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  1. Looking for: Anthony Green - Would You Still Be With Strings (in Black with Purple Blue and Yellow Splatter).
  2. If anyone got one of the /300 white with the screen printed cover and wants to sell it let me know!
  3. Of the two ways they’ve done VIP I’ve always preferred the “meet and greet” because you get a second to say hi, take a photo, maybe get something signed. The Q&A always felt way more impersonal and short.
  4. I contacted them initially as well looking to purchase additional covers to fold over. They responded saying they did not have any additional, but they wanted to send me some Anthony Green merch, and asked for my and my brother's sizes (I had 2 orders). I got a package in the mail yesterday with some really nice AG Pixie Queen merch, including the joggers, light blue long sleeved shirt and a basic T shirt with the safecamp on the front and lyric quote on the back. Pretty cool of them to offer that.
  5. Frankly, I think that is a legitimate thing to be at least slightly bummed about especially considering 2 of the 4 cover arts are exclusive to these bundles. But it is what it is lol hopefully they get it right the next time.
  6. As others have said it's not a massive issue, I had just never seen it happen before and was curious if all of them were done the same. Basically, if you look at the listing photo you'll see on the right hand side that the small flap has the "circa survive the amulet XX/100" .Then on the left side of the photo, the main art covers the other side of the record. Basically someone just folded the covers through the art rather than the gap between the numbered section and the art. https://www.merchlimited.com/collections/circa-survive/products/the-amulet-vinyl-lp-bundle-album-download
  7. Anyone else receive the Merch Limited set of four today with 3/4 of the covers folded on the actual art? My brothers and mine were folded the exact same, wondering if they all came like that.
  8. At this point it might make sense as the touring variant, regardless, I'm sure it will be released in some way eventually.
  9. Yeah these guys are doing it right, and really hard working. They are on the verge of blowinng up and deserve all the success they are headed toward!
  10. So happy to get both variants of this amazing album! I hope they decide to press Elephantitis next!
  11. Based on the wording for the VIP it also looks like they may have changed it back to the old model with the meet and photo opportunity rather than the vague Q&A. I would be very happy if this is the case.
  12. PM if you have and are interested in selling. Thank you!
  13. If anyone has one of the pink with the silkscreened cover that they'd be willing to sell please let me know!