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  1. Oh, the deluxe looks pretty. I'm always disappointed by her records, though.
  2. If I'm on the waitlist, how am I notified of an open spot? Email? Do they just hold that for me until I sign up?
  3. *spends all month rolling eyes at every mention of VMP and Demon Dayz* *hears Fiona Apple rumor and gets on waitlist*
  4. Love how I waited all this time to see the list and the website is down. Edit: Looks like you guys can see it. Is the RSD site down for anyone else? Tried it on different computers and connections.
  5. Looks cool, thanks. I love Feist but I'll pass, haha.
  6. Oh, totally. I just think it makes some sort of sense. Feist has broad appeal and people have been wanting new music from her for years. Maybe more is included and it just isn't listed... or something.
  7. It seems extravagant indeed. Then again Feist hasn't put out a record in six years.
  8. https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B06XPZVBGJ/ Feist's new album Pleasure will be released 4/28/17. If anyone can find a non-Amazon link, please add it. Thanks!
  9. I knew that, but she also loves releasing ltd. edition 7"s so I thought we might get one of those. Her PO for "Double Roses" is actually pretty cheap on Amazon ($17-ish, I think).
  10. I think Karen Elson might have something for RSD. I know she has a small fanbase, but she's releasing a new record soon and has a past history of participating. Plus, her ties to Third Man and all.
  11. I was wondering when John Travolta ever released a first album.
  12. Lorde announced a pre-order for her new album "Melodrama" today... on iTunes.
  13. Azure Ray - Azure Ray Azure Ray - Burn and Shiver Camille - Le fil Cat Power - Myra Lee Fiona Apple - When the Pawn... Keren Ann - Keren Ann Keren Ann - Nolita Scout Niblett - Sweet Heart Fever Tinashe - Aquarius Tinashe - Nightride
  14. Hm. I see maybe two things I'd grab... not a lot of female-led stuff listed.
  15. I'm interested in Vic Chesnutt's West of Rome pressing, if true. They seem to be real into pressing/reissuing his stuff now that he's dead. But I see nothing else even remotely desirable so far. Of course I would make my first post in a Record Store Day thread. How embarrassing.