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  1. Anyone have any luck on canceling preorders? Just reordered it with the 20% off, but hoping they allow the original cancelation.
  2. This song blows away anything on Transit. Ever since Zombie, they’ve gone downhill for me. Dead Throne was an insanely good follow up to the EP but then 8:18 fell sorta flat for me and Transit is just skippable all around. The new song is breathing new life into TDWP for me. Love the artwork as well.
  3. Would’ve loved their reunion to have been a 10year anni for this album but I won’t complain. I got into this album for the first time 2 years ago after only knowing the singles. It’s definitely my favorite by them. Such a consistent band.
  4. Bummer. Wish I had waited a little longer and would have copped this. Just happy to own it on vinyl finally.
  5. So then Retail black Blinkstore splatter Blinkstore neon pink EU Magenta UO blush Are they all confirmed different variants? Like really 3 shades of pink haha, gotta love it.
  6. We’ll get 3 shades of each color at this point. Would be down for a neon green.
  7. Sadly not as effecient as throwing a couple LP’s in the sink after dinner to wash while cleaning dirty dishes.
  8. I like all the singles and I’m happy with only 4(?) variants so far.
  9. Shh, it’s a blonk thread. Reading comprehension went out the window in 2015 with the Hot Topic splatter threads.
  10. My avatar hasn’t changed since I’ve joined. I’ve just learned to not give a fuh
  11. We mustn’t let the cool kids of VC know how intricately we care about blonk vinyl. I’m guessing that’ll be the “cool splatter” variant compared to the “hot splatter” variant.
  12. Would love for there to be only these three variants, but I know damn well there’ll probably be -hot splatter -cold splatter -medium splatter -white Out! -all colors mixed together -¡INVERSE! Colorway
  13. Snagged it on JB Hifi. If I find it somewhere else I’ll just cancel it. For the splatter, I’m hoping they honor the messed up price and don’t come back with an email “you can cancel your original order or pay an extra $18”
  14. Anyone have a link for that German exclusive? Had the same shipping error on Impericon.
  15. Rise just said a boxset is coming out later this year. Wondering if I should just hold out for the time being.
  16. Where are people finding these instrumental versions?