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  1. freedumb

    PO NOW: Frank Ocean - Endless

    Don't think we eatin', fam
  2. freedumb

    Jazz Music & Records Thread

    Originals go for a fair bit, so glad this is being reissued. Released on the 23rd of November. Fave track: Drume Negrita
  3. freedumb

    PO: Migos- Culture II (Red 3xLP)

    What ended up happening here? Wondering if this might be a stamp too.
  4. freedumb

    PO: toe "Our Latest Number"

    While it’s always a good suggestion to talk to the source and ask, I did try a number of years ago... a few times, and yeah... they were unable to help or didn’t care to do anything. It’s really too bad because they were one of my first mail order purchases and they used to refund overpayments in shipping without even being asked. The batch of original Toe pressings were my last purchases. I may be wrong but I think they also used to comment and interact on VC? Not sure what has happened to them.
  5. freedumb

    Megadeth-RIP blue vinyl

    Weirdest post I’ve read in a while here.
  6. There's two different "depths" you can attach the wall brackets at... one is a flush mount and the other leaves a gap for baseboard. I'd be very surprised if your house couldn't bear the weight loads.
  7. freedumb

    Need shipping help!

    Thanks to everyone for the replies, especially this one! I'd decided to let it go anyways, but now there will be no nagging resentment for feeling like a 'sukka'. Also thanks for helping me not make an ass out of myself... i do a good enough job as is. Have a great weekend!
  8. freedumb

    Need shipping help!

    Thanks man, that's what I'm thinking too, but if they overcharged they should just admit and then refund when pointed out. If it was just scamming me out of $4, I'd let it go, but not right after already keeping a full $9 overcharge - even if to protect themselves from undercharging shipping. To clarify, they paid for postage at the post office and not via PayPal and the postage label says "amount $16"... not sure why USPS would hide $4 insurance and not include that on the label? I don't want to be a dick to them if i'm incorrect so if anyone else can shed some light, it'd be appreciated.
  9. freedumb

    Heyyy yoooooooooo!

    Only read the last few pages, but this thread is off the hook wackiness!
  10. freedumb

    Need shipping help!

    Question about USPS. A package from US to Canada I received has the cost of $16.00 clearly marked on the postage. IF the sender bought additional insurance for $4, would it have shown up on the label? Meaning, if they paid $20 ($16 + $4 insurance), would the package that I received in Canada only show $16 on the label? Reason being, I paid $25 shipping for 1LP and when I asked about why I was charged an additional $9 ($16+$9=$25), I was sent a refund only $5 and told the sender bought insurance for an additional $4 that is above the $16 noted on the shipping label. Small potatoes, I know, but the seller seemed to already try to scam an extra $9 USD and I don't want to be tricked into letting him take the additional $4 if he is going to be shady like that. Any clarification is appreciated and will be rewarded with LIKES!!! Thanks peeps.
  11. they restocked everything for the last bit of time left
  12. Had a quick listen through and I wasn’t overly impressed but gonna give it a few more tries.
  13. freedumb

    PO: toe "Our Latest Number"

    If you're reading this Topshelf.... 3 single LPs to Canada should not cost $37.50 shipping. Sadly, I just can't order from you guys any more.