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  1. Merchbar changed the listing details back to the regular Beck pressing. The old bait and switch move.
  2. My original notes said a 10/22 release date. So I was expecting it to ship last week or around this time. The Dec 25 date is what I saw on my locals website which links up to their distributor. It'd be coming through the Canadian distributor, as mentioned above.
  3. Did the vinyl release get delayed until Dec 25th? That's what is showing on my local record store's website.
  4. Curious why they haven't posted a pic of the BSBD Wax Mage. Maybe hasn't been pressed yet.
  5. I believe they intend to keep all the Tone Poets and Classics in print, more or less, butpressing plants are so backed up right now that represses are slowly trickling in. Some of the early BN Classics titles are being restocked at a variety of vendors, e.g., Lee Morgan's Sidewinder.
  6. I talked to Plaidroom. They are not doing a pre-order for this. They did say they ordered hundreds of copies of this title. It'll drop the night of November 4, when they release their "new releases" email. Also, likely to be Limit 1 Per Customer. My guess is they'll charge $55 for it, and it'll ship for free. Seems like their prices are always a few dollars less than every other shop.
  7. Received my copy of LLO from Burnt Toast today. It's a 10 out of 10. I own the Big School Records gold pressing as well, and this new version far surpasses that in overall quality and attention to detail. It's a heavy weight trifold jacket with reflective printing. Tons of glossy photos. All LPs are clean and come in Gotta Groove MoFi-style rice paper inner sleeves. Also includes printed paper sleeves with additional artwork. A small insert with more photos and information. Recording notes, etc. The LPs are a little different from the mockups. I ordered the amber with black swirl but it ended up being more of a multicolor swirl. Doesn't really matter that much, just worth mentioning. Still looks greatm. I have only listened to Side A thus far. Plays clean. I think everyone here will be really pleased with this reissue.
  8. I think the LB reissue was pushed back to July 2 release date,
  9. When do you have to cancel by? Or can you cancel immediately?
  10. Mono vs. Stereo is an apples and oranges comparison, but I'm glad you're happy with both versions. I have the UHQR and it's a wonderful pressing. Also have the 2013 mono reissue and that too is incredible. But jazz in general I think sounds better in mono.
  11. Both of these new Phish live jams are up on Amazon for $23 now,
  12. Thanks for the education! Of my all my reviews on discogs, how many are about surface noise? Seems like you just looked up my profile and read my recent review for Phoebe Bridgers Punisher, an album known to have issues.
  13. FFS, that's not the issue. A capful of 99% iso in a basin of distilled water hasn't hurt anything in the 15 years I've been buying records. But apparently that's the issue here with this release, right? It's a shitty pressing from MPO, across all variants. See the poor reviews pile up online.
  14. 2nd copy of Mondo version arrived. Wet cleaned with water and isopropyl. Surface noise throughout album. Single channel distortion and farts during numerous songs. This 2nd copy is even more warped than my first copy. Such a bummer. Ill wash it a few more times and hope for the best.

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