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Found 54 results

  1. Tegan and Sara Vinyl Box Set for sale, asking 150 PPD. Thanks!
  2. master thread for No Funeral Records + Distro. will try to keep updated with sales, releases, and new distro drops. NO FUNERAL RELEASES ------------- 006 /Mortar - past.present.future TAPE $5.00 005 /Piet Onthel - (demo)lanitaksupo(mulo) CD-r $5.00 004 /Dianacrawls - Sporadic Defenestration TAPE$5.00 003 /Pilcrow - Fever Dreams TAPE$5.00 002 /Young Mountain - Lost Tree TAPE$5.00 001 /Karloff - Demo TAPE / CD-r$5.00 DISTRO RELEASES [REVERSE ALPHABETICAL] --------------- [Cassettes] Worst Days - Separation Anxiety TAPE$5.00 Terry Green / Huge Cosmic SPLIT TAPE$5.00 Snag / Swallows Nest SPLIT TAPE $5.00 Sans Visage - Moments TAPE$5.00 Nanette - In Pectore TAPE$5.00 Nanette - In Practice TAPE$5.00 mrtex / Vi Som Älskade Varandra Sa Mycket SPLIT TAPE$5.00 mrtex / Samarra SPLIT TAPE$5.00 Malevich - Only Time Flies TAPE$6.00 Malevich / Iron Gag SPLIT TAPE$6.00 Life in Vacuum - 5 TAPE$5.00 Komuso - Komuso TAPE$5.00 Kiken - Uprising TAPE$5.00 .gif from god - defragmented.. reformated TAPE$6.00 Frail Body - At Peace TAPE$6.00 Celebration - SHOOK TAPE$5.00 Brain Itch - Public Ritual TAPE$5.00 Botfly - Botfly TAPE$5.00 Crowning - Funeral Designs TAPE$6.00 60659-c - The Next Part Is A Blur TAPE$6.00 [7"s] Wristmeetrazor - I Talk To God.....But the Sky is Empty 2x7" $13.00 Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket / They Sleep We Live 7" SPLIT$8.00 SeeYouSpaceCowboy / secondgradeknifefight 7" SPLIT$10.00 SeeYouSpaceCowboy- Fashion Statements of the Socially Aware 7"$10.00 Piri Reis / They Sleep We Live 7" SPLIT$6.00 ØJNE / ???????? ????? (Smile To The Wind) 7" SPLIT$6.00 mrtex / People's Temple Project 7" SPLIT$6.00 mrtex / DET ÄR DÄRFÖR VI BYGGER STÄDER 7" SPLIT$6.00 Malevich / Iron Gag SPLIT 7"$6.00 Lora / The Ultimate Screamo Band 7" SPLIT$6.00 Gillian Carter / Eyelet 7" SPLIT$6.00 .gif from god / Vein 7" SPLIT$666.00 Foxmoulder / Coma Regalia 5" SPLIT$5.00 Foxmoulder- Lethe 7"$6.00 Drei Affen / Coma Regalia Band 7" SPLIT$6.00Duct Hearts- If You Prick Us, Do We Not Bleed? 7"$6.00 Crowning / Swallows Nest 7" SPLIT$6.00 Congratulations / Rabbit Theory 7" SPLIT$6.00 Coarse - I 7" $6.00 Chuck Bass / Vi Som Älskade Varandra Sa Mycket 7" SPLIT$6.00 black love / tdoafs 7" SPLIT$6.00 Amber / Locktender 7" SPLIT$6.00 [10"s ,9"s, odd] Yarrow 4-Way Split (Ostraca, Coma Regalia, VRIL, Untold Want) 10"$10.00 The World That Summer / Nionde Plågan 10" SPLIT$10.00 Waifle ?– And The Blood Will Come Down Like A Curtain 10"$12.00 Saligia- The New Innocence 10"$10.00 Adobe Homes- Piñata 9"$12.00 [12"s] Eight Feet Under Vol. 1 2x12" COMPILATION$20.00 Yusuke / Lori 12" SPLIT$15.00 What Of Us / Coma Regalia 12" SPLIT$15.00 Vi som älskade varandra så mycket - Den sorgligaste musiken i världen 12"$18.00 Worst Gift- Shitty Loser Riffs 12"$10.00 tetola93 - Self Titled 12"$15.00 Terry Green- LP 12"$15.00 Trachimbrod- Leda 12"$15.00 They Sleep We Live- Escaping The Measures Of Time 12"$15.00 Seventeen Again - Invoke 12"$15.00 Said Goner - Self Titled 12"$6.00 ????????? ????? ?