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  1. zdkaiser

    Jazz Music & Records Thread

    I have the recent repress of Kind of Blue by MOFI. It's on the SRX vinyl and there is quite a bit of noise. Pops, crackles, minor distortion. I've cleaned it several times. Check the discogs reviews for this release (the boxset of KOB). Others complain about noise as well. SRX could be snake oil or KOB just had a bad repress.
  2. Yeah. Really nice pressing and mastering.
  3. So I signed up as a new vault member for Sleep. I paid via PayPal and there was no shipping address listed on my order. The invoice on TMR's site just says "virtual order." Any one run in to this before? I did add my shipping address to the address book though afterwards. I also canceled my vault subscription after I purchased the live Sleep set. I'm assuming the order will still go through, based on discussions here?
  4. Is it $60 with shipping in US? Or am I looking at another $10 to ship it?
  5. Black pressing is $40 on Amazon.
  6. I want this LP, but cannot order online in the US anymore. If I order from the UK it's $38 and I run the risk of it getting shredded during transit. Plus that's a hefty price tag for a single LP. Hmmm.
  7. Listened to my copy last night. It sounds great! Chris Bellman in the deadwax.
  8. zdkaiser

    Pinback - Blue Screen Life reissue

    Just listened to my S/T copy this morning. Love that clear.
  9. zdkaiser

    PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    Same, need help too. Send me a PM if willing.
  10. Broke down and bought the Bakers Dozen boxset. It's at its lowest price at Amazon for $74.99
  11. zdkaiser

    RSD 2019 Limited and First Releases

    Turn out would probably be much lower on 4/20.
  12. You need a new stylus (if replaceable). Otherwise you'll need a new cartridge.. My 2 year old did the same thing to my table. $300 later it's playing just fine.
  13. zdkaiser

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    Plaid Room Records has tons of leftovers. Goes live tomorrow at 8 am. They do any amazing job packing and shipping their LPs.
  14. zdkaiser

    Primus Reissues

    Primus reissues keep dropping in price on Amazon. Punchbowl went from $29.99 to 23.99 now. Animals EP dropped down to $16 and change.