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  1. I don’t have anything you’re looking for but I’d be willing to buy if you’re interested in selling. Trying to complete my IIOI collection. Let me know!
  2. Hey everyone, I have an extra ticket for Transit's final show in Boston this Tuesday 4/26. Show is at the Sinclair and doors are at 7:00. Should be a pretty cool show since it is the last night of their farewell tour. I paid around $20 for the ticket after fees so that's what I'm hoping to get for it. PM me if interested. The ticket is print-at-home so I can just transfer the ticket to your ticketmaster account once I receive the payment.
  3. 1. usually an excessive amount of Oreos. couldn't resist. 2. I had to go to an all guys high school so that sucked in itself. I never had any problems with a specific girl but it sucked because it was super difficult to even meet any girls at all.
  4. I have the turnover split on oxblood/mustard if you're interested in buying
  5. I have it on white if you wanna trade or make an offer
  6. haha thanks man! besides the remaining tests I need to get, the only variant I'm missing for IIOI is the friends press of 'a comp for mom' - I'm missing a few cassettes too but vinyl-wise, it's only two variants away from being complete
  7. Just as the title says, I'm looking for the coke bottle clear variant of the Pet Symmetry/Slingshot Dakota split that was just released by Soft Speak records. I'd rather just buy, but will be willing to trade certain things from my tradelist. PM me if willing to make a deal! https://www.deadformat.net/collection/kevinshishko
  8. damn I purposely avoided checking out sales to save money but just realized I missed out on the friends press of a comp for mom. if anyone picked up a copy and for some reason wants to let it go, I'm your guy.
  9. kind of like records still has the red variant for sale on their site. I just picked up a copy from them last month.
  10. Picked up an extra copy of each album at my local hot topic and figured someone here might be interested. $24 ppd for Dude Ranch $29 ppd for Greatest Hits $47 ppd if you want both i also have a copy of Buddha on black for $10 ppd
  11. bump. it's my birthday next tuesday so I'm willing to spend a stupid amount of money on this.
  12. also, mine didn't come with an insert. I'm not sure how the earlier press was.
  13. I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure the first black press had blue center labels with all white ink. the press I have has blue center labels with yellow and red ink. I'm pretty sure my copy is from the second press.
  14. the best show I've ever been to was into it. over it. in chicago last year for the record release of 'intersections'. me and my friends are from philly and did a 12 hour drive to see the show and hang out in chicago for the weekend. best iioi show I've ever seen and me and my friends did a shot with Evan from into it. over it. after the show ended which was cool. favorite record I own is the record release edition of 'intersections' I picked up from that show. hand screened cover limited to 75, personalized with my name on it and an awesome souvenir from the trip. also the album itself is flawless. the first record I bought was mobilize by anti-flag when I was around 12 years old. at that point I did buy it to hang on my wall but it was still the start of my collection. I bought a few records from then on but really got into building my collection about 3 years ago when I bought 'I'm wide awake, it's morning' by bright eyes. thanks for doing this giveaway!
  15. Not sure if anyone is actually interested in this. I just bought a splatter copy so I have no need for my black copy anymore. 15 bucks and it's all yours. PM if interested!
  16. I suck with computers. if someone gives me simple instructions how to upload the iioi songs I'll give it a shot. the first song is straight up punk with his vocals distorted. only 2 minutes long, can't really be compared to any other iioi songs. if anyone knows 'my first punk song' by box car racer that's what it reminds me of. the second song is slower with some reverb-ish effects over the guitar. very minimal drums and sounds really similar to a curse worth believing. so good. I posted a clip of that song on my instagram a few days ago. (vinyl_lionel)

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