(Smile to the Wind) - Illusions 12"$15.00 Sarin - Darker Lakes 12"$15.00 Old Soul / Lentic Waters 12" SPLIT$25.00 Old Soul / NIC 12" SPLIT$25.00 Old Soul - Natures Arms Encircle All 12"$15.00 Old Soul - Blue Heron 12"$15.00 Nous Étions - La Manière Noir 12"$12.00 Massa Nera- Los Pensamientos De una Cara Palida 12"$16.00 Lyed - The Immolated Earth 12"$15.00 Lamantide - Carnis Tempora : Abyssus 12"$12.00 I Love Your Lifestyle - Self Titled 12"$15.00 Foxmoulder / eaglehaslanded 12" SPLIT$12.00 Descubriendo a Mr. Mime - F 12"$15.00 tdoafs - Self Titled 12"$15.00 City of Caterpillar - Driving Spain Up A Wall 12" 22.00 [OOS] Blue Youth - Dead Forever 12" $15.00 Cassilis - Quitting 12"$15.00 Black Love - Self Titled 12"$15.00 Amber - Self Titled 12"$8.00 Autarkeia / Me And Goliath 12" SPLIT$15.00 Adolina / The Rabbit Theory 12" SPLIT$15.00 nofuneral.storeenvy.com facebook.com/nofuneral8 IG: @nofuneral.online
  3. Releases October 6th 2018 on No Funeral Records ! Long awaited debut from Montreal Screamo group "Dianacrawls" Members of Commuovere, Ultimate Screamo Band, Heresie Ltd to 150 handpainted glitter ivory tapes Order here: http://nofuneral.storenvy.com/products/24538818-dianacrawls-sporadic-defenestration-tape Listen to the premier here: http://openmindsaturatedbrain.blogspot.com/2018/09/dianacrawls-exclusive-premiere.html?m=1
  4. POs are LIVE for the new Single Mothers LP via Dine Alone Records PO via Dine Alone - Two variants, more expensive shipping for US customers PO via Band's BigCartel Store - $26 PPD for US customers Pressing Info: /500 White /400 Clear with White Splatter (Band exclusive) /100 "Deluxe" Clear with Black Splatter (Dine Alone exclusive) OH AND THE ALBUM IS OUT IN FULL! STREAM IT VIA THEIR BANDCAMP OR ANYWHERE ELSE.
  5. I purchased the aural pleasures version of the King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard band but my American contact moved back to Canada. Shipping to Canada from AP is a whopping $21 US. Is there anyone who is kind enough to have me ship it to them and they in turn can ship it to me in Canada cheaper. It’s the only version I wanted... let me know please.
  6. A brief conversation in the Hayden thread got me thinking about the fact that with the Canadian dollar gone to shit, there aren't a lot of opportunities for Canadians to get reasonably priced vinyl from the US or abroad, so it may be time to look domestically. I know for some people, going to record stores is usually the best bet, but I don't always have time for that. So I thought I'd post a thread for labels/distros that have reasonable prices and non-exorbitant shipping. Please add some yourself. Distro: Chisel Records - http://www.youvechangedrecords.com - all records are $10 except for co-releases (e.g.,Constantines reissue) - highly recommend the Weather Station albums, Shotgun Jimmie, Marine Dreams, and Daniel Romano (of Attack in Black) Arbutus Records - http://www.arbutusrecords.com - label for Grimes, Sean Nicolas Savage, etc. and all albums are $20 including shipping Deranged Records - http://www.derangedrecords.com - punk/HC (Tranzmitors self titled LP on this is my fave of theirs); most LPs are $9-11, shipping is appropriately calculated ....more posted soon. Please add more!
  7. I have quite a few titles left over from record store day releases. Offering 15% off these titles. Let me know if you're looking for anything in particular!
  8. Missed out on this when I didn't have any cash to spend on new tapes. Trying to get every vinyl and cassette variant of this record so if you have the clear tape lmk. I already have the red one.
