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  1. Is the cover supposed to be different at all? Or is it the same as the original?
  2. Thanks for clarifying. Makes a lot more sense.
  3. Wasn’t there supposed to be a pure instrumental release of Weather at the end of this summer?
  4. Really bummed I never got to see them live with that lineup. Hope they continue to make straight bangers.
  5. You’re telling me the stretch of songs from “Losing a While Year” through to “Hows It Gonna Be” is worse than an album with the song “2X Tigers” on it..?
  6. Got So High is such a letdown after hearing it live so many times. They ruined the chorus which was initially fast paced and classic 3EB. Album is bottom tier 3EB for me sadly.
  7. I feel like this release is going to have a huge surprise with it. Something huge. Something big. But that’s just the impression that I get
  8. I remember importing TTTS back in high school right as I first heard Mothership for the first time. I remember Common Dreads seeming like a let down of a follow up but it’s deinitely grown on me over the years. So happy it’s finally getting a repress. Long overdue.
  9. I’ve seen 3 test presses of this online. Limited /69 Each one has come from someone’s local record store holding a contest.
  10. Hahaha I actually don’t mind the song, but this made me laugh out loud.
  11. Actually really excited for this. Maybe more excited to see them live than anything.
  12. Is Banquet the same as the JB Hifi one? Only other thing I can think of, ha.
  13. Urban was just Neon Magenta which is what I assume the blink webstore has as well.
  14. Blink’s instagram/Facebook just posted a video of 6 variants. Warm splatter Cold splatter orange/red neon pink marble Orange black no idea which one the orange/red is if anyone can help.
  15. Neon Magenta /3000 is the same as the Urban Outfitters "Blush" and the EU "Neon Magenta", and blink's official "Neon Pink". I went ahead and returned my Urban order and cancelled my JB Hifi order. We've got 5 total variants: Neon Magenta Opaque Orange Hot Splatter Cool Splatter Black
  16. Didn't say that. Replied to the fact that it wasn't production decisions based on the band. It's Genesis Halftime Show.
  17. They’ve done this with every Monday Night game performance for the last 2 years.
  18. Blink’s official store. Put in a service request yesterday.
  19. My Urban Outfitters preorder came in. “Neon Magenta” on the cover meaning that I’ll have two copies of the same color. I’ll just end up returning one. My other preorder still hasn’t shipped
  20. Anyone have any luck on canceling preorders? Just reordered it with the 20% off, but hoping they allow the original cancelation.
  21. This song blows away anything on Transit. Ever since Zombie, they’ve gone downhill for me. Dead Throne was an insanely good follow up to the EP but then 8:18 fell sorta flat for me and Transit is just skippable all around. The new song is breathing new life into TDWP for me. Love the artwork as well.