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  1. I would keep trying. I was able to just purchase one via Dine Alone. Unless they oversold and maybe my order will get canceled, who knows.
  2. I dunno.. I got the first bundle and excited. It’s odd to me how easily folks get angry.
  3. Makes sense to me if the brown was pending on sales of the blue.
  4. Man I hope so. I have hit refresh so many times on a couple sites, including this one.
  5. I wish you the best of luck. I would love getting my hands on any of their stuff.
  6. Cave In's cover was amazing too. It was possibly my favorite stream
  7. I feel like the secondhand market has just been terrible for months now. I very rarely buy anything these days when people for some reason are wanting hundreds of dollars for an album that was $30 6 months ago.
  8. Holy shit. I totally forgot about this album. Well, now I have one more thing to be excited about
  9. Anyone looking to get rid of the test press, message me. PS: loving the album
  10. Dude. Normally I hate 7" sets but damn that box is cool. I already snagged the signed test press... do I need that box too...

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