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  1. caveat emptor! no way am i ever again ordering from this guy. google it - know who you are purchasing from and their "customer service"
  2. freedumb

    PO: FRANK OCEAN "Channel Orange"

    https://www.instagram.com/p/BlHWFbvFC82/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=zqerslx5y7uy Soft confirmation "soon".
  3. freedumb

    PO Soon: Daughters

  4. Trailer sounds more like I was expecting. Wanted to get this despite the lead track, but not with these shipping rates. Its a shame when companies can't adjust their cart shipping rates properly. It shouldn't cost $41 US bucks to ship 3 single LPs to Canada. Hope you guys score a pinwheel or whatever u like. Shipping to Canada: 1LP = 19 2LP = 28 3LP = 41
  5. with you. feeling a bit like your avatar rite now
  6. Been a while since ordering from Relapse... anyone know what time these'll go up?
  7. Lots of good Somic Youth albums for sale there for $13-$14. Pretty sweet.
  8. A number of years back, when El Cielo came out I think one of the band members or a close friend posted here. Hopefully they are still around to hear our thoughts.
  9. Got excited until I saw the price... can be found on eBay or Discogs for cheaper.
  10. Could this quote ^^^ be the entire rest of the thread please?
  11. It said 46 when i checked... purely speculation about 50. Sorry for any confusion.