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  1. Just getting around to listening to this. About a third of the way in and it’s settling in as a perfect “sunday of summer” album. lack of talk has me worried about the rest of the album, ha.
  2. Between this and Isles and Glaciers I’m having a field day rummaging through old playlists. And yes. SEA on vinyl PLEASE. Actually really liked every release they ever put out.
  3. Damn, how did I miss this. Hopefully another variant goes up. I know we’ve all been waiting forever for this repress.
  4. This spam/virus thing has been popping up recently again. About a 35% chance it happens whenever I open a page on VC.
  5. I’ve got a package stuck between FedEx and USPS. FedEx says that USPS is possession of it. USPS says that it’s waiting for FedEx to drop it off. It’s been in my city since last Friday.
  6. Holy crap. The vape dude brought back so many memories from Gore.
  7. Yeah. It was bad, and then got worse, and is now just an absolute joke. Almost unbelievable actually. This is an actual company.
  8. Mine is stuck between FedEx handing it off to USPS. Not having much faith after reading other people’s orders being returned to sender. Insane.
  9. I prefer the “grabbed a copy”, “it shipped”, and “got my copy” posts because I can update my spreadsheet of people who preordered, grabbed a copy, are awaiting shipment, and had it delivered.
  10. Damn dude, y’all could like, not listen to them anymore if you want. Like that’s a choice you can literally make. It’s free, even. You don’t even have to type out words about it here you could just like exit the thread
  11. My white and red are still saying unfulfilled. Am I screwed?
  12. Yeah I want them to so I can get that swirl under triple digs
  13. I had it in my cart and literally sold out when checking out. I should have tried again cause it sounds like they weren’t actually sold out by that point.
  14. Alright, who’s gonna be the GOAT and hook me up with a swirl to help keep my blink variant collection complete? Ive got a spare teal Cali DLX for trade as well as sweet cash.
  15. Bold of you to assume that I assumed that you were flipping. Limited to 666 by the way. Confirmed from the band manager’s uncle who texted me.
  16. Some are saying this applies to people ordering more than one variant as well. Like those who ordered one of each color means you’ll end up with just one. Hard to believe that being true, though.
  17. It’s limited to 400 so you should buy a couple of them and put a preorder on eBay for like $210. Easy money really.
  18. They also put it up on Spotify/Apple Music not too long ago. Happy to have that one.