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  1. Preorder wait times for my custom condoms (I'm well below average size) are actually ridickulous.
  2. My vinyl collection is only preorders. In fact, once the preorder does ship to me, I simply return it and then remove it from my collection. Then I preorder something new to take its place.
  3. After some severe confusion, I've never listened to any of mine. Happened across this site looking for "vinyl flooring" and now all the floors in my house are pretty much covered.
  4. Sadly, this is the toughest part, but the most ACCURATE way is to listen to all of them and then sort by BPM. This may take a while, but your sorting will be the most accurate. Thank you.
  5. Like the tile. Would like to buy or trade for the Augment variant, preferably sealed. I have the Hopeless variant sealed as trade value.
  6. Still have not received my "egg" pressing of ZI from Dead Serious.
  7. It was the /500, sorry for getting your hopes up! Good luck on the search.
  8. May have an extra /300. I'll let you know when they all come in. Ordered way too many variants of this
  9. Did anyone order one of the ZII pressing bundles and have it shipped yet? I had a copy of the 3rd pressing shipped and delivered but no email for my bundle. Sent an email to customer service.
  10. This recent press does not have "Teeth the Size of Piano Keys", right? Still on the hunt for the orange OG press.
  11. Had to place two separate orders because of this botched “available” / “sold out” fiasco, but was able to get all three. Disappointed that End of the World Party wasn’t put up there, but will likely sell my box set now. No reason for it taking up space.
  12. “New Demons” sold out, damn. No “End of the World Party” either. I have the box set but would much rather have them all individually
  13. Looking for these two signed albums, any variant: Enter Shikari - A Flash Flood of Colour Enter Shikari - The Mindsweep
  14. Aussie exclusive as well on 24 Hundred: https://24hundred.net/products/voyeurist-12-vinyl-powder-blue?_pos=2&_sid=068027166&_ss=r

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