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  1. Does the lack of gain mean you have to introduce distortion with you amplifier though? Just wondering.
  2. I use minidisc rh1 myself . Tt to md. Mdto pc
  3. You earth it by touching a radiator
  4. trott3r

    Sennheiser momentum headphones

    I have been using the over ear momentums myself and have enjoyed using them but they have a little bass bloom. Just bought some nad visio hp50 for £150 and they are superior closed back cans and no bass bloom
  5. Does the schiit have the ability to reduce volume? I need it to be less than line level as line level is too loud for me. I have not come across any headphone amps that do this.
  6. The 122 had a good review in hifi world in the uk last month. Looking at it myself
  7. Always a difficult one this. Whether you benefit or not depends on where you live. In a city there will be few problems with the power but if you are near heavy industry the electricity will be "dirty" I have a UPS for my PC but i dont plug my hifi into it since it doesnt produce pure square? waves which electricity from the mains is. Fine for the PC brownouts but not so great on cleaning up the supply.
  8. I use senneheiser momentums over ear large cans now in the winter uk. Also jvc flats for smaller cans. Both closed back Sennheiser IEMs around £35 but the wire is a bit microphonic Phonaks pfe112 £150 Opposite problem here with small ear canals.
  9. Do you have any dealers near you that specialise in technics upgrades? In the UK there are a few that advertise in hifi magazines so check the magazines in your locale.
  10. I would record the vinyl in what ever format audacity supports then convert later. Personally i use a high end minidisc recorder 555es 24bit depth but lossy ATRAC. Then transfer the minidisc to the computer in WAV format. I use foobar player for converting WAV into FLAC but it does all formats.
  11. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Tripp-Lite-SUPER6OMNID-Suppressor-Universal/dp/B00063E98U/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1414274517&sr=8-1&keywords=Trip-Lite+Isobar+power+strip Am i missing something or is this just a standard surge protection power strip?
  12. Thanks read the thread now
  13. Inner sleeves. If the cover sleeves protect the outer sleeve
  14. Interesting do you have a link for any posts that it can be used for stylus cleaning? Browsing through amazon uk reviews but have not seen it mentioned yet.