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  1. Garth is gonna clog up the pressing plants with these box sets worse than RSD. Ha ah aha ha.
  2. Aside from the warps, I get tons of seam splits from VMP. They won't ship with the LPs outside the jackets.
  3. I'd be surprised if VMP is still in business in a few years. They probably have some razor thin margins.
  4. They mentioned on Instagram there will be different variants for UK sales as well. May save you some money on shipping.
  5. Is it just me, or is the novelty of Mac's music/personality sort of wearing off? The new track is dull.
  6. Received the black vinyl version today. Exquisite pressing. Chris Bellman in the deadwax. Scooped it up off Amazon for $42. Really pleased.
  7. 1. Buy new belt online using the turntable model number. 2. Buy sewing machine gear oil and lube up the motor bearing. 3. Buy new cartridge. 4. Go to Vinyl Engine, sign up, download service manual and owners manual for that turntable, if available. Follow the instructions on changing the belt and lubing the table. 5. Download some protractors from Vinyl Engine to align your new cartridge. 6. Balance tonearm, set anti skate. 7. Align cartridge.
  8. Would you mind spinning the LPs and let me know if they are warped at all? I've read quite a few comments about poor QC on this release. Edge warps, untrimmed edges, etc. Thanks!
  9. I suppose. Seems pretentious to me. Attention grabs.
  10. I'm relatively new to Instagram, but all these people that pose with their goddamn records, and lay them all out by color palette , and dress up and recreate the cover art, and the women with the duck face holding a Springsteen album, all this staged bullshit just makes me kind of nauseous. Gotta get them likes!
  11. Yeah, I just recieved that VMP Miles/Coltrane Live 2xLP from Paris. Seam splits all up and down the jacket. Bent corner. And 1 inch gash across side B track 1. Not pleased that I rejoined. Pretty much all the LPs I get from them have seam splits. The copy of The Books I have has like a 3 or 4 inch split across the top. It annoys me.