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  1. That's the hobby now Im afraid. Also the asking price on eBay is criminal. Although I do love that there is a demand for them...because I love that band so much.
  2. Over sold the green splatter sadly. Looks like you'll possibly get an email for another option
  3. Mine doesn't show I was charged for shipping which is strange. Little nervous the order will be canceled.
  4. Good lord.. that was about 20 minutes to go through but got my buddy a Green variant
  5. Hell yes. I already have Black Phantom Crusades but I am all over Breaking in an Angel
  6. Very good advice. On a number of transactions, I even cover the PP fees so I can cover my ass. With that said.. super curious on the Thrice wax mage.
  7. This weather has caused us not to have power. So that means I won’t have a chance. Slightly better odds for some of you
  8. Restock maybe? - Silver and Silver / Blue Splatter variants https://overandoutrecordings.bigcartel.com/product/remembering-never-woman-and-children-die-first-lp-preorder
  9. Me too. I had to go to the companies website to figure out what the hell it was. I forgot about this preorder
  10. Nope. I couldn't find either. I assume it's up during the event at 8pm EST
  11. I already got the ticket awhile back but the site own't load, so I can snag an album

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