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  1. Was this ever in stock? Were you able to add it to your cart? I've been attempting over the last year and the product page is somewhat disfunctional.
  2. HOLY shit. I signed up last month for $60 for 3 months. Not a bad deal. I go to find they're going to autocharge me $119.99 next month for the next 3-months? That's absolutely insane. Double the price?! Zero notice of price increase whatsoever and there's no communication of any reasoning as to why? Essentially $43/month for a record you may not like. There's no way they don't lose 50%+ of their subscribers by the end of the year. What a ridiculous move. Absolutely awful. I really enjoyed the one month I've received thus far, but...................... cancelling immediately. Ugh.
  3. Any info on that champagne colored VIP variant?
  4. Um, good question. I guess however much the rainbow Mario Kart variant goes for so I can purchase that with the funds? If you'd like to PM me with an offer I'd be happy to entertain it. Assumed a trade would be easier but who knows! Thanks for the inquiry.
  5. Hey peeps, I have two copies of Super Smash brothers: the green "Link" variant and the pink "Kirby" variant. Both in mint condish. I'm looking for the Rainbow Road variant of Mario Kart. Anyone willing to trade one for one? Thank you for your consideration.
  6. I'd love to pick your brain about that if you have a minute or so sometime this week or next. Thank you for offering! I also want to snag that gold RFS
  7. Mad respect. MoM has always had a “personal touch” that no other label can contend with. Breeds fans for lyfe.
  8. I'm hoping to find someone who is willing to trade their colored copy of "My Everything" for my sealed copy of "Dangerous Woman". My copy is the webstore purple/black swirl variant. I'm hoping to find the UO lavender variant in some form or fashion but am happy with the clear/color webstore split as well. Please DM me if interested. Thank you for reading through!