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  1. Prob cuz it was first pressed 10 years ago. Lol jk I know what you mean, it's just a buzz word it seems for this.
  2. Y'all sound like you still raise your hand to speak. Just keep selling and lie duh.
  3. Y'all act like it's a fair price on purpose when their favorite number is 93. Just got lucky they didn't charge $1,993 for the gold and $193 for the white/black haha.
  4. I don't like it but the ratio isn't any different. $1-2 cost = $11 wholesale while $5+ = $22. What is off? Major labels are still overcharging on top of that but there have been several comments completely writing off increased manufacturing costs which imo is crazy. That's literally the root of the problem.
  5. Gotta remember pressing less copies is more expensive though. Paying the little guy $30 for an LP /100 or /200 is terrible for everyone but fair lol
  6. Question: why is everyone saying the cost to press a record hasn't gone up? That's complete bullshit it's increased at least 3x in the last 5-10 years. A 12" release on black vinyl used to cost about $1-2 per unit now it's up near $5.
  7. Please will one of you basement dwellers that agreed with her and also secretly lurk here tell her she's being laughed at. Might get you some female attention
  8. I'd agree or disagree but it seems I'm blocked for pointing out she has an accurate username. Got some screencaps tho for the people not on insta
  9. If it's that Mean Jeanine girl holy shit what a gross person. Probably let it ruin her entire week.
  10. You seem to have some sort of NPD going on. I suggest trying to be more self-aware, if you actually want to better yourself it's easier to recognize when you're doing it.
  11. That still makes no sense and isn't true. Which plants?
  12. There aren't any pressing plants that just have non-fill by default... that's kinda ridiculous to say. They'd be closed. Like Rainbo.
  13. Any reasoning there? Cuz Mondo prices are not better nor do their records sound better.
  14. Just be a girl. Since vinyl collectors are mostly loser simps you'll have followers by the thousands.
  15. I've had skipping problems on exactly 2 records from the thousands I've played the last 15 years. It's your turntable.
  16. I think this could actually be one of the most offensive vinyl releases ever. Making it vinyl only to sell out faster is also devious and something I've seen the band themselves pushing ("this is the way music is intended to first be listened to" lmfao) so they aren't completely off the hook. That's a crock of shit.
  17. I don't think anyone said they're terrible, but I have like 5 double LP releases in the same type of sleeve that were priced normally and not $65. This new pressing is also a downgrade at 33rpm instead of 45 like the original so there's not a high chance it'll sound better either. The Bon Iver anniversary release had this same type of embossing (but far more detailed) for half the price too. Shit this is the same price the nicest white on white embossed package ever designed (mwY untitled and imo of course :p) originally cost and that was a triple LP in a box plus a crazy detailed hardcover book. Whoever owns Triple Crown now looked at hip-hop vinyl to price this and poor Caspian are gonna take another L because of it. Sold like 30 copies today vs a few hundred yesterday and probably less tomorrow.
  18. I saw these 2 bands + Little Big League (Japanese Breakfast) with like 50 other people. 2013 was a great year.
  19. Yeah that actually looks like a downgrade on the gatefold packaging. I'll grab one of these for half off down the line.
  20. I forgot all about that. Such a bummer but expected. I feel like this is one of those bands that looks like they have more fans than they actually do, by a lo
  21. Man I just see two embossed jackets in a PVC sleeve. If they're in hand and really cool why are they not showing it anywhere? Like, that's more than even Frank Ocean decided to charge haha. I love the standard packaging though so I am inclined to believe this will be cool. But $65 cool?

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