it man. If you want any advice then feel free to drop me a message and I'll try and help where I can.
  9. For what it's worth, my cat required major surgery for the second time in 12 months (he has a spinal issue), there was a shortfall on the insurance because we reached the limit and me and my wife stumped up the rest. Some of that was funded by me selling some things I didn't want to, as well as modding gameboy advances (I know, nerdy) and selling them for a profit. Sometimes you just gotta do what's right at the time! Now no more thread locking please
  10. I managed to see PT during The Incident tour (which is when I first started listening to them) and was immediately blown away! I also didn't get to see SW's solo work live until about 2015, but I've seen him a handful of times since and every single time he's been amazing. Just wish there wasn't a 3 month wait for the album, and 10 months for a gig!
  11. Yeah I think I'll do the same and grab it from Amazon, I'm not fussed about the deluxe version, as nice as they always are! New song is brilliant, will definitely try and grab tickets for the London show this week.
  12. New track Pariah is also up on Spotify, Groove Music, Google Play etc and it's amazing! Deluxe, vinyl, cd, and bluray copies are now up for pre order here: https://stevenwilson.lnk.to/ToTheBone/officialartiststore