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  1. Any updates on the Tron Mondo release? I'm seeing two preorders on Amazon for $70 each for Tron and Tron Reconfigured on vinyl. Both listed as Disney Intl. releases, not Mondo. Those prices are ridiculous. Wondering what Mondo is doing.
  2. While I mostly agree with you, i'd say there are pressing plants that consistently produce higher quality records than others. There may be a bad press here or there, but nowhere near what URP, from my experience, presses, which is usually crap. I have received warped or noisy records from RTI, QRP, and Pallas, but that is far less often than URP, rainbo, Memphis, or GZ. And while I'm sure these plants can produce some fine pressings, they basically lack consistentancy and that's while MoFi, AP, Speakers Corners, and all those audiophile labels don't use them. I'd also say, the amount of records I receive that are warped, or partially warped (i.e., edge warps) has drastically increased over the last decade. Maybe I'm just unlucky, but from comments on vinyl forums, discogs, etc. I don't believe I'm alone.
  3. What's the point of fooling all of us about a potential new release from Whirr? I don't get it.
  4. Jist checked discogs and it's listed as coke bottle clear with teal. Slightly different from what's advertised, but I'm just happy to get a copy of this record. Yes, I'm in Missouri. Edit: Side B has a pretty serious dish warp. Side D also has an edge warp. Can't seem to get a flat record these days.
  5. Just received my copy of End of Ring Wars from Germany. It's the coke,bottle clear pressing. Turned out more like clear with light blue wisps or smoke, whatever you want to call it. Pressing looks really clean. They also sealed the records outside of the jacket when shipping, wrapped it in bubble wrap and used a,beefy mailer. Really nice job packaging it,for international customers.
  6. $27 shipped from WashedOut.net for the Loser edition $20.80 shipped from Subpop for the Loser edition. LP is clear, not white.
  7. FYI, Mare Vitalis is being reissued soon by the same European company that did End Of Ring Wars. Granted most of y'all probably own an OG version or that recent Graveface reissue.
  8. Avoid the indie pink version. Lots of complaints on it being loaded with distortion. Poor pressing.
  9. Preorder for this is up on Amazon. Price is $51.99 (ha ha). And the release date is July 10th. I'll be ordering from the band/label.
  10. Nothing says eco friendly better than pressing 15,000 copies of your entire catalog that's all already available and in print.
  11. You probably have the 180g black version of the album. I believe that is what retail shops were getting in. I'd open it up and check.
  12. Do you work with the band or know them? Curious where you get your inside information. Regardless, thanks for the update!
  13. Mp3s from the RTJ website sound super compressed, especially track 3. Album is gonna take a while to digest.