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  1. I moved 600 records from Montana to Missouri. Uhaul small boxes fit LPs perfectly. Buy about a dozen.
  2. You put records in a box. You put that box in a truck. Truck drives to new house. You open box of records in new home.
  3. Yeah, that dub album wasn't dub enough for me. Basically just threw a little reverb and echo on one of the tracks, primarily the guitar, and called it dub. The best track, no surprise, was the remix by The Scientist.
  4. Gonna be pressed on black vinyl in the upcoming months. If you're cool with that.
  5. Plaidroom still has the Claypool. $35ish dollars. Goes live online tomorrow at 8 am EST
  6. Bellman was on vacation. His assistant cut the album from his notes. Still sounds great, and I agree, Pallas is a mighty fine pressing plant.
  7. Can you elaborate more about Grimes involvement with Purity Ring?
  8. Agreed. It's muddy sounding, and many of the tracks sound very similar.
  9. Just a few replacement copies. @Just Us I may be able to get you a copy. Send me a PM in a week or so.
  10. Received my copy of the Whirr album today. Lots of scratches all over and surface noise. Emailed them on their website. Edit: Nick already responded. Gonna help me out.
  11. Amazon is selling the same album, says it is a colored record, and import.