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  1. zdkaiser

    Primus Reissues

    Woah! The shipping for the bundle is $49.99.
  2. The mix sounds kind of muddy/veiled on my copy. No prominent surface noise that I can tell though.
  3. VMP stands for Vinyl Me, Please. It is a monthly vinyl subscription service. You can sign up on their website: www.vinylmeplease.com.
  4. You can get the gold edition on Amazon US for about $14 right now. Good deal for a 2xLP.
  5. My $19.99 copy from Amazon will be delivered tomorrow. It’ll show up for you.
  6. My 5 LP reissue bundle just arrived safely in Missouri tonight. Check your mail!
  7. Might be THIS!, but it still doesnt sound very good
  8. Looking to expand my horizons in this genre. Any recommendations?
  9. zdkaiser

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    I hope so
  10. I'm interested. Can only do $1700 though.
  11. And the last track basically sounds like The Album Leaf.
  12. Received my clear copy. Only listened through side A thus far. The vinyl pressing is refreshingly pretty good. Probably my best sounding TWDY album to date. It's not pressed off-center, not warped, and has minimal surface noise. Music so far is kind of "meh." It will probably grow on me with a few more listens. I don't find the drums to be muddy, as another person mentioned, they do sound a bit higher up in the mix though.
  13. My clear copy shows up tomorrow. I'll let you all know if it sounds decent. I don't have high hopes.