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  1. Ordered but I’ve read bad things about ETR pressings. Anyone able to confirm?
  2. Hold on.. is this La Décadence Amanda Woodward? Love that band but it’s been years. AsleepOnRocks - mind sharing the link for Stonehenge? Having a hard time finding it
  3. Holy shit this is an amazing list. May have to compile a list
  4. Facebook post confirmed, 500. No no matter what folk say, I couldn’t have ordered any faster. Also excited about the ‘68 poster
  5. Glad to see this Mine should arrive saturday. Can't wait to listen
  6. I just happen to have it up now - https://311-new-album-pre-order-store.myshopify.com/
  7. Did as well. Mix isn't my favorite either but I love the band.
  8. Sorry that happened but because of this post, I found a band I dig. Album ordered.
  9. Happy with the 3050i? I keep reading good things so I may audtion a set soon.
  10. It was in the link I provided. It just takes you to a FYE site that "No results were found"