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  1. Thanks guys! The last time Rob Zombie had his haunted house/show was a few years ago. I know he still has it, but I believe it's in a different state every year
  2. Figure some people here might get some use out of this. I created this calendar and map to list all the haunted houses/mazes/events that I could find for Los Angeles and Orange county. it's a work in progress and I'm adding new things as dates get announced. I did this last year for a few friends and since they all loved it, I decided to try and do it bigger. This was a rush, so please excuse the shitty wordpress themed site. I'm hoping next year I'll be able to do some custom coding and not use plugins for everything. Hopefully you guys find this helpful http://www.myhauntlife.com/los-angeles-haunt-calendar http://www.myhauntlife.com/los-angeles-haunt-map Cheers!
  3. This.....I lurk a lot while I'm at work and randomly saw it. I was excited that someone was talking about the book then realized it was my thread haha But to afireinside, yeah I'd be down to sell or trade. Just a heads up, I'm going on vacation tomorrow so I probably won't respond for a week or so. Shoot me a pm if you get a chance
  4. Holy crap....back from the dead. I actually still do have this
  5. Thank you for the info! It's a appreciated! I actually looked into legal help and they all said the city can basically do whatever they want and if they choose to fight it, it will end up costing the same or more in legal fees....so for now I just keep emailing them randomly and wait for a reply to show them that I'm working on it
  6. HA! After I change out my 20-something windows (fucking shit man) and I am sure that everything is good, that's when the fun will start haha Especially for Halloween
  7. No, I don't have HOA luckily. It's the City's itself code Enforcement. I get random shit from them like keeping my lawn mowed (grass wasn't long at all, but had a couple of weeds..literally...2 near the front) and things like that. I guess they picked our street to "look" at. My neighbor had to remove his privacy screen and bench swing from his porch.
  8. Just wanted to add my 2 cents again... I bought my house in 2009, everything was fine until...*(cue DUN DUN DUN)...a new code enforcement office started and cited me for my windows not being correct for the timeframe of the house. The previous owner made these changes without permits, but never disclosed that in any of the paperwork. I bought it in a short sale, as is, from the bank and it will basically end up costing the same amount to make the changes and to sue the city/owner/etc So my advice is, be careful and if there are ANY changes that were done, check to see if they need a permit. Actually, I would try to get the code officer for your city to come out and check everything out if possible. You don't want these surprises popping up
  9. The Promise - My True Love Test (please!)
  10. What carrier is it? Edit - just saw the tags. Derp
  11. Just got tickets to see Goblin followed by a Suspiria 35mm screening. So freaking excited right now. The first 2 shows sold out super quick so they added a 3rd. Anyone on here going to this?
  12. I know there are some ska fans on here that might be into these. I bought these from all the respective bands when they played and are all original. These are nearly 20 years ol, so keep that in mind. With that being said, they're still in pretty good shape. The white shirts are still pretty white, but do have a touch of yellowing that you can see. I'm not great with washing clothes, so if you have an expert near you, I'm sure you can get these back to white. (I don't want to mess with bleach in a random laudrymat) The Invaders - 2 sided, XL, Fruit of the Loom Skankin Pickle - 1 sided, Ringer, XL, Murina Hepcat - 2 sided, LG, Murina Planet Smashers - 1 sided, XL, American Classic Skavovee Tour 94 - 2 sided, XL, Hanes Heavyweight (has a couple small stains that I couldn't get out, but someone else might be able to) Make me some offers, or if you want more pictures, just let me know! Thanks!
  13. I ditched cable a few years ago and don't miss it one bit! It saves so much money. When you have free things like Hulu and Crackle and OTA tv, and stuff like Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu Plus, you're set. If you do "other" things, even better! Also, if you have a computer with hdmi out, that sweetens everything since you can watch stuff on your tv without upgrading your service (ie hulu to hulu plus)
  14. Thanks for the tip. I never even thought of Etsy. I always thought it was girls making pillows and scarves haha
  15. So lately I've been on an Oddities kick. It's that show that is like Pawn Stars but for weird shit like skulls/old medical oddities/taxidermy/etc. If you have any of this stuff lying around, I might be interested in it. I have lots to trade or money to buy if you don't dig anything on my list. What cha got?
  16. I think I have an extra Crimson (original press). Do you care which version you get (og vs reissue)?
  17. Dave - serious question, will this count towards labels that post here as well? There's been quite a few times over the years that I've preordered something, record was never made, never got money back blah blah blah. I haven't seen it happen recently, but just in case it does, I was wondering... Also, I love that plan
  18. I watched Room 237 last night, which is a documentary on the hidden things in the Shining. It was pretty interesting, but couldn't shake the "these people have way too much time on their hands and are definitely looking too hard at it" feeling. http://youtu.be/khPPlvMnaV0 - Trailer
  19. Agreed! Can't wait for the new record in a few weeks!
  20. I got this the other day. Super stoked. I got it for a steal on Amazon from a 3rd party seller
  21. Do you do it all yourself? I have some extra money to invest but haven't done enough research in the stocks. Not sure if you listen to Tom Leykis, but despite people's views on him and about women, he gives some solid financial advice on his money Monday show. I want to get into smoe investing, but not even sure where to start
  22. So how quick will this sell out?

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