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  1. For Trade: Whirr - Feels Like You - purple vinyl Includes insert. Jacket is near mint. LP has some very small nicks on one or two tracks (arrived this way). Leads to some pops. Otherwise in excellent condition. I'm looking for: Sun Kil Moon - Tiny Cities Flying Lotus - 1983 White Zombie - Astrocreep 2000 (colored MOV pressing) Balm Alcab - Sea Birds Gatekeeper - Giza
  2. How does that MBV bootleg sound?
  3. If you have Sun Kil Moon's Tiny Cities in NM condition, I'll trade you for a copy of The Fountain in NM condition.
  4. Welcome to modern vinyl pressings. It's a total crapshoot. 50% of the time they're pressed well, and the other 50% of the time they're either warped, pressed off-center, scuffed up, or scratched. Nature of the beast, unfortunately.
  5. Never heard of graywhale. Looks like their website is identical to that of Bullmoose. Any connection between these shops?
  6. I moved 600 records from Montana to Missouri. Uhaul small boxes fit LPs perfectly. Buy about a dozen.
  7. You put records in a box. You put that box in a truck. Truck drives to new house. You open box of records in new home.
  8. Yeah, that dub album wasn't dub enough for me. Basically just threw a little reverb and echo on one of the tracks, primarily the guitar, and called it dub. The best track, no surprise, was the remix by The Scientist.
  9. Gonna be pressed on black vinyl in the upcoming months. If you're cool with that.
  10. Plaidroom still has the Claypool. $35ish dollars. Goes live online tomorrow at 8 am EST
  11. Bellman was on vacation. His assistant cut the album from his notes. Still sounds great, and I agree, Pallas is a mighty fine pressing plant.