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  1. I'm sure they set a limit to 1,000. The number thing of 123,999 is so people can choose a random number and be "special". It would take forever for people to find the random numbers of "123,999" that didn't get chosen. I'm sure it's out of 1,000 or less. Probably less.
  2. I received a 50% refund... I still like the album. Still expensive for what we actually received... even at half off - but I'll also take my lumps.
  3. You gotta take pictures of your records for eBay. But you already knew that. Send us the link so we can bid!
  4. There is exactly 0% chance you receive these records if you buy from this guy. You’re not serious about buying these based on his lack of grammar, angry attitude, lack of pictures past 2010, and lack of feedback. I’ve watched this for too long... this is a legendary rip off if I’ve ever seen one
  5. Any updates from anyone? I haven't heard anything from Customer Service in a while so I officially opened up a PayPal/credit card dispute
  6. By offering me a £20 refund or a £30 voucher for the site. I'm still waiting for one more response from "Conner" who I've been working with. He usually gets back to me within a day, but I haven't gotten the usual response from him this morning, so I'm not sure how they're going to handle my final declaration. Stay tuned, will keep you updated. Is anyone else speaking with Conner or someone else with customer service who is getting different answers or outcomes? I've asked for a 50% refund and aint stoppin until it's done.
  7. Let us know how it goes! I've got to assume he knows since he did "sign" a couple of freakin' coasters, haha.
  8. This is extremely helpful --- thank you for your input and help! Much appreciated. I'll definitely be taking your advice here.
  9. Yeah there's no way I'm dealing with that hassle, haha. Hopefully he'll have a satisfactory answer for me today. Otherwise I'm going to go the PayPal route and see what they can do for me. Keep me updated on your journey as well?
  10. I've asked for a 50% refund for my order. The guy working customer service is super nice. We'll see if they comply. Otherwise, I told them upfront I'm filing a credit card/PayPal claim for item not received/item not as described. AlcoPop offered me a $15 coupon TO USE IN THEIR STORE as a remedy. Absolutely horrendous.
  11. Let us know how it goes. No response for me today. Doubt I will get one honestly. I’m giving until Thursday before I open a claim