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  1. It’s weird how hated they are. I’ve never had an issue with ordering from them
  2. Exactly what I was thinking. I hate the cover art on the copy I have. Some weird sea creature..thing..
  3. Deathbyart

    Victory Records represses (2019)

    Any of the presses good? I haven’t had much luck with Thursday albums.
  4. Happy 2019 from your friends in Listener! We wanted to let you know that we are re-pressing the albums "Wooden Heart" and "Time is a Machine" on Vinyl and CD. They are up for pre-order on our store now and will ship the first week of February! Tell a friend and then go here to our new website and give it a look: iamlistener.com (If you are in Europe or the UK head over to our distributor out of Germany here: Sounds of Subterranea) **We have included several limited edition bundles (only available during the pre-order). All "vinyl only" orders will ship for free for the next 48 hours...that offer ends January 4th at 12 noon EST Good luck in the New Year. We hope to see you soon. -Listener
  5. Deathbyart

    Far - Water & Solutions: What Happened

    Gone now. I went ahead and picked up the last one. Already have a decent Far collection, why not add to it.
  6. Deathbyart

    Far - Water & Solutions: What Happened

    Honestly not sure. I love the blue LP but not really pleased with how much I spent on Kickstarter
  7. Pro-Order Now - Fifth Element Vinyl package includes cyan, magenta, & yellow colored triple vinyl with screen printed side F housed in 12” gatefold jacket with matte uv finish, CMYK inner pocket print, black dust sleeves and free digital download card. Official Release Date : 02.01.19
  8. Exactly how I felt about it. I find it boring and over produced.
  9. If anyone does get extras, let me know. I can tip for your troubles.
  10. Deathbyart

    He Is Legend - Few (4/28/17)

    Fuck. That is so tempting..
  11. I love that "slow Converge" or Wear Your Wound vibe. Excited to hear more.
  12. Deathbyart

    He Is Legend - Few (4/28/17)

    New song released this morning - http://heislegendnc.com/
  13. Deathbyart

    PO: Norma Jean - Redeemer

    Thank you for that.
  14. Amazing. Have the best memories of the first time I heard this album.
  15. Deathbyart

    PO Now: '68 - Summertime Blues 10"

    I am a simple man. I see '68 variants, I order them all. Freaking love this band duo