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  1. Man. This is one of the best collections I’ve seen in a while. Interested in: NFG SAS red 2002 taylor swift Christmas tree farm Any of your folklore lover live … feel free to start a DM if any of that floats your boat
  2. I have a couple of sealed Midnights variants I’m looking to unload?
  3. I have a copy of Ghost if you’re still interested
  4. Literally no one cares one ounce about how you "rank" random albums. Unless you're miss Swift herself, shut ya mouth and boot it. This is along the same lines as posting baby pictures, spotify rankings, or any other piece of information that you think is important for people to know about you as a person. Ugh! I come here for TS news and nothing else. Thank you, andrewlucas.
  5. Was this ever in stock? Were you able to add it to your cart? I've been attempting over the last year and the product page is somewhat disfunctional.
  6. HOLY shit. I signed up last month for $60 for 3 months. Not a bad deal. I go to find they're going to autocharge me $119.99 next month for the next 3-months? That's absolutely insane. Double the price?! Zero notice of price increase whatsoever and there's no communication of any reasoning as to why? Essentially $43/month for a record you may not like. There's no way they don't lose 50%+ of their subscribers by the end of the year. What a ridiculous move. Absolutely awful. I really enjoyed the one month I've received thus far, but...................... cancelling immediately. Ugh.
  7. Any info on that champagne colored VIP variant?

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