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  1. Is there a logistical reason why they haven't pressed "Bless The Martyr..."? If not, plans to do so?
  2. Looks like there are 3 variants to the CD cover. Anyone know if anything other than the cover is different (e.g., video)?
  3. Y'all a bunch of lames. No vinyl people. Burn this thread.
  4. https://www.clashmusic.com/news/frank-oceans-channel-orange-is-coming-to-vinyl-soon i believes it when i sees it
  5. Sooo, I guess if this one seems more enticing than the mint green one, I'm gonna have difficulty cancelling? Anyone have experience doing so via golfwang?
  6. $40 for a single LP?! Over 50 USD shipped is too much. Is this a full length?
  7. Well, for Joyful Noise at least, this album seems to have lived up to its title.
  8. since it's fed ex... do you get customs fees every time?
  9. It's just people holding things in their carts... it's available again. Great band, thanks for the heads up!
  10. I got an Isis test press a number of years ago with a pubic hair cling-stuck on it. Always assumed it was Aaron Turner's so I kept it in the sleeve and may frame it one day.