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  1. After the first listen, it just sounded like Endgame part 2. Been listening to it nonstop the last few days, and it's been a grower. Really like it.
  2. Ordered the Interpunk version earlier. Trying to get through on the official site but no dice as of yet. There's a Canadian pink version as well which can be found here: http://shop.sunriserecords.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=602537911486&CartID=1
  3. Got my replacement white in today... and it wasn't damaged. Awesome.
  4. Really digging this after a few listens. Hearts Unknown has been the track I keep replaying though. Great stuff.
  5. If anyone has the chance to pick up an extra tour variant and would be willing to sell, I'd be real appreciative. They aren't hitting Canada anytime soon and I doubt this one will be around for long. Thanks in advance!
  6. Got the marble and white variants in today. Both look great. Only thing is, like redroom said, the white euro pressing came in an envelope with two pieces of cardboard. You would think a record label would know how to mail these things out properly, no?
  7. Full line-up was confirmed a week or two ago and schedule available as of today. I'll be there. Did Pouzza 1 and 2, skipped last year. http://pouzzafest.com/sched/
  8. Ordered. Would have gone for the 4 pack but the already picked up some other stuff this week. Settled for the /100.
  9. Doubt these will make it to the Montreal date, so if anyone is able to grab me one I'd seriously appreciate it! Can pay immediately.
  10. Was prowling Banquet today and noticed they have this on a green /250 variant if you are interested. http://www.banquetrecords.com/KT1-041

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