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  1. how much for susan miller rag? Any chance you have the magazine with the DIW split?
  2. Hi. If anyone finds Ben Kweller's Sha Sha I would be ecstatic if you could grab a copy. I'm at work (12hr overnights) and don't think RSD is gonna win over the need for a bed in the morning. Arcade Fire would also be great.
  3. added the first single to the post. Honestly I can't get into the last couple of Metric albums but I will always crawl back to Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton. This one is depressing as fuck and I love it
  4. https://www.ilovemetric.com/store/ EDIT: Her solo site has the PO up now https://www.emilyhaines.com/store/#/emily-haines/ Single here: Fatal Gift
  5. I have mixed feelings about this. I haven't really listened to Pinback ever, save for a few songs, so I want to pick it up if I can. On the other hand, it kind of seems like a dick move since there will probably be someone who really wants it behind me. or you.
  6. tradition is the only good reason for camping out this year. The past few years (+black friday) there have been a group of kids that always prove to be entertaining and they're either first or very close. This is year 8 for me now and tradition is one of two reasons I'm going, because my wants are probably not sought after this year. Reason #2 is waiting in line behind hundreds of people by the time they open. I would much rather wait in line with some quiet, dedicated folk instead of so many more. Out of work in 90minutes, then off I go! Happy hunting. edit: year 8
  7. skipped CT, went to jersey, will somehow take until monday to get here now
  8. I'm in the same boat. Pretty damn frustrating to receive an shipping confirmation and not have it shipped over a damn week later
  9. as of today, it's been 2 weeks since I submitted my order for pygtr and eflw - checked the site through my email and status is "pre-order payment received." Anyone get their Miracle of '86 LP yet?
  10. Shit that's fucking fantastic. Especially considering you can't find a regular copy under $100

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