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  1. I didn't even own a TT when they released that but I still ordered and received #51 autographed. It's never leaving my collection
  2. Yea, looks like they updated the site to say pressing numbers of 250 each. That wasn't there when I ordered.
  3. I strongly suggest you to check out the 2nd album, Empty Black
  4. The guys literally found a box of the first pressing of Cult America. They only had 8 copies of the glow in the dark but some remaining of the splatter - https://greyhaven.bigcartel.com/product/cult-america-rwb-splatter-first-pressing
  5. It's like they are just randomly shipping one at a time..
  6. I almost wonder if some of those opinions is based of the person's age. As someone who saw them play in support of Adrenaline because I am old.. I can't imagine placing Gore in front.
  7. Sure wish I would get some kind of notification.
  8. Thank you. My fiancée and I were suppose to travel to NOLA for their show (and elope). But this whole COVID thing ruined those plans. EDIT: Found the US pre order - https://www.hellomerch.com/products/live-in-ghent-12-vinyl?_pos=2&_sid=fb0d7f85b&_ss=r
  9. It wouldn't let me message you for some reason. Feel free to message me about a deal for Music of a Grateful Heart 7" The Fiancée
  10. People have been canceling. So watch the site. I realize Cory’s thoughts do not match mine.. I still love the band. So I snagged one.
  11. Have they released a whole song yet? All I have found is snippets. I would like a chance to listen prior to ordering an album.