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  1. I feel very fortunate to have been able to see ASC when they were touring LLO and earlier material. Never forget hearing Steps and Numbers live in Madison WI along the lake on a summer night. Outdoor shows are zee best.
  2. Indie Only Gold Vinyl up at Bullmoose https://www.bullmoose.com/p/30509441/russian-circles-blood-year-gold-vinyl-indie-only-color-vinyl
  3. Yeah, it's called the Pay It Forward Thread. I'll admit, it's pretty awesome. I've nabbed so many good albums from that thread: Sleep - The Scientist Flying Lotus Gorillaz Demon Days Bunch of Jazz, Monk, Miles The National Boxer, etc. I've probably grabbed 25 LPs from that thread. People are very generous over there. I've also given away 25 or 30 LPs that I had duplicates of or didn't listen to anymore. Works out for everyone. One big vinyl record trading session.
  4. It probably has to do more with the musical tastes of the forum members then the members themselves. For me, VC is more punk, pop punk, emo, hardcore, indie, and other subgenres of rock. The SH forums are a good resource, but most topics relate to older artists, class rock, jazz, blues, etc. VMP was sort of the middle ground. Conversations about a little of each genre. Granted, I do visit all three forums to find information. This whole vinyl forum "clique" attitude is a bit ridiculous. I also much preferred the VMP forum's user interface. It was so simple to upload photos, which served to enhance a lot of conversations and threads. Whereas, VC requires you to use a third party website (e.g., Photobucket) then hyperlink to that within the forum to get a photo up. Not sure if that has since changed, but it was/is annoying and outdated
  5. Mac's novelty has worn off for me. All these slow songs are just so boring. He isn't an amazing songwriter, singer, or even a very talented instrumentalist. It'd be one thing if he could write some intricate layered guitar parts, or at least a technical piano/keyboard section, but it's all so remedial and he just makes it weird by pitch shifting the tape he records on. I dont know. I own all of his other material and am not eager to buy this latest release.
  6. I'm interested in a copy of Alkaline Trio - Self titled, Maybe I'll Catch Fire, and The Lawrence Arms Ghost Stories. I have no preference for variants, prefer a Near Mint colored vinyl copy. Also interested in Tuesday Freewheelin, if you have it. I'm not looking to spend a lot. What price can you offer on these titles?
  7. Dont use picture disc sleeves at all. Those thick plastic sleeves off-gas and will create a visible haze on the vinyl which will lead to surface noise. It happened to my copy of Fairlight by Com Truise. Put the picture disc in a normal poly lined paper sleeve and be done with it.
  8. Perfect rose mockup. Now will they actually look like that in hand?
  9. Being repressed on May 31st. Can preorder on Amazon for $42. Price may drop before then with the preorder price guarantee. Billy Breathes (180 Gram Vinyl) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QFWQPLJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_lopYCbRTARQG2
  10. I'm still waiting. No shipping notice, no nothing.
  11. I've heard the mono mix is pretty lousy. Guitars way out front on one track, and vocals buried. Separate tracks aren't normalized and one is louder than the next. Haven't heard it, but from what I've read, the stereo version is likely better,
  12. I've got the light blue pressing and it's probably pushing 200 grams.