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  1. I am glad people are excited about it and I do love this band but $50 is just insane.
  2. Just reminder that I am out here looking for the tour pressing. I appreciate it
  3. I received a tracking number. Which is a pleasant surprise
  4. I don't think they've ever had a tour exclusive but who knows.
  5. New music video for the first single - Removed Their Hooks
  6. I personally love this duo and so excited that I had to create a thread. I will update the info once I see it - https://www.instagram.com/reel/CwkcIz2xzOf/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== First Link went live - https://purenoise.merchnow.com/collections/68 250 - PN1 - Red,, White, Black Aside/Bside w/ White & Blue splatter 350 - PN2 - Red in Clear w/ Black & Blue Splatter 300 - Indie Retail - Black Ice with White Splatter 250 - Band - Clear/Red Tri-Stripe 1000 - Various - Blood Red w/ Black & White Splatter Full Album Digital Download (sent via email on release date) Instant tracks "The Captains Sat" & "Removed Their Hooks" (sent via email at time of purchase) Track List: 1: With Distance Between 2: The Captains Sat 3: Removed Their Hooks 4: Removed Their Hats 5: “Let’s Be Friends” 6: “End This War” 7: They All Agreed 8: Then Got Bored 9: Within the Hour, They Were No More Album release date is September 29th 2023
  7. Link - https://www.hellomerch.com/products/year-of-the-rabbit-12-vinyl?_pos=1&_sid=941251637&_ss=r
  8. I LOVE Crosses but $65 shipped.. These prices have me wondering if I should even stick with the hobby. Good Christ.
  9. Had already ordered the blue one of the band's site but I couldn't pass up that CC clear. Oops.
  10. Will Haven - VII New Album releases July 7th with two singles currently out https://willhaven.bandcamp.com/album/vii
  11. Im sure this is a long shot but any Horse the Band available online? I usually don't pay attention to RSD but man, I am sad I didn't know about that one
  12. New variant popped up on Holy Mountain Printing - https://holymountainprinting.com/collections/he-is-legend/products/he-is-legend-heavy-fruit-vinyl-holy-mountain-exclusive

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