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  1. Man that box has some of the best variant colors of any box. I don't need it but I want it.
  2. Damn looks like they're also pressing the EPs and live shows from the CD box later too. The nerd in me loves when every scrap of an era is accounted for. We need a Tramsmissions box next.
  3. Wait I don't know your real name but know you used to work for Topshelf... are you Robbie? 😂
  4. It's dropping for RSD BF https://recordstoreday.com/SpecialRelease/15583
  5. I only figured out it was you when I googled your username and "vinyl collective topshelf" just now. Either way I'm rated E for Everyone if I don't like something I see I speak up. I do it in real life too I am a Florida Man after all.
  6. Oh lord if you think "ignorant" is an insult no wonder this whole thing that has nothing to do with you is triggering. Holy shit 😂
  7. "unless I'm completely clapped in an argument and can't actually support my evil opinion of course."
  8. Dunno who you are and don't care. What you wrote is the same thing as someone standing behind a homeless person warning people not to give them money because they shouldn't have made such bad choices. Yeah you're probably right but you lack all traces of humanity.
  9. So I guess I should just cancel my second press order of Pono???
  10. The internet destroyed my ability to wait for things so although I bought everything in the bundle I made two separate orders and ate the extra shipping to get mine haha. Dessau is such a great pressing sound quality and presentation wise. I'd probably rebuy individual colored copies of the rest of the discography if Numero put them out even though I have the box set...
  11. Yes this is the perfect time to do that. Make sure to send a second email tomorrow too when they don't answer today for some unknown reason.
  12. Haha nah Numero don't have the best preorder info. Re: Bedhead - Beheaded variants being completely different on the email and order page.
  13. This record is mythical at this point. Thanks for posting the only proof it exists on the internet haha
  14. Fake Train wasn't a preorder has yours still not shown up? I believe it came out in July
  15. Weird I've had my Live Leaves for ages now (like maybe a month)
  16. Unfortunately no. It didn't even cross my mind that other people might want to browse other collections and not just stuff for sale haha.
  17. Discogs is a better collection manager than DF ever was tbh. People just can't figure out how to use it for whatever reason.
  18. Imagine wanting people to die instead of flip records if they needed money to save their life 😂 you could have picked literally any other thing to pay for to make this joke work.
  19. "In pharmacology, a drug is a chemical substance, typically of known structure, which, when administered to a living organism, produces a biological effect." Y'all need to lay off the drugs and exercise your gray matter. One day it may matter (((may matter)))
  20. Why? I've never had the post office inspect a package and if they do who is gonna then check the records themselves to make sure there's no drugs in them? 😅