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  1. $27 shipped from WashedOut.net for the Loser edition $20.80 shipped from Subpop for the Loser edition. LP is clear, not white.
  2. FYI, Mare Vitalis is being reissued soon by the same European company that did End Of Ring Wars. Granted most of y'all probably own an OG version or that recent Graveface reissue.
  3. Avoid the indie pink version. Lots of complaints on it being loaded with distortion. Poor pressing.
  4. Preorder for this is up on Amazon. Price is $51.99 (ha ha). And the release date is July 10th. I'll be ordering from the band/label.
  5. Nothing says eco friendly better than pressing 15,000 copies of your entire catalog that's all already available and in print.
  6. You probably have the 180g black version of the album. I believe that is what retail shops were getting in. I'd open it up and check.
  7. Do you work with the band or know them? Curious where you get your inside information. Regardless, thanks for the update!
  8. Mp3s from the RTJ website sound super compressed, especially track 3. Album is gonna take a while to digest.
  9. Totally agree with you. New Others 1 and 2 pressings were surprisingly pretty decent based on my,copies.
  10. The single is kind of boring. Probably gonna hold off on this one,with so many variants floating around, it won't be hard to find a nice copy for cheap.
  11. Just recieved my copy. Here's a brief review. Very thin paper jacket. Simple insert with cover art. LP in standard paper sleeve. My record is without scratches or sleeve scuffs and is completely flat. A miracle it's not warped, as it seems every record I buy has some degree of edge warp. I think the LP sounded pretty good. No surface noise. Played clean. It's a bare bones re-release, but I'm happy to own a copy.
  12. Yeah. I caved for the lime/pink. $52 shipped is a fucking rip off though! Luckily I just sold an album on Discogs, so this SE album isn't as harsh on the ole pocketbook.
  13. Poly lined inner sleeve, or standard? Don't want them sleeve scuffs.