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  1. I have a Raspberry Pi that I got to make a Roon player. I need to get on that
  2. I have three bundles ordered and not one shipping notification. Kind of a bummer
  3. Same. I even love and appreciate the "odd" directions they took on a few songs.
  4. Man I love this album so much. I imagine any NJ fan would as well but I am curious what your thoughts end up being
  5. I feel like that was because of the lack of awareness. I didn't know anything about NJ until Day 2 which luckily wasn't sold out yet. I also met a ton of people who had no idea what was going on. A whole lot of "what's this line for?"
  6. Sounds like merchnow may have oversold. Be on the lookout for an email...
  7. Pricing Includes shipping in the US via record mailer Isis - Live VII - 02.25.10 (translucent yellow / 100) $70 The Chariot - Long Live (Lemon Lime) $40 The Chariot - Long Live (Lavender) $40 The Blood Brothers - This Adultery is Ripe (Black) $25 United Nations - The Next Four Years ( Blood Red w/Black Oil Splatter) $30 Childish Gambino - Because the Internet (2LP w/ Screenplay) $85 Sigur Ros - Von (2LP 180G w/ CD) $30 Sigur Ros - Kveikur (2LP gatefold) $30
  8. I realize it was a hassle but some of these comments make me think you guys haven't had any real struggle in life.
  9. I have one coming from Furnace Fest and I am glad a few more people get a chance. I would be ready though, these may go fast
  10. Been so long, I forgot about this preorder. Now I am excited again
  11. Yea, I finally understand. It's a silly way of doing it but it's ok.. Still super excited. I mean I didn't think it was THAT bad. As far as "running around" I asked one person and led me straight to the area. There was a line but I was still able to watch the bands while doing so. Getting a good view of HOLY+GOLD while waiting was pretty cool. Also well worth it for me personally

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