  9. Last night he passed. https://www.google.ca/amp/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.4359906
  10. Needles//Pins third LP "Goodnight, Tomorrow" will be out June 30th in Canada (via Mint Records) and July 8th in the US (via Dirt Cult Records). Order at Dirt Cult (100 on coke bottle clear) Stream the record at the CBC A bit about the record: Vancouver power-trash trio Needles//Pins began in 2009 as an excuse for three friends to hang out. Two LPs and a handful of 7 inch singles later the band has come a long way but are still, at their core, a few friends having fun. 2017 sees the band set to release their 3rd LP Good Night, Tomorrow on Mint Records. The record is a progression both musically and lyrically from their older material while still maintaining the hook-centric philosophy of their previous releases. The band has become legendary in Vancouver for wild shows and gruff but catchy punk rock melodies. They draw from classic punk roots like the wiry pop of The Buzzcocks and the gravely anthems of Stiff Little Fingers, but have a unique West Coast approach that would align them with the catchiest of the Lookout! or Dirtnap Records catalog. Though none of the band’s songs overstay their welcome, you’ll find yourself humming one of their hooks days after seeing them play or hearing the record. Recorded with Jesse Gander (Japandroids, White Lung) in Vancouver at Rain City Recorders, the record shows an organic growth from the power pop of their previous two albums. Guitarist and singer Adam Solomonian’s voice is gruffer from playing hundreds of shows, and you can see a richer appreciation of the group’s influences such as Jawbreaker and the Replacements at play in the song writing. Tony Dubroy’s solid bass lines and Macey Budgell’s heavy drumming combine to form a powerful rhythm section that perfectly complement Solomonian’s simple-but-pointed guitar playing.
  11. PRE ORDER: Green Jellÿ - Three Little Pigs: Live Single (BTR054) https://blacktoprecords.bandcamp.com/album/green-jell-three-little-pigs-live-single-btr054 Blacktop Records is celebrating the release of Green Jellö’s new VHS movie ‘Green Jellö Suxx Live’ by pressing a limited edition cassette featuring unreleased live tracks from the movie’s soundtrack. The cassette “Green Jellö Suxx Live: Three Little Pigs Live Single” features 20 minutes of audio spread across an exclusive green cassette shell in a green plastic case with hand-numbered inserts and a digital download card. The tape features classics like ‘Three Little Pigs’ & ‘Anarchy In Bedrock’ and is limited to a pressing of 333 copies
  12. Surprised there is no thread about this yet. They put out one of my favorite records a few years ago: http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/113124-the-isotopes-nuclear-strikezone-ffo-screeching-weasel-masked-intruder-major-league-baseball/ Still great pop punk about baseball and shit. PO here: https://theisotopes.bandcamp.com/album/1994-world-series-champions Pressing info as per Bandcamp (Seems low to me but that's what it says) 100 Big League Chew Bubblegum Pink 100 Classic Black Tar These are shipping now. Got mine today.
  13. Out 4/28/17 via Fat Wreck and Dine Alone Order from Fat here: https://www.fatwreck.com/record/detail/980 Canadians order from Dine Alone here: https://www.dinealonestore.com/collections/the-dirty-nil Story via Exclaim.ca: http://exclaim.ca/music/article/the_dirty_nil_revisit_early_work_for_minimum_r_and_b_compilation?&utm_source=twitteren&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=entwitter Tracklist: 1. Fuckin' Up Young 2. Verona Lung 3. Little Metal Baby Fist 4. Hate Is A Stone 5. Cinnamon 6. Guided By Vices 7. Nicotine 8. Beat 9. New Flesh 10. Pale Blue 11. Caroline
  14. Since there was some interested in the MGB reissues that came out earlier this year, I thought this was threadworthy for some people here. Matt Good announced this morning that he will be releasing reworked versions of five songs from Matthew Good Band's 1999 album "Beautiful Midnight" in a new EP fittingly titled "I Miss New Wave - Beautiful Midnight Revisited". Next year he'll be touring Canada and playing Beautiful Midnight live in its entirety. The five reworked songs on the EP are Suburbia, I Miss New Wave, Load Me Up, Let's Get it On and Born to Kill Amazon.ca it has the 10" black vinyl record out on December 2 for $19.63: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01MYM596X/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1479154396&sr=8-9&keywords=matthew+good+beautiful+midnight
  15. LISA LOEB - 3,2,1 Let Go 90's MTV veteran Lisa Loeb returns with a brand new single called '3,2,1 Let Go' pressed on limited edition black vinyl available for the first time exclusively through Canada indie Blacktop Records. The record was manufactured by Gotta Groove Records and features the B-side 'The Disappointing Pancake' ft. actor.comedian Steve Martin and legend bass player Leland Sklar. https://blacktoprecords.bandcamp.com/album/lisa-loeb-321-let-go-btr053
  16. I don't know if anyone on this board knows Jenn Grant. Ba Da Bing is taking pre-orders now on her 6th full-length album. http://grapefruitrecordclub.com/products/grant-jenn-paradise-lp-pre-order It's also up on her Bandcamp, where you can stream the first single: https://jenngrant.bandcamp.com/album/paradise Her Bandcamp site also allows streaming from some of her previous albums. If you're looking to try a couple tracks my faves from her first album (which can be streamed in full on Bandcamp) are White Horses and Dreamer. Her last album, Compostela, can also be streamed on the site. My favourite on that one is Trailer Park. Unfortunately The Beautiful Wild's not up for streaming right now, it's a real gem of an album. Jenn's a great Canadian talent. She tours a lot too, and is well worth checking out if she comes to your neck of the woods.
