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  1. My copy has a bunch of weird crud pressed into it. Little yellow flakes and other debri that form these little pimples/bumps on the vinyl. And it has two nasty edge warps. It plays, but it's a shit pressing. Wondering what plant,it came out of. Also, yeah no padding or cardboard inserts in the mailer. Just the record. I lucked out with only minor creases, but there wasn't a lot of care put into packing these up.
  2. My Whirr records arrived. Haven't spun them yet, but they look very warped unfortunately.
  3. My first pressing sounds like muddy garbage and is moderately warped. Bought the redux hoping for an improvement but,not terribly confident after these posts.
  4. I have now received 3 tracking numbers for my Whirr order. 2 are actively moving. I ordered the bundle. Is the bundle shipping all together in a single mailer?
  5. Needle Juice is also pressing all but one live show on 2xLPs. One side on Brussels will be over 26 minutes long, and one side on Paris comes in at over 27 minutes. Only way to achieve those numbers is with compression.
  6. Just received my 1st pressing copy of the Chromatics Faded Now. It was supposed to be on white/red splatter, but I received a heavyweight clear record. Which is weird. Maybe a plant error. Shows as sold out online and no mention of a repress. It does sound incredible though!
  7. $100-$125. The MOFI is great and all, I own it, and did have the Supervinyl clear MoFI pressing as well, but the bass is a tad bloated on it. And my copies were a bit noisy at times. I think the AP UHQR will probably sound the best. Ha ha. Yeah, I have 5 copies right now. I really like the MOV 2xLP pressing. Even though it's not straight AAA, it's 24b-96k, it does sound wonderful.
  8. I bought the bundle and then a 2nd distressor copy. Says the bundle shipped, but no mention of the individual Distressor album.
  9. Acoustics Sounds is doing their UHQV version of Kind of Blue in 2021, I've read.
  10. As did I. But only includes part of my order? Which is weird.
  11. I got one from Rough Trade US earlier today. All sold out now.
  12. Says invite is expired. I'm new to the app, how do I join?

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