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  1. Is there a logistical reason why they haven't pressed "Bless The Martyr..."? If not, plans to do so?
  2. Looks like there are 3 variants to the CD cover. Anyone know if anything other than the cover is different (e.g., video)?
  3. Y'all a bunch of lames. No vinyl people. Burn this thread.
  4. https://www.clashmusic.com/news/frank-oceans-channel-orange-is-coming-to-vinyl-soon i believes it when i sees it
  5. Sooo, I guess if this one seems more enticing than the mint green one, I'm gonna have difficulty cancelling? Anyone have experience doing so via golfwang?
  6. $40 for a single LP?! Over 50 USD shipped is too much. Is this a full length?
  7. Well, for Joyful Noise at least, this album seems to have lived up to its title.
  8. I got an Isis test press a number of years ago with a pubic hair cling-stuck on it. Always assumed it was Aaron Turner's so I kept it in the sleeve and may frame it one day.

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