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  1. I agree , I assume that much. I just hope pedophilia wasn't actually his thing their was millions 18yr olds back in the day that dreamed of this band as if they were NSYNC or something
  2. I understand that, that song seemed really strange to me then and now I was like wtf lol I got the devil on the shoulder parallel to the lyrics but it's one that give me weird vibes if I think about the statement he wrote and the article I read. Now I just gotta hope Vinny doesn't struggle with all the same issues lol heh
  3. I understood the empathy suggestion, in criminal justice I learned a lot about understanding people and motives. I personally find fault with Jesse breaking the laws and that is a issue. I also find fault for girls who willingly did it and regretted it. I knew that stuff was wrong when I was younger and at the age of 15. Wouldn't it be illegal for her to send nudes? I just don't side with all victims and I tend to play devil's advocate for fun. I don't think your understanding that things that you think are absolutely horrible is not un heard of in many other countries Not saying it's ok, it just would of been a lot more important if she said he raped or beat her. Also, no skeletons just clothes and old band shirts I should sell since I don't wear a lot of them lmao I'd be interested in what your thoughts and other board members thoughts are on the song "hand cuffs"
  4. I just consider my self educated. Their was a time where parents sold their daughters to a man for money, no I would not be ok with it at age 10. I just believe people create their own path and and if a girl wants to allow things then it's also her fault. It's not like he lived with these girls and they were trapped at his house. I'm not defending him, I'm defending the logic of these accusations. Also i don't have to picture it happening to my kids cause I'm not having any. I love my kids enough to not have them, I've accepted that this world is crap and is also quite meaningless. Putting the law aside sending the pics and stuff.. if a girl is doing that she's probably already looked at porn so being realistic it about it, why did she hit the send button? What made her? Most girls tell people they are 18 and really they aren't and apparently sick lead singers can break child laws Maybe at age 10 start teaching boys and girls values? Instead of the do anything you have to, to get what you want mentality..
  5. The age of consent varies by state in America from 16-18. MANY other countries it's 14. I just read a article from a long time ago, and she said he manipulated her to watch him masterbate through Skype. Sounds bad at first, but how the hell to you get manipulated to do that? She probably liked him, he probably quit liking her and now she's crying about it. I can speculate a lot more. I'mnot really into that whole metoo movement. If it's a issue go to the police immediately, stop doing these sex acts to get ahead. The way I see it, their wasn't crime that happened for over 3 years and now it matters? also I do hate the idea of what happened but calling it manipulated is really reaching. i think they were really reaching for something else cause it's probably what they thought they wanted. I wish sad bands and rock musicians were more professional and made better decisions but if they were they'd probably be in a Christian band hiding it better. Lmao side note: I don't condone the things that were done, Jesse sounds pretty fucked up tbh Sucks to see talent go to waste
  6. I still like brand new. It sounded like the girls were willing and the one I remember reading about could have stopped many times but indulged in it. Cancel culture creates issues. I know his letter sounded like to me he was admitting fault and trying to get help. I don't have much of a opinion on him. Maybe I need to learn more of the drama
  7. I'm about to buy one, but I've noticed they all have mixed reviews on Amazon. Anyone have one they know is good/reliable? I only need to convert 5 tapes
  8. I feel that. i always have a random thought of how sad itd be if all the records we collect become worthless one day..mainly when I see a box of very old records for full corner dings and music people have never heard of for yard sale thrift store prices.
  9. I was pretty excited when I first saw this, now that I've thought about it and how different i was when I jammed to this, and was a hypocrite Christian heh Best thing about leaving the faith is I'm not a brainwashed hypocrite anymore but to go to that specific time in my life is embarrassing so idk if I should buy it or not. That's the problem with the wrong kind of nostalgia As cities burn I love cause they question their faith and are very philisophical Hell or high water better get repressed lol. That shit is real.
  10. What’s up with all the bias lol this is pretty bad
  11. Yang is really trending right due to the MSNBC intentionally got giving him debate time and still leaving him off graphics. They are also doing this to Tulsi Gabbard Anyone have any thoughts This is pretty drastic to be unfair and this obvious about it
  12. It's really pretty, after a couple listened several songs really stuck. Having TJ the screamer back I wish it would of had a little more of him But it's good
  13. Ok cool, I was just curious im a medium. Mercari is a easy to sign up and sell app/website with a 10% fee and that's it , eBay is great too but they suspend you if you list too much stuff on a new account
  14. I sold this when I was careless in life, anyone willing to to let it go at a good price?
  15. Tour copy only 300 were pressed. https://ascitiesburn.store/products/sttw-red-vinyl-exclusive Hell yeah

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