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  1. Selling some records. Prices were taken from discogs and ebay and are not set in stone as some of these were difficult to price. Open to offers. The only trades I'm looking for are Kanye West - anything (seriously) Glassjaw - The coloring book EP (seriously) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/108NIpU9gRpsEVpqst-oZEBAlYSk3hm_IwblJ3U_9xe0/edit?usp=sharing if anyone has issues with the link please let me know THANKS!
  2. glad moderators were slow on deleting this post
  3. im surprised they havent announced a pressing yet. was hoping someone had the scoop
  4. Has anyone gotten an update on any pressings for this digital release coming out April 19th at Noon?
  5. hope this is legit. Seems odd that its sold by TTL through amazon... but TTL is sold out? either way, its worth the risk
  6. Looking to purchase this for a reasonable price
  7. Cant for the life of me find this for a fair price. Please help
  8. A few went for $150 in the last week or two which is what I was hoping for especially with the repress on its way.
  9. Yeahhhhh I'm watching definitely not biting on that pricetag