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  1. eBay doesn't ban accounts because they sell too much. PERIOD. This is bullshit, make a new account. List 5 $100 items and I bet you are suspended. Before you list all 5 and if you do, you'll probably be suspended if one sells. I've been doing this a long time, I know exactly what I'm talking about. My established accounts don't get banned but they are useless to me with the last managed payments upgrade.ive been talking about new accounts "new"this whole time, not established ones. About your accounts, Well that explains more, I thought it was your actual account that was selling a million not a established company that you help manage the eBay for. Your personal account doesn't do much sales. I appreciate the honesty though. About the policy link, it may have been valid but the reality is by having people buy from me and help me out there is no way to link that it isn't a actual customer (because it was a actual customer) so no one can get banned. You were just trigger happy. And somehow thought this was a get rich quick scheme. I think our relationship to eBay is quite different. Mine makes me a shit load of extra money and you do it for a business that makes a shit load off it Thanks for clarifying and the honesty. Have good good rest of your night.
  2. However I also feel like if you did that much on eBay you would have willingly helped me, instead of publicly acting like I'm scamming people or banning people when there is no link between the accounts for eBay to even suspect...
  3. I respect the trader feedback, In Normal circumstance if you would have asked me a few questions in a dm I would have sent a link within a hour. Unfortunately your public responses have consequences and the trade reputation only validates that you can be trusted, but In my case I choose to not trust you based on your communication. You are obviously a whiny a liberal, your first responses were scared, banning, rules , calling something a get rich quick scheme even though if you read what I wrote there is no way to lose in the situation.etc trying to find a problem when there never was. Politically, Are you not a liberal? I technically made 120 last year and i quoted a lower amount cause I wasn't a 100 percent sure how much I made this year and didn't want to lie. I want to believe you sold a million but you and I both know we can't validate that unless you show proof and I doubt that's going to happen. But If that's the case and you do prove it , maybe I have something to learn from you . As for me 70k is a lot for where I live I don't live in stupid expensive states like ny or Cali My house and cars are paid for, it's a easy good life after 55k net where I'm at lol It's really hard to make a million plus on eBay and if you show a couple screen shots of proof I'll give a congrats 🎉
  4. 😂 Here is a trophy for least interesting and not relevant response 🏆
  5. Sorry it's a two way street, last thing I'd do is trust you to honestly leave me a positive feedback. You calling something a scheme when it's obviously not is what made this thread spiral downhill. Let's be honest do you whiny liberals really think you can talk this way to people and still expect me to send you a link. 🗡️ My trader feedback and length of time on this forums is reputation enough 💯
  6. Sorry I didn't know you knew how to run a business better than me. I'll keep enjoying my net 70+k year with my method and you keep selling your shit amounts with your one account. You are allowed to have more than 1 eBay account account and that's in ebay's policy so fk off on the shadyness labeling. Think bigger, I know you can do it. Escape the programming. Cause I've seen more spine in jellyfish I've seen more guts in 11-year-old kids
  7. I no longer need help, thanks I got a couple normal people now willing to help me out. Hope you all need a little help in 2023 and people criticize your process. When the person is literally paying you money to help also.. weirdos these days. 😂
  8. Stupid post is stupid. Your account is not relevant at all. I have two accounts and stuck with them. I'm talking about my extra accounts but you seem to jump to conclusions. Is there really something that shady with me paying money to people to get me a couple sales when I need them rather than wait for a stupid item to sell? I understand everyone is getting brainwashed these days but damn. I guess Andrew tate was right there really is a bunch of people stuck in the programming. As someone who grew up listening to tbs when they were cool 2005 I'd expect more lmao
  9. I don't think it's odd. I have two cousins I ask every now and then. I don't really like to ask things of my family, I prefer no one I know to think I need them or need help. It's worth it for me to pay a fellow vinyl collector a extra $5 bucks for such a basic thing. Plus everyone on here already has most likely bought on eBay before and knows how it works. I make things look easy, and dependant on no one. Only my two cousins somewhat know what I do in the e-commerce world. Damn, the criticism on this post is ridiculous, I did one like a year ago and quite a few dudes helped me out quickly. Maybe it's because I paid $10 during that time lol
  10. Your account is old/aged and has a strong selling history. Hope this helps. My situation is a lot different. I use different accounts to sell in diff categories. My two main accounts are aged and strong also. But areas with strong competition or for a quick money grab I don't want my main accounts doing it. I haven't had account get suspended in a long time but now I have to do it a little different bc of managed payments system, so my old accounts for these purposes are useless
  11. I don't mind helping, but unfortunately I don't fully understand your situation
  12. This thread isn't needed that much anymore already got a nice person willing to help for a transaction. I will need another person in a week so If anyone else does want to help and make a extra $5 let me know, just pm Please ignore the paranoid guy above me, it's 100% safe. eBay just sees you as a real customer 😂 (because you are actually buying and I'm sending a item)
  13. Yes if Yes if on a new account, if you sell a couple $100+ items it'll auto suspend. If it's two months old and you sell like 2-3kusd or multiple 100$+ items it'll auto suspend, some categories have tighter thresholds, after 3 months if you average 1k a monthly on the account and suddenly jump to 5k month it'll suspend you. They want you to gradual increase. My main selling accounts don't get suspended and are super strong But I have diff accounts for diff items.
  14. Also my previous acc suspensions arent from feedback lmfao, dumb ass umptions. It's because I try to sell too heavy sometimes and they suspend. Instead of appeal I recreate a new one, it's simple Jesus Christ when has anyone ever got banned for leaving feedback after a purchase, it's a part of the eBay system. I mainly just want the sale anyway the feedback just helps look better but the sale is what makes the new account strong. 3 people from this forums has helped me in the past they just aren't active on vc anymore. they aren't banned. grow up and start making some money💰and stop interfering with someone else from opportunities this makes me 60k-70k net from just eBay alone Congrats you just wasted 5 minutes when you could be learning to make money Also, buyer accounts rarely get banned unless you abuse returns. thanks for wasting my time
  15. Lmao, banned for what? You don't have to answer I don't actually care. I'm just offering $5 extra dollars for helping me out by buying a item I have for sale . I've always been nice on here and have great trading feedback. What I'm selling is also through a legit platform, with a money back guarantee. Why do so many whiny liberals want to crucify everyone, that's the real question.
  16. Since I had a NPC go after me in the thread with nonsense completely hijacking the whole purpose of the thread I decided to turn it into a comedy. enjoy the yt videos The matrix can't stop me with it's programmed slaves. I was basically giving away $5 for free as a rebate but that was too much for some to handle. Thread content : I'm looking for someone who would be willing to buy an item from me for $4, then I send you the $4 plus $5 for helping me. And then leave positive feedback after I send a thank you letter in the mail. eBay suspends my accounts from time to time and I have to make a new account. If anyone is willing to help me id greatly appreciate a pm, I'll also leave feedback also. Thank you and hope you all are having a fun holiday week
  17. I loved the fire... damn that lifeboats song... I wish they would re-record some of the fire songs though.. also loved renacer, and liey as albums.
  18. this band isn't that bad, they play on some metalcore hitlists I listen to. that song may not be their best but they are far from a terrible band. tbh the intro sounded like they are just trying to make a statement and was important to them to speak out which i think is the point to punk and metal.
  19. I remember those seafoam days. Life was different then.

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