  17. So coooool! La Agonía de Vivir from Spain is reissuing this awesome record. Taken from laagoniadevivir.com: "PRE-ORDER starts October 5th at 00:01 (spanish time)!!! 20th anniversary vinyl reissue edition PRESSING INFO: 200 white 200 transparent blue 600 black Originally released in 1996 by Epitaph. First press on vinyl since the original press!" http://www.laagoniadevivir.com/product/pre-order-now-ladv79-snfu-fyulaba-lp-reissue
  18. I was looking to get cassette tapes off New Damage Records however any order with a shipping address outside of Canada will not be fulfilled so I cannot get them myself. If someone can pick them up for me I will pay them back for the order plus some extra cash for doing me a huge favor! The tapes I'm looking to get are: Counterparts - Tragedy Will Find Us Northlane - Node Architects - Lost Forever // Lost Together Trying to capitalize on the online sale at ND! If you can help me out definitely message me!
  19. Out 2/26/16 via Dine Alone Records Pre order here: http://dinealone10.myshopify.com/collections/the-dirty-nil Pressing info: 400 Teal (w/ Alternate Cover) 600 Black Right now teal is only available in bundles, the cheapest of which is $30. Otherwise pretty stoked for this.
  20. Pet Sun - Pet Sun http://thehandrecordings.com/pspreorder/ Out 3/11/2016 The Debut album from Hamilton, Ontario garage rockers Pet Sun is out tomorrow. The pre-order for the /150 Red Splatter vinyl is up now. I was luck enough to catch a show of theirs last night and picked up the LP early and it is a beauty. Great heavy garage album as a whole as well! Check out the single "Never Quit" below. 1. The Dawn 2. Never Quit 3. When Black Turns Green 4. Web of Man 5. Dark Planet 6. Wish It Was 7. My Mind’s A Sofa 8. It’s So Sweet 9. Empty TV 10. Demo Spunk 11. Free Season
  21. Exclusive cassette of Andrew Thomson's live performance recorded at the Blacktop Records HQ on Jan 15th 2016. Limited to 100 copies pressed on transparent green tint cassette with digital download code. Includes unlimited streaming of Andrew Thomson - Live At Apt. 2B (BTR052) via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. http://blacktoprecords.bandcamp.com/album/andrew-thomson-live-at-apt-2b-btr052
  22. Bry Webb and Chad VanGaalen are putting out a split 7" of Modern Mind / Primitive Brain, limited to 500. Pre-order now from Wyatt Records for shipping on April 25. http://www.wyattrecords.com/shop.html You can hear "Modern Mind" up on the label's SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/wyattrecords
  23. Bands from Canada possess a certain style that I feel is hard to come by these days. I'm interested in finding more Canadian bands, especially more garage rock/fuzzy punk artists. A couple of my favorites: Mockingbird Wish Me Luck Moneen Muelkik Fucked Up Unfun The Sainte Catherines BA Johnston The stuff Buzz Records puts out is pretty awesome for the most part.
  24. Hey guys, I am starting an official thread for label of my homie Jon from Montreal, Canada. His Paper Dove Records have just released their first 12" vinyl with a Canadian artist EP. You can listen and buy here: http://paperdoverecords.com/ He is planning further great releases. Filip
  25. Available here: http://noyesrecords.limitedrun.com/products/534685-north-of-america-elements-of-an-incomplete-map-2014-reissue via Exclaim: