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  1. This pisses me off when artists do this. False advertising and panic buying at super inflated rates for fear of missing out
  2. If anyone is going to the show and is on the fence about the VIP package, let me pay you $75 for the champagne vinyl to help drastically lower the cost of the VIP experience. In essence, that drops your VIP price down to $25, instead of $60. Any takers? Please PM me. Thanks!
  3. If ANYONE going to the show can pick me up a copy, I'll pay double what it cost or we can work something out. Can also trade some of the rarer 7"s or we can get creative. Help a BR brother out! So jealous of anyone close enough to be able to go.
  4. Small batch run /39 from Mind Over Matter. 10 year anniversary of Stick Up Kids. Looks to be only available at the show in Boston tonight. May be another small run for the other shows coming up? Who knows.
  5. Btw, I know you’re hot and heavy with MoM BR releases.... do you have this? Or that test press they let go a few years back? Haha
  6. That’s a valuable 2c for sure, thank you for the input. As far as I know, the test press is not included. I do hope I’m wrong, and if that’s the case I’d be happy to raise that price threshold for sure. You’re right, there are 8 on Discogs, and I’ve messaged every user on there as well... and have done so every year for the last few years. If there is one that ever makes it to daylight I just want to make sure this thread is someone findable. I sincerely appreciate the time spent in writing that up. Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to talk pricing if and when the chance rolls around. Have a great evening.
  7. WILL PAY: $400 (for a good copy) Someone has got to have this! Updated original post. Thank you for looking
  8. Still one of my favorite bands. Never fail to impress. Can't